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Writing Seo Copy

writing seo copy

Writing SEO copy is essential for every business.

If you don’t know much about writing SEO copy yet, don’t worry.

There are free courses below and lots of help on hand, including low cost done for you services from the small business revolution.

There’s also an awesome simple tool you can get for yourself to use to do it for yourself.

So stick around to discover how you can save money and get faster results for your small business starting in the next 5 minutes.

Writing SEO copy is an essential business skill for an entrepreneur to understand.

Even if you don’t perform this task yourself, you need to ensure it’s being done right.

Particularly if you are paying an SEO agency for this service.

And if you are currently paying for copywriting services, this article could well save you thousands of pounds.

Agencies do not want you to know this type of stuff.

But this is the home of the Small Business Revolution, so their secrets are being laid bare…

Copy writing course
Get Proven Copy Writing Templates

Search Engine Optimisation and ranking organically in Google is the holy grail of marketing.

Why’s that?! I hear you ask…

Because it’s free advertising and specifically to people who are interested in what you provide.

Prospects are coming to you rather than you going to them and that changes the dynamic of the sales process.

It is attraction marketing, rather than interruption marketing on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube etc for example.

Conversion rates are therefore generally higher (all things being equal like landing page quality and customer journey for example).

There are a few options below to learn more about SEO but specifically regarding writing copy for SEO, it’s important not to forget that any type of content that gets indexed by Google starts off as ‘copy’ (simply words on a page).

Even video.

Think about it, a YouTube video starts off with a script and has a written description comprised of copy for the algorithm to rank it.

The thumbnail has a Call to Action (CTA) written on it and an enticing headline to pique your interest.

That’s all copy.

And it is the same with a webpage in SEO.

And it has traditionally taken a very long time to write SEO copy.

That’s why only the top 9% of websites on the planet even do it.

Until the emergence of artificial intelligence (AI).

But before we get into AI which might sound complicated…

If you need to learn more about SEO, you can check this free mini-course out…

SEO Foundations
Just Join and Start Learning For Free

And if you already understand the power of SEO (which is life-changing btw) and just want to jump straight in and become a bad-ass at SEO, then check this out…

SEO Course
Click for paid seo course

Or if you just want some help with some done for you SEO services to get you off to the best start (and leave you ahead of your competition) without paying upwards of £50 per hour labour rates to unscrupulous SEO agencies, then you could check this out…

Business launch and seo hack
Learn More about SEO Here

But if you just want to know a cutting edge shortcut to writing more seo copy in less time (the way I do it and the exact tool I use) then read on fellow entrepreneur.

Because I know how busy you are. So when you don’t have the time to write yourself, you need the highest quality content you can get your hands on.

But it takes time and skill so it costs quite a lot of money to hire good copywriters and not a lot of them have good SEO skills.

Before I started using Artificial Intelligence to help with my content production, it could easily take 2 days to produce a good quality educational blog post.

That’s why it can pricey to outsource writing SEO copy.

But now, with the help of AI, it takes more like 2 hours to write SEO copy for a blog post.

But agencies and freelancers haven’t dropped their prices even though they are now using AI without telling you.

And of course, you’ve got to know where to get the best tool.

And which is the best value for money one.

Google won’t really help you in this instance. There are too many ‘tool aggregators’ and ‘review’ websites being paid to promote lots of different tools. They recommend all of them so whichever one you click on, they get paid regardless.

They tend to only promote the most popular and therefore most expensive options as well because their commission is bigger on those.

And unfortunately, not all AI copywriting tools are created equal. (I’ve tried a few).

So here is the absolute hands-down winner in terms of value for money.

It’s a growing company adding more features all the time and you can get in early and lock in cheaper pricing than all the competitors with poorer quality tools…

click here to discover the best AI writing SEO copy tool.

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