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Why do your need to improve your Copy Writing Skills?

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The content (words, images and videos) on your website contributes to whether or not a potential customer ultimately makes a purchase on your website or decides to contact your business.

The most important part of your content is your ‘copy’ (the words on the page).

Your copy should be enticing and informative and should convince your clientele that the products and services you provide are the ones that they should be opting for (instead of your competitor’s).

In the article below, Anthony Tedd will discuss some of the common content mistakes made by businesses that could also be preventing your customers from using your services (and costing you a lot of money without you even realising).

By avoiding these simple mistakes, you can greatly improve your on-page content and the performance of your website overall.

Poor Website Structure

In order for your website to successfully hold the attention of its visitors, the following elements should be incorporated into its core structure:

  • Good site navigation
  • Clear call-to-actions (CTA’s)
  • Strong headlines
  • Great imagery
  • Bullet points

As shown above, bullet points are a great way to break down important points of information and make your content easier to read.

The use of bullet points within your on-page content allows you to present important information to your clientele in a clear, concise way that is much easier to digest.

When detailing information such as important product and service features, using bullet points to list your key features is an ideal way to present content in an easy-to-read format.

What is a CTA you might be wondering? Well I’m pleased you (telepathically) asked me just now.

Thanks for the reminder…

Because it’s only possibly the most important part of your copy!

A picture paints a thousand words, so here’s an example of a CTA (call to action). A CTA is when you tell your visitor exactly what to do next (before they get distracted by another tik-tok notification about a talking cat).

Are you still with me?

Here goes…

“For ambitious entrepreneurs looking to trash their competition effortlessly, AND emerge as the leader in their marketplace fast…” do this now…

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Are you starting to see the value of improving your copy writing skills?

Here are some other good practices to support your good copy.

Content lacking In Imagery

Even the greatest website copy could be deemed useless if not presented alongside high-quality imagery that adds to the value of your product and services pages.

It is recommended that you seek to create your own images to use alongside your content whenever possible, but royalty-free imagery that is completely free to use can also achieve the same affect.

For the world-leading, fast, free ‘royalty free’ image resource check out Anthony’s recommended resource in his member’s area.

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BTW…It’s also a good idea to have at least two CTA’s in any piece of content. (In case the viewer isn’t convinced by the time they reach the first one and it’s now reaching the time when another cat notification is about to come through on their device).

Boring Content

No customer wants to sit through walls of text to get the vital information that they need.
They want to be entertained, as well as well-informed. Boring content that fails to entice may deter them from making a purchase.

Boring content will also make a bad first impression and could result in your potential customers abandoning your website entirely to find your services elsewhere.

A great way to decide whether your on-page copy requires improvement is to take the time to read through it yourself.

If it doesn’t convince you to take action, then it won’t convince your target audience either!

With Anthony Tedd’s copy writing course, you can easily and quickly (like today) copy and paste templates to turn browsers into buyers and increase your sales. You’ll learn to write enticing and informative copy that will convince your potential customers to complete their purchases there and then.

Discover how to write provoking, entertaining copy that will help you to succeed online by driving sales and convincing your target audience to convert.

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