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Do you have receptionists or call handlers on hand 24 hours a day, 7 days a week?

Most people don’t. (They can get quite expensive)

And even if you do, do you manage to answer every single phone call your business receives?

I’ll bet good money that they don’t.

And do you always leave voicemails when someone doesn’t answer the phone to you?

Probably not, am I right?!

You’re too busy aren’t you. And so are your customers!

In fact, did you know that on average, 50% of the time a voicemail kicks in, people just don’t use it.

That’s 50% of your advertising spend and new business opportunities lost.

Money up in smoke. You’re unaware of the money you just lost.

But it’s fair to say that some of your potential customers don’t leave you a voicemail and you miss out on a fair amount of potential business.

Well how much money is that loss of revenue potentially worth to you?

If you doubled what you earn now, how much are we talking?

A few thousand a month at least I bet.

But 24/7 call handlers are expensive. You may not need them all the time anyway and they are often nothing more than a human voicemail facility.

And this means more work and chasing up for you to do once you receive the message.

But there is now a new, simple, cloud-based software solution that is changing the business enquiry game.

And you can get it for pennies (if you get in early).

And you can have it up and running within 10 minutes.

It’s brand new technology that Anthony Tedd .com has brought to the market.

Webiste voicenote software

But what is it?

Well, it’s something that millions of people already use every day.

Because it’s a great way to send more complex information to someone in a fast, easy and convenient way. Especially if you’re short on time or you value your time, like your potential customers do.

Do you ever send voice notes for speed and convenience?

Or maybe you’ve received one in WhatsApp?

Or any message format on your phone, like i message for i phone.

Well just imagine if a potential client could easily press a button on your website and record a personal voice note to send to you 24/7, without ever having your phone number.

It’s the convenience and personal nature of WhatsApp or direct messaging, directly on your website, or social page.

You don’t even need a website. We can set up a special page with extra messaging on it for you, where your customers can leave you messages.

Imagine if your customers never had to phone you again. Imagine how much more work you could get done.

And from a new customer perspective, voice notes are quicker than writing an email or filling out a contact box and it is way more personal and convenient.

Using it also sets you apart from your competition.

Your competition will not be doing this (at least not yet anyway- so get ahead of the curve and dominate your marketplace).

Is this a bit gimmicky you might ask. You might think, how is this different from a chatbot?

Well chatbots are either automated or operated by outsourced handlers who do not have the answers your visitors need.

Chatbot interactions usually end in customer frustration or simply take a longer than necessary time to get to a satisfactory solution.

Customers are talking to people who don’t understand them. But you do.

Consumers love speaking directly to business owners and they can do it in this way without it being a burden on you.

You can even reply within seconds straight from your account with a return voice note. It’s a great way to build rapport fast.

And not get bothered through the evenings and weekends on a mobile. You deserve to take proper holidays.

And imagine how much time you will save not having to write emails.

So welcome to cloud based voice note software for businesses.

It’s a simple, cloud-based service that captures your user’s data for lead generation purposes and at the same time, starts a powerful, personal conversation and connection with your new or existing clients.

You can even reply with your own voice note instantly, so it’s quicker than you having to type out an email in response or phone people back.

You’ll have access to your own account with a super simple dashboard where all your lead data will be stored and you can even email everyone who’s ever left you a voice note at once and create new business on mass, on demand in seconds.

This proprietary website voice note software works on all the best website platforms.

It is a fresh, novel and convenient way for more customers to interact with your business.

website voice note

There’s no contract and you don’t even need a website.

You can place a link to a special page from any social channel or anywhere you like, including your email footer.

Try voice note software for business now and…

save time on writing emails and

save time on answering the phone and

save money on expensive call handlers.

It’s low cost web-based voice note software for business.

And you can choose how you pay for it.

Either low-Cost Monthly Pricing according to your use (discounted for Anthony members of course).

Or an incredible life time discount deal that won’t be around for long

There’s a £49 one off set-up fee because we will customise your images for your special hosted pages and any additional messaging you require so you don’t have to worry about learning the software.

So how much does it cost?

Everything here is a half price deal for members

Pay monthly is just £9.99 which

covers you for the first 1000 voice notes.

After 1000, up to 5000 voice notes, the price is £14.99 per month

And you can then upgrade to unlimited voice notes for just £19.99 per month.

Alternatively, there are currently 3 amazing lifetime discount deals on the same use packages

1000 voice notes £197

5000 voice notes £297

Unlimited Voice notes £397

Test it for yourself…

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