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Are you available to take telephone calls during every business hour of every working day?

Be honest now…

What about when you’re already on the phone?


And if you advertise that you’re a 24-hour service, but you are a one-person band, you’re not really 100% available all the time are you? It’s impossible.

You’ve got to go on holiday, attend weddings and funerals etc.

And let’s face it, sometimes you just don’t even want to talk on the phone after 5pm or on a Saturday.

But your new customers do.

And they expect you to be responsive and at your best.

They don’t really care that you’ve got a life and you’re really busy!

Even if you want to be available after business hours and on weekends…

life and business just want to mess with your plans sometimes don’t they?…

So do you wish there was someone else to take phone calls for you on occasion?

Someone who always gave a perfect first impression and was 100% attentive and available 24/7 to your new enquiries?

Are you starting to come around to considering it a good investment to give someone a mere £1 each time they…

make your business look bigger,

more professional and

super responsive to your customers?

For getting your impatient new enquirer’s details and preventing you from losing them as a potential new client forever.

You should in fact probably jump at it, because more than half of all callers, (a massive 59%) will never leave you a voicemail.

So a virtual receptionist (aka call handling service) would be worth hundreds of pounds per month to you as a minimum.

Never mind the other benefits like;

– saving you time and your sanity at 6pm on a Friday night when you’re on a dinner date and your phone is still buzzing.


-avoiding the frustration of you stopping what you’re working on, scrambling to the phone and eagerly expecting a new enquiry…

only to hear Dave from ‘end this painlessly please’ life insurance’s whingey voice on the other end of the line, trying to sell you accidental death cover for the 4th time this month.

I mean seriously, how has that dude got so many different phone lines btw?

It’s all money down the drain again (the economics term that entrepreneurs are familiar with is known as ‘opportunity cost’).

And a good virtual receptionist would actually block ‘Dave’ and all his cronies for you anyway.

So would that kind of service be worth £10 per month to you even for just 1 phone call and a new customer?

Of course it would.

So why aren’t you doing it?

It’s too expensive? (no it isn’t, it’s actually more expensive not to do it),

It’s too hard to set up (no it isn’t, it’s super simple and takes minutes). Just answer a few basic questions.

And in the future, you can even turn your new call handler into a full-blown virtual receptionist as you grow, again, for very little money and in a pay-as-you-go (and grow) scalable fashion.

You can even have an instant answer automated call routing system with bespoke messages for different departments for filtering and prioritising new and existing customers for example.

It’s completely flexible, cheap and the best service of it’s kind.

Virtual receptionists are a no-brainer for every serious business person.

Even just for not ever having to deal with whingey Dave again.

They make you money rather than cost you money up to the point where you receive around 60 calls per day and it’s more cost effective to employ someone full-time.

Savvy business owners save their energy so they’re on top form to serve their customers.

Grab your incoming number from Anthony today if you don’t already have one and then grab your virtual receptionist service.

You can get a number from your virtual receptionist service but you’d lose it if you ever stopped working with them so we don’t recommend that.

With an incoming number from us you can switch virtual receptionist services at will and keep the number for life.

You can even pause it if you need to for a reduced price and add extra numbers at will for huge discounts.

Don’t put off having a professional business that’s more responsive than your competition any longer.

First impressions really count with a business.

If you’d like a no-obligation chat about a safe incoming phone number and how to make a virtual receptionist work in your business at the lowest possible cost, click to book a 15 minute chat here

If you’d like to just get set up with an existing number and get started with the best virtual receptionist service, just click here

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