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AI-Powered Virtual Meetings Save Time and Money For Business Owners

Ever used Zoom?

Of course you have. It’s 2024.

But not so long ago, you were struggling to survive Covid 19 lockdown.

An awkward family quiz and 15 people asking ‘can you hear me’ at the same time, while your Grandad can’t figure out how how to unmute his laptop and you’re watching the 40 minute free plan limit timer ticking down?

Oh, the stress of it all.

How about Google Meet ? (a good free solution for small business owners who want unlimited meeting time)

Every second counts in your business. Time is money.

So however you conduct virtual meetings, it’s worth asking yourself…

How much more extra time do you end up giving away every week for free, by writing up notes and following up with virtual meeting attendees?

It’s often like you are doing the work twice.

And you’re either doing that extra work for free (or you’re having to pay someone to do the admin work for you).

Virtual Meeting AI Solutions For Small Business Owners

It’s time to break free from these inefficiencies and embrace a smarter solution.

Imagine a world where you can fully immerse yourself in the flow of a virtual meeting.

You’re more energised and more engaged and building more rapport and better relationships every time you jump on a call.

No more frantic scribbling and missing half the conversation.

Even though you will swear blind that you can, you can’t actually write and listen at the same time. Your brain is just task-switching (not multi -tasking which NASA has proven is a myth) and it is actually just filling in the blanks using schema and making things up until you start actively listening.

Not great on a sales call.

But what is great is that you can you can now get:

  • every word spoken word captured on video,
  • fully transcribed,
  • and organised into a concise summary effortlessly using AI.

And you can send as much and as little as you want to whoever you want, at whatever time you want.

Plus, you’re not just saving time, you’re taking full control of your meetings and will look like time bending business Jedi.

Remove Human Error, Increase Accuracy and Reduce Costs

3 days after a meeting when you finally find some time, struggling to understand your scribbled old meeting notes can have big consequences for your business.

The potential for misinterpretation is a business risk you can’t afford.

Artificial intelligence eliminates this uncertainty by providing accurate transcriptions and summaries that leave no room for miscommunication.

Your decisions are based on a solid foundation of clarity and understanding.

And you can send a write-up within minutes before your prospect moves on to the next shiny object and forgets about you.

Opportunity Cost

More Meetings = More Progress

Every minute spent in a meeting is a minute away from growing your business.

AI identifies key takeaways, ensuring that you or your team knows exactly what needs to be done. Suddenly, you’re not just attending meetings, you’re driving progress.

AI not only streamlines your meeting process but also automates the distribution of documents to the people you choose with just a check box.

Flexibility is paramount in small business operations. With AI, you’re in the driver’s seat.

It’s like having the most intelligent personal assistant you ever dreamed of that you don’t have to pay by the hour.


Small business success hinges on making the most of every moment.

The era of tedious manual note-taking and virtual meeting follow-up is over.

Embrace the future with AI-powered virtual meetings and propel your business forward. Don’t just attend meetings; make them work for you.

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