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The most valuable business skills and qualities for entrepreneurs

The most valuable skills and qualities for entrepreneurs are not what you’d expect them to be.

They don’t come up on page one in a Google search.

They are not what the latest tik tok account would lead you to believe.

There is a very specific list of 11 skills for entrepreneurs that will keep your overheads low and your profits high.

10 of the most valuable business skills for business owners are shown in this image…

List of skills for entrepreneurs

And if you click it, you can watch a 2-minute video explaining each one.

But more importantly than any of those, there’s…

An Elusive and Intangible Skill for Entrepreneurs

That is the most valuable of all.

But unfortunately, most entrepreneurs have a hard time getting their heads around it.

Which is really ironic because…

The Most Valuable Quality for an Entrepreneur is their Ability to Think

And of course, just about anyone can think.

Just like anyone can set a business up.

But a successful business requires entrepreneurial thinking in a very specific way.

Top entrepreneurs know that their thinking is what earns them the big bucks.

The skills listed here will get you to 6 and 7 figures.

But to get to 8 figures requires immense amounts of business mindset training.

And only with the right training does thinking become a skill.

We typically like to think of an entrepreneurial mindset as an inherent quality or trait.

You’ve either got it or you ain’t. But that’s not true.

It’s a learned skill.

And big business owners possess it.

Elite Thinking is the Most Valuable Skill an Entrepreneur Can Possess

If you disagree then you are likely an average business owner and that’s perfectly ok.

There’s nothing wrong with that at all.

But I’m guessing you didn’t start your business to be average.

You envisaged being a well respected, forward-thinking entrepreneur earning millions of pounds per annum- Instead of a local small business owner earning £70,000 per year for example?

Well you may be surprised to learn that there’s a big difference between an entrepreneur and a business owner and it’s not about the money they make.

It’s the difference is their thinking.

Are You A Business Owner or an Entrepreneur?

Business owners work in a business.

Entrepreneurs work ON a business.

Business owners say ‘I can’t afford that’

Entrepreneurs ask themselves how they will afford it.

Business owners settle for high double-figure incomes.

Entrepreneurs earn 6 and 7 figure incomes.

Business owners talk a good game.

Entrepreneurs take relentless action.

Business owners are generous with their time.

Entrepreneurs are obsessive about their time.

Business owners are people pleasers.

Entrepreneurs only act in alignment with their goals.

Business owners are a slave to their business and the business relies on them.

Entrepreneurs make their business work for them and can leave it for long periods of time.

Business owners get trapped by their business.

Entrepreneurs know that they can make anything happen and can pivot quickly.

Business owners value money more than time.

Entrepreneurs value time more than money.

Entrepreneurs schedule time to think in their diary because they know how valuable it is.

Business owners feel guilty for scheduling thinking time or tell themselves they are too busy to do it.

If you’d like to learn more about elite-level entrepreneurial thinking check this out

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