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The Ultimate Personal Development Tip

personal development tip

Ready for the ultimate personal development tip (also known as self-improvement) that no personal development guru will tell you ever?

Please note that an advanced warning comes with this tip…

You’re going to dislike me and probably disagree.

But I’m sure we can at least agree and accept that…

the truth usually hurts doesn’t it?

(Why is that by the way?- Maybe it’s because humans are so great at lying to themselves!)

But either way, at least you shouldn’t be too offended and dismissive if I hit you with it right on the nose, straight out of the gate hey?!

Because time is money after all, and

despite my oftentimes brutally honest, ‘straight to-the-point’ nature…

it genuinely comes from a place of love.

You see, I do really value your time (as much as my own) and truly care about your personal development.

(it’s actually why I set up the small business revolution)

So I’m going to give you the bare-faced truth and number 1 ultimate personal development tip very quickly, but…

If you happen to be a deep thinker (like me) and want to learn more widely about personal development and really get into it, then…

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PSS for professionals

But anyway, here’s your ultimate personal development tip.

Ready? here we go…

The ultimate personal development success habit I recommend to every serious entrepreneur is…

(Drum roll please)…

Read books.

Yep, you heard me right. And let me guess- You’re feeling…

1. Underwhelmed?

2. You think it sounds too simple?

3. You feel you don’t have the time?

Well I’ve written extensively on why you might feel like that and how many people miss the point– so don’t worry, I’ll elaborate, very briefly for you here…

The books you need to read are specifically…

Personal development books that

1. help you do more in less time and…

2. Actively help you move towards your goals.

But there are so many different options I hear you cry!…

Which personal development books should I read?

…You might well ask- you ambitious entrepreneurial-spirited go-getter you…

I feel you- we’re essentially the same…

Well, I’ve got a list of the best personal development books for you just below of course

And don’t worry, mine’s not one of them- that would be a bit self-aggrandising wouldn’t it!

Skills for entrepreneurs course

But before I hand them over to you, I’m betting you’re already thinking…

“reading a book takes a lot of time Anthony”. Kind of like code for “I’m busy as F…k dude”


And I hear ya.

So how long should you spend reading?

Particularly if you’re running a business, keeping fit, taking care of the kids or are trapped on social media 3 hours a day (seriously check your usage hours in your phone settings partner, it’s a killer)…

Here’s the Answer

The end goal is just 30 minutes a day of reading- see the benefits from a study here

And I can already hear you saying, “Anthony, I just can’t spare 30 minutes a day”

And I admit,  it’s not a simple hack and it’s one of more lengthy success habits that I share for you to engrain. But…

You’ve simply got to get there or you won’t develop personally.

So let’s kill two birds with one stone here… 

Just start with 3 pages.

And try reading at night.

Why read at night?

Because there are bonus benefits to reading at night…

1. It winds you down after a fast-paced high-performance day

(and gets you ready to sleep which is crucial for sustained high performance)

2. It keeps you off your phone and away from blue light-

(which affects your sleep negatively)

3. And depending on the choice of book, it gives your brain something positive to focus on while you sleep 

(which means you’ll often wake up with a bright new idea)


what should you be reading to achieve more in less time

Well, there are actually 8 books every entrepreneur should read in a particular order whether they’re just getting started or have been in business for years.

And even if you’re a seasoned business owner, don’t worry. 

I only started reading them after a whole 3 years in business.  

And they were quite painful years.

But importantly, the impact after that time was huge. 

I went from 5 figure profits to 6 figure profits and more,

which you’ll see quickly from inside my free video book if you’d like to quickly digest that in one sitting to ease you into your new peak performance habit.

Skills for entrepreneurs course

Just click here

Here’s the link to the 8 books I recommend

I suggest you read them in the order they are listed in the article for maximum efficiency and faster results.

8 books to succeed in business

They are some of the best business and productivity books ever written.

They helped me go from clueless, novice entrepreneur to ….

(This is a deliberate blank so I don’t sound a billy blagger )…

But if you’d care to check out the free version of my book I’ve made available for you, more important than learning a bit about me, you’ll also discover how far and quickly you can rapidly transform your business and lifestyle too. 

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That’s what the small business revolution is for.

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