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What Can Succeed Today Do For You?


Succeed Today Ensures You Learn The Proven Mindset To Succeed. It Is Absolutely Essential To Allow You To Succeed Over The Long Term


Succeed Today gives you practical tips every day to achieve increasingly powerful, transformational results over time


The 60 Second Video Series Format ensures that this extensive range of valuable information is manageable, practical and doesn't result in information overwhelm

"Succeed Today curates and simplifies everything I need to succeed."

"The daily video really helps to sustain my motivation levels."

"It's exactly what I've been needing all these years and I cannot believe it's completely free."

Which Topics Will I Learn About in Succeed Today? 

  • General Life Hacks
  • Personal Development
  • Work Skills
  • Business Skills
  • Leadership Skills
  • How To Achieve Your Goals
And It's All Free!  

Why Is Succeed Today Free?

Succeed Today is created by Anthony Tedd. He shares how to obtain the mindset to succeed for free, simply because it has changed his life unrecognisably.

Anthony has personally experienced the long, challenging journey to succeed and knows just how few people actually succeed over the long term without the very best resources and training.

The difference that the mindset to succeed can make to a persons life along with the key principles to succeed are detailed in Anthony's short book which he also makes available for free.

The free resources at Anthony are all part of Anthony's personal mission to help people who would normally not have the money or personal networks to be able able to access this kind of life changing knowledge. 

Anthony also recognises that for hard working people, even those who do obtain the valuable mindset to succeed may not have the actual time to act on all the knowledge. Therefore he creates daily videos to help people even further after they learn the key principles to succeed from his book.

He is an online educator who is truly dedicated to helping people succeed

What Are People Saying About The Succeed Today Series?

Anthony is a hive of knowledge you can tap into

Succeed Today Big Business Testimonial


Large Business Owner

Anthony has helped me progress much faster

Succeed Today Personal Development Testimonial


Corporate Director 

I now have more spare time and profit 

Succeed Today Small Business Testimonial


Small Business Owner

"I'm In"- Free video series that focuses on helping everyone achieve success... 

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Here’s What You’ll Get When You Join Anthony Today

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Powerful, Short, Simple Digital Access

Daily Video Series

'Succeed Today' helps you succeed on autopilot

A 1 minute video to keep motivated

Learn everything it takes to succeed

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A Message From Anthony

If you engage with the resources I have for you, I know they will deliver more value and have more significant results in your life and business than you can even imagine at this time.

That’s exactly what happened for me and now it won’t take you a decade and tens of thousands of pounds in mistakes like it did me.

It's a price I’m glad I now paid but it didn’t feel like that a lot of the time. I’ve therefore designed ways to make it simpler, less risky, faster and without the financial costs for you.

Believe in yourself and get succeed today now. You can always stop it within 60 seconds if you get too busy. Time is more valuable than money.

Warren Buffett has one of the highest value businesses in the world and is one of the wealthiest individuals of our time. He says that the most important investment you can make is in yourself. Who are we to argue. We can only follow his advice. 

If you didn't already, fill out one of the forms and feel free to look around the site and learn everything you need to succeed. I hope to see you in the free members area...

Today's Inspiration

Succeed Today Message of The Week

This weeks quote on how to succeed today is "Nothing can stop you when your attitude is right. But when it's wrong, no one can help you."

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