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How to Start A Website for Free

The best things in life are free.

So this is a free ‘start a website ‘course (which is arguably the most valuable course you’ll ever complete).

Because it turns the key to the limitless potential for your business.

This course enables every business owner to have full control over their own website.

And that’s something that all fast-paced and growing businesses rely heavily upon.

The few things I’m going to share today were critical to my accelerated journey from…

complete novice business owner with no idea about anything, never mind websites, through to becoming…

an award-winning business owner,

creator of free website course

Uk’s most inspiring business owner finalist,

a best-selling author in small business and entrepreneurship and

free website course author

a global business mentor, coach, speaker.

None of it would have happened without becoming a webmaster which is what you can learn to do today, for free.

What you can achieve very quickly today means…

no more paying hundreds of pounds for a few minor changes on your site.

And no more waiting for a week for it to get done.

You can literally sack your developer.

You can also stop paying for a restrictive amateur monthly website builder that ultimately can’t take you as far as you want to go.

How Does Owning Your Own Website Work?

If your website was a house for your business, which it is, it’s why it has a home page…

We’re going to build your ideal home, (think dream home, sprawling mansion of a house).

For Free*

Warning about starting a website

Now there is a small caveat to this. The materials and the labour are free.

But unfortunately, there are two minor unavoidable associated costs surrounding living in your dream home.

How Much Does It Really Cost To Start A Website?

The website itself (our house) is mortgage-free, but you still need to keep the lights on and pay your internet bill don’t you?

So one unavoidable cost is your domain name. You may already have one which is great. 50% of costs today gone. Awesome. People need to know your home exists don’t they?

Most people think of a domain name as an address but it’s not. It’s just a name.

So think of your domain name as a plaque or wall plate that you can screw and unscrew on and off any digital building in the online world regardless of the location.

You can move the name from building to building at will.

How Do I Start A Website?

I’ll show you step by step how to buy a domain name cheaply and set it up on video in a few minutes and you can also do the same with a transfer that costs nothing.

We’ve got one other important cost which I’ll explain shortly because it’s unavoidable but more importantly…

Now we’ve named your ideal digital building and printed your plaque, we’re going to need a building to put it on.

As I said, we can build your dream digital home for free using the system that nearly 50% of the entire internet is built upon.

It’s what your developer uses for free but charges you thousands for.

free website building platform

You can now sack them now by the way.

As well as all the other pay monthly software service providers that keep their hands in your pockets forever.

We’re not going to pay to keep upgrading for extra functionality like

Square space,



Click Funnels

1 and 1 ionos

and similar platforms want us to.

I’ve experienced all the well-known platforms.

Which Website Platform Do Most Top Companies Use?

You’re going to skip straight to your dream result and a website model that actually helps entrepreneurs and empowers them…

rather than constrains them and costs them years of their life and thousands of pounds.

That’s what my business does for members on a broader level, by the way, it empowers entrepreneurs which you can learn more on my page.

My mission is to take you into the top few percent of business owners.

And we can quickly start to differentiate ourselves from 91% of the business world, by not paying monthly to rent our digital building.

We’re also not going to commit to buying the equivalent of a typical 4-bed house made by some run-of-the-mill developer who doesn’t care about us.

And we won’t confine ourselves to the limited-sized plot they give us, squeezing us in next to someone else with a neighbour with who we’re sharing our internet connection speed with.

That’s no good for visitors to our digital home, our customers. They’ll turn away before they hit the front door (this is known as bounce rate in website terms).

Do I Need A High Performance Website?

When you start off basic on some basic package, as you grow, how are you going to add the multiple digital building extensions you’ll need?

You’d typically pay to upgrade if you’re ‘lucky’ that the functionality is there or you’ll simply get stuck and be forced to move out and start your website again.

Been there, done that. More than once. It happens all the time, to most entrepreneurs.

But most don’t get to keep playing on. The cost is too great. It’s a few thousand pounds at a time.

small business survival rates

Playing the website equivalent of the property ladder costs time, money and effort.

You end spending 10 x as much and it’s never-ending. It’s a game most can’t win.

Because it’s designed that way. That’s what the digital website agents want.

They want to control you and lock you in for life. On yet another monthly subscription.

website software trap

Stop Paying Monthly and Renting Your Website

And if we leave, they take everything we’ve built and paid them for away anyway.

You realise you never owned your site.

They’re like the mob. It’s not even ethical. They are unnecessary middlemen who muscled in early and dominated an uneducated new market.

I spent tens of thousands unnecessarily and the industry is designed to make you think there’s no other option.

They don’t want us to be free and build our own house for free. It puts them out of a job.

But it won’t be that way for you!

So here’s what the digital space looks like for the top businesses that aren’t trapped…

The thriving, free ones that just keep growing.

Imagine a pristine, beautiful landscape that no one has ever discovered before.

It’s not on any map, no one owns it. It’s the size of the US and Canada combined.

You put your flag in it, like Nasa did on the moon.

It’s so vast that you could build on it for 1000 years and still have complete states worth of space left empty.

And you build everything you ever want on it so it’s perfect.

We watch videos and copy click by click and we do it. It’s just clicking buttons, no coding required.

online courses for small business digital skills

Job done. Perfect home, in a perfect location. We’re happy. We can tinker with it when we add new services to our business.

It’s so good, that hundreds of thousands of people are enticed to visit, spending money with your business.

What Else Does My Website Need?

The only other thing we need is a really good quality, really wide road into our new sprawling digital home.

Along with the fastest internet connection of course to allow all our clients to visit and not be annoyed before they even got into the front porch.

That’s our other mandatory cost.

We do have to pay for the internet connection and pay a small amount each year to maintain that heavily trafficked road so all these people can keep getting into us and keep giving us their money.

It’s cents on the dollar to us. It’s insignificant.

That’s what our hosting companies are for (and not all hosts are created equal).

I agree that all tarmac roads look the same the first summer, but after one winter, the cracks start to show.

So I’ll show you how to get set up click by click with the best host, the same company I use so you’re site is top grade and future-proofed.

This will ultimately enable you to have an ultrafast website which is critical for ranking in Google and getting free, and high converting visitors on your site.

Because customers are impatient and the impact of site speed on conversions is scary.

It’s the thing the site builders you’ve used don’t mention because they can’t compete.

So why am I sharing this business-changing knowledge for free?

free digital skills courses

What’s In It For Me?

Well, I started a small business revolution so be sure to check out my mission (which is best outlined in my first book- You can get free access to an exclusive video version of it today as a member) but in short…

All revolutions require short-term sacrifice and ultimately, I’m judged by your success so I give a lot of free stuff away that others charge thousands for so you know I’m with you for the long term.

There are of course some benefits for me too…

Any of my free courses are like a mini-taster of how I teach so I hope you like my style and you’ll consider looking at some of my other courses and coaching products as well.

Courses for small business owners

I only recommend things I use myself and therefore know are the best value for small business owners long term, after more than a decade of success in business.

So welcome to the free website freedom builder course.

Free your business today…

Start Your Website Bonuses

Free website resources

Bonuses include:

Unlimited free email accounts to organise your business

Get your site up with free traffic from Google and SEO in mind straight away so you don’t have to waste time and money in the future

GDPR compliance and cookie policies are included so you can safely and legally collect visitors data from the start (and begin to follow visitors around the internet to remind them to come back)

Protect yourself and give your visitors confidence in your business with privacy policy templates where you just fill in the blanks

And this Includes Google ad compliance so you can start using Google ads without any hassle becasue they are the best way to get a new website up and running and driving targetted traffic.

Take control of your company website today and save thousands of pounds on your website over the life of your business…

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