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Business Directory Listing Service

Business Directory Listing Service

Why Are Business Directories Important?

Having your business contact information submitted across a large number of local business directories means your business information gets spread across the internet widely.

Whilst this does mean that online searchers are more easily able to find your business when they search for it…

Human searchers are not the main reason for using business directory listings.

Leading businesses do it for search engine bots and this is especially important for small local businesses.

You’re not suddenly going to get lots of enquires by submitting your business to directories.

The importance of directory listings for your business is in relation to search engines.

Especially when your business is new.

Search engine optimisation (SEO), if you’re not yet familiar with the term, is the process of getting your business to appear in Google’s search listings for free.

It’s free business advertising.

Business directories are an essential foundation for SEO because a high volume of websites containing your business contact data is a trust signal for Google’s algorithm.

Generally, the more places your brand is mentioned online, the better.

Do All Companies Use Business Directory Listings?

The top businesses do, yes.

But many small businesses don’t have many listings because it takes time to submit each one.

Big companies know the huge value of SEO and the importance of directory submissions among other factors in this process.

They will happily sit someone down in an office for a week to submit their business contact information to the top 100 directories purely for the SEO benefits when they start their company.

Alternatively, they may use a reputable service provider to do it for them.

But many small businesses don’t have that luxury.

Time is tight but money is tighter, so they usually submit to or and get sidetracked doing something else.

But there are plenty of people who can do this for you, it’s simple copy and paste.

But in most cases, it unknowingly ends up being worse than doing nothing at all so before you make any decisions, bear this in mind…

What do you need to know about Directory Submission?

The accuracy and consistency of the data is very important.

Google has to see it in the exact same format across all the sites (directories).

Consistency is Everything

Take my UK office address for example.

Alexander House, 60-61 Tenby Street North, Jewellery Quarter, Birmingham, B1 3EG

It has a building name as well as number, so it doesn’t fit into all the standard address boxes for all the different directories in the same way.

Not all directories follow the same exact format.

You have to provide a version of your address that will fit them all and leave some boxes blank in many cases.

Any lack of consistency will mean you won’t gain the credit you deserve from Google’s algorithm.

But the worst thing is…

You’d Never Even Know If You Made An Error

Google won’t tell you

So what options do small business owners have?

Savvy small business owners often to a gig site like upwork.

They try to find a virtual assistant of some sort, from a country with comparatively cheap labour rates.

Seems like a sensible idea.

Their rates are favourable. It’s good financial leverage.

But the experience of explaining what you need and the importance of accuracy is often lost in translation.

You have to manually check each of the listings and if you had to do that, you might as well have done it yourself.

That’s if you’re lucky enough that the budget service you’ve paid for will give you a report you can check.

Did they do as many as they said they would?

Because you basically need 50 for local and 100 for national businesses.

You also need the login information to update your listing in the future if your phone number changes for example.

Because Google doesn’t like out of date information

Other Problems with Most Directory Services

Most directory services where you pay someone to save you time are somewhat automated, outdated and use insecure sites and directories.

Those spammy sites sell your data (and your passwords) because they know you probably use them across other platforms.

There is a reason a lot of directories are free. Your data is worth a lot of money.

Most service providers also only submit to the same standard directories.

They don’t cater to national differences to favour the UK over The USA or Canada or Australia for example to suit your business trading area.

The Only Solution is Completely Manual Submission

SEO Foundations
Do Your Directory Submission Yourself- Members Only. Click here to join

But that takes a lot time.

It’s worth it in the end and you only need to do it once.

But can you set aside 16 hours? 2 working days?

Will you get round to it?

Give up a whole working at your laptop.

Most small businesses don’t.

I understand how and why it happens.

I encountered these problems myself.

I’ve also been burned in the past by paying people to do these essential business tasks.

And seen them mess them up.

I now commit significant resources to help other small business owners out.

So it’s about time I Introduced…

The best directory submission service on the planet

It’s specially designed for busy small business owners with an eye for detail.

Business Directory Service
Buy this rapid service below…

Here’s how it works…

We ask you to fill out our order sheet with the critical information for your business.

You choose 50 or 100 entries.

We add your listing to the best directories for SEO depending on your order choice.

It takes up to 10 days to do them all

We give a spreadsheet with a link to the listing so you can view it anytime you want.

The login details for the website are also provided so you can update them if you want to in the future. (if you needed to change your phone number for example).

Business Directory Service Example

Here’s an example of the report you’ll receive…

example directory listing report

and these are what you’ll find…

High-Quality Business Directory Listings

business directory listings

Buy Yours Now

50 Submissions


Best for local business only (selling inside one city)

100 Submissions


Best for national and international businesses (or any business planning on expanding beyond their City in the future)

Important Notes…

Expect approximately 25% of the local directory submissions to result in instant live listings.

There is a longer review process on some listings.

Many directories verify business details with the owners via phone, email, or letter.

Your full cooperation is needed on this.

We therefore don’t guarantee all submissions will result in a live placement because of these variables but we do provide you with a full submission report.

You will notice that only around 50% of listings will have a website link.

The value of the SEO output of this service is for the name, address, phone number (NAP) detail for search engine bots.

To learn everything there is to know about the valuable skill of SEO you can go here…

Free Google Business Page Training

6 Minute Video on This page to get you started, plus more support inside the member’s area.

More Business Resources…

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