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What Skills Do Entrepreneurs Need?

The skills for entrepreneurs outlined below are only possessed by a small percentage of business owners.

A working knowledge of these entrepreneurial skills is essential for business success.

Learn skills for entrepreneurs

Must-Have Skills for Entrepreneurs

The important skills for entrepreneurs explained below


over-spending in your business
using the wrong business tools
Getting ripped off by agencies, freelancers and chancers


Less Working Hours
Minimal Overheads
Growth On Auto-Pilot

By the end of this article, busy entrepreneurs realise they’ve been over spending by thousands of pounds a year. The also learn that they are working far more hours than they need to.

They finally realise why they’ve been held back and keep getting stuck.

technical skills for entrepreneurs

Every entrepreneur can automate a lot of their work and get massive amounts of their life back with the right skills and tools.

There are certain technical skills entrepreneurs need to know.

They will enable you to sack poor performing and expensive web developers, seo agencies and advertising companies and save thousands of pounds a year.

Contained below are valuable digital skills that agencies and ‘all in one’ website and software providers don’t want entrepreneurs to know about.

We exclusively share the most valuable tools and skills for entrepreneurs on Anthony

Learn the essential skills for entrepreneurs on their individual topic pages or just go grab a course on it in the members area. It’s free to join at the moment.

Website Skills

digital skills for entrepreneurs

Understanding your website is the best skill an entrepreneur can have.

Your website is the beating heart of your business, or at least it is when you have full control over it.

If you don’t have control over your website, it can be a constant source of frustration and a massive financial drain. It can be very restrictive and mean your business leaves lots of money on the table.

It often limits an entrepreneurs ability to scale or sell in volume.

When done right, your website will become your central hub where all your business systemisation and automation runs from.

Unfortunately most entrepreneurs don’t own or control their own website.

Website skills and ability are a key skill that all entrepreneurs need.

Without it, you can’t keep control of costs, sell while you sleep or stay flexible and adapt your business quickly.

Website Design

online skills for entrepreneurs

As a serious entrepreneur, you can’t just have a pretty website you think looks nice.

An attractive site is part of user experience, which is an important Google ranking metric. However, when you employ a web designer, they are just that. A designer. They are only there to make things look pretty.

There are many subtle elements present on the best websites. Often you can’t see them physically and are unknown to over 99% of entrepreneurs. Until now.

With our free website courses for entrepreneurs you can get access to the best performing templates and functionality for your business website now.

You can get lifetime updates to always keep you ahead of all your competition.

Website Conversion Optimisation

conversion rate optimisation skills

There’s an outline template to a highly converting webpage.

Many online businesses try to create mystique and mystery around it and charge a lot for valuable templates.

However, as member of Anthony Tedd .com you can learn where to get access to awesome conversion optimised templates.

You can just tweak them to ensure your visitors take the actions you want for faster results.

This is after all, the entire point of attracting visitors to your website in the case of 99% of businesses.

You’ll get to benefit from the most experienced marketers on the planet.

You’ll also get their pre tested , conversion focussed landing pages and funnels.

Without these expert skills, you’re sadly leaving the success of your business in the hands of advertising agencies.

helping entrepreneurs to avoid advertising mistakes

You hope the advertiser is good and sends right kinds of eye balls, (who are well targeted and have buyer intent).

However, once you’ve paid the advertiser to get the eyeballs to your site, their job is done.

When it comes to paid marketing of any sort (traditional or pay per click) most entrepreneurs are throwing money in the bin.

Most entrepreneurs don’t realise they don’t need to spend more.

They could literally double their business, not by getting more leads, but by converting more of the leads that are letting get away every day.

It’s far faster, more efficient and cheaper than increasing your advertising.

Website performance impacts heavily on conversions and sales.

Website Performance

misunderstood skill for entrepreneurs

It’s staggering what website performance does to your level of enquires and revenue without you even realising.

There are a few crucial factors that determine a website’s performance.

The online industry is designed to keep entrepreneurs depending on tech companies for results.

Entrepreneurs try plenty of new websites and platforms.

They promise great things but they always have limitations as your business grows.

Each time you encounter an obstacle, you’re recommended a new website builder. However, it always turns out having poor in-built performance.

Most entrepreneurs can’t scale using the power of the internet because of the foundation their website is built on.

Tens of thousands of pounds get wasted, not to mention years- And that’s just the lucky ones who make it.

best type of website for entrepreneurs

Your website’s performance is interlinked with your potential to get your business website ranked organically on Google.

Most website platforms do not allow you to maximise your website’s loading speed, structure, user experience, domain authority and backlinks.

These are crucial to big business results.

The platform I recommend in our members area is free, so we can now get into learning about the next entrepreneurial skill of search engine optimisation.

Search Engine Optimisation Skills

seo skills for entrepreneurs

SEO is the process which determines your ability to feature in Google’s organic listings prominently.

This is a significant area to learn about but the pay off is huge.

Anthony breaks it down into an immediate strategy (on page SEO) and and an ongoing strategy (off page SEO).

You can learn and implement it from our members area.

There’s enough to fill a book so we made it all into videos you can copy step by step.

There are things you need to know now, to stop you getting ripped off by agencies.

There is also a lot of confusing and incorrect or old information online.

Sadly the online space for SEO is designed to keep entrepreneurs dependent on expensive seo agencies and web companies.

At best you’re given loads of jargon and told ‘it’s really complex and needs to be left to specialists’.

At worst, you are just ripped off. You pay high labour rates for very little work without results, without even knowing it.

Leaving entrepreneurs confused is what turned the whole industry into a breading ground for overpriced, poor quality outsourced labour.

There are huge margins in SEO agencies, with unsuspecting entrepreneurs bank rolling it all.

Below are the elements to seo that the seo companies charge small business owners hundreds of pounds every month for and never tell you about.

Firstly, the performance of your website is crucial to search engine optimisation as it effects user experience.

Luckily we’ve already established a solution to that.

Seo (for Google) and other platform algorithms is centred around keywords.

Keyword Research

keywords for your business

Without good keyword research, you won’t get very far online and will waste a lot time.

You also need to tie this in with a content plan and technical SEO, which I will share with you.

Unfortunately, if you Google these seo terms, you’re going to get guided in to using very expensive pay monthly software by online marketers taking a monthly cut as affiliate marketers.

Individual entrepreneurs just don’t need them.

The free tool I recommend for keyword research and backlink analysis is called ubersuggest.

Similar tools cost £99-£199 per month. If you’d like to learn how to get everything out of free tools that save entrepreneurs thousands. a year, just join me as a free member today.

online courses for entrepreneurs

Ubersuggest is owned by Neil Patel. He is an awesome content marketer.

Neil delivers a lot value and you can learn more about those keyword related skills on his blog if you’ve got a few weeks of time to dedicate to it.

You do have to read between the lines a bit because Neil has an seo agency so it’s in his interests to not make it too efficient to make use of all the content he puts out.

Alternatively, you could just grab an seo course and learn in a day what it takes people years to learn.

You can do a few searches every day for free on Ubersuggest.

There is currently a one time lifetime payment option so you can have unlimited use, which I recommend you get as it might switch to pay monthly soon.

Google has a free keyword tool if you open a Google ads account but it won’t do what you need it to for seo purposes. It will push you into paid marketing.

SEO is broken down into two main categories which are known as on page and off page seo.

On Page Seo

on page seo skills for entrepreneurs

As this is an overview page, I’ll give you a check-list.

Then I’ll share the free tool that I use to ensure you cover the whole list of on page seo factors on every page of your new website.

I even show how to use it for free and write pages and posts on video

Here is a list of the components which need to be optimised for on page seo.

They all centre on your keywords which we’ve discussed above.

Page title, slug, meta description, focus keywords, heading tags, page structure, readability, internal links, external links, structured data.

A great piece of software that will help you tell you exactly what to do with on- page seo is called Yoast.

skills entrepreneurs need to be successful

It’s the most used on page seo tool in the world.

It’s also free and I’ll show you how to install it on your new via video in 60 seconds.

There’s only one advanced on page consideration that Yoast doesn’t cover adequately in my opinion.

It’s their extended structured data option. It’s a paid upgrade but I don’t recommend you pay to upgrade.

This is because it misses a couple of advanced options.

My members area shares the most comprehensive and automated tool you’ll ever find on structured data.

It will make the complex area of schema mark up a breeze for you and enable you to showcase your website in Google in a different way.

That’s something that less than 1% of websites on the entire planet do. If you can’t find it in our members area, send us a message.

Off Page SEO

off page seo skills for entrepreneurs

The domain authority of your website is very important when it comes to SEO results.

Increasing your domain authority is mostly centred on having other high authority sites linking to your site.

When you launch your new website the best way to let Google know you exist by submitting your website url as part of a listing to lots of business directories.

You simply sign up and create a basic listing on directories like and for example.

You can do this manually yourself over a few days but I strongly recommend you use a completely new email address from for example.

You should also keep track of your log in details in a spreadsheet. You can learn why on…

Skills for entrepreneurs you can do yourself

(The separate page which is currently being updated. You can click to send me a message to ask for the text file which is free and contains a how to guide. Alternatively you can buy a course that shows you on video or I can even just do it for you for a very low fee).

The type of link you receive from directories tells Google that you exist but it’s only the starting point.

Directories give ‘no follow’ links which means the website linking to you acknowledges you.

However, it doesn’t tell Google that they trust the contents of your website to provide value to Google searchers.

This requires a different type of link. One you can’t just create yourself…

collaboration skils

(For the separate page which is currently being updated just click to send me a message to ask for the text file. It is free or you can buy a video course or I can even just do it for you for a very low fee).

Sales Skills

Whether you know it or not, your main business is sales.

You’re a sales person first and foremost when you get up in the morning.

You have to sell the benefits of eating a healthy breakfast to yourself (and your kids).

You also have to sell pet food to your cat or dog instead of what’s on your breakfast plate.

Until something gets sold, business doesn’t happen.

I’m not here to teach you how to sell face to face. That’s not very scalable.

There are only so many hours in a day and it gets tiring.

Plus, who really likes selling face to face. Feeling like you’re having to convince someone to buy something.

Good sales comes down to understanding your customers needs, simple clear messaging and an irresistible offer.

The key to selling in the digital age is covered most simply by the entrepreneurial skill of copy writing.

Copy Writing

Copy writing is the art of selling via words. It’s arguably the most valuable skill for an entrepreneur.

Whenever you buy anything, you will have seen, read, heard, or watched something about it.

Even if you just like the name, that is copy.

You don’t often buy something the first time you hear or learn about it if its a significant amount of money.

On average it takes around 7 exposures.

most valuable business skills

You’ve typically got some unanswered questions or some reservations as to the value or necessity of the purchase.

These are called objections in sales talk.

If you buy something the first time you see it, it probably had amazing copy to accompany it.

Something that ticked all the psychological triggers that naturally occur in us when we make a decision to buy.

Once you know what these are, it can actually make selling fun.

(For the separate page which is currently being updated- click to send me a message to ask for the text file which is free. It includes a great framework or you can buy the course which gives you pre written fill in the blank templates).

Sales Funnels

automated sales skills

Sales funnel software has become popular over recent years and they’re big business.

You can expect to pay around 99USD a month for the heavily marketed landing page funnel softwares.

This would be for their basic plans and you can expect a lot of up-sells along the way.

The popular companies that are all over social media pay huge commissions to a large army of affiliates.

These affiliates sing their praises for a cut of your significant monthly spend with them.

mistake entrepreneurs make

This creates noise in the market and a lot of social proof, which makes people buy.

Funnel software is quick to set up but what you won’t know until after you sign up that your only option is to drive paid traffic.

The design and structure of the platform means it does not perform well in Google.

Page loading speeds are slow, there are thin content issues and Google does not like the format.

It’s because a lot of scammers use them.

Your only option is to get very good at pay per click marketing very quickly. That’s the only way you’ll achieve results.

paid marketing skills

If you stop paying for facebook ads, you’ve got no business.

If you stop paying for the software, all the work you’ve put in will be lost. You can’t export it. You’re trapped.

Your business belongs to them without you realising it.

There’s a little known better option with way more built in functionality.

It allows you to have a long term plan as well as a short term results.

You own all your content and are not tied in for life.

It’s 80% cheaper than the inferior rivals but it won’t be that cost for long.

It is a market disruptor and you’ll want to lock in your low prices before they put them up.

I help entrepreneurs get started for free as a member of Anthony

Content Creation Skills

content creation skills

Market leading entrepreneurs have embraced the concept that they need to conduct their business as if they were a media company.

They focus on it as much as their main business activities.

Fortunately, you don’t have to employ a team of designers, video producers, and pr agents to convey your messages.

There are some great tools available to help refine these skills for entrepreneurs at far less cost.

The small business market has become flooded with overpriced solutions.

Unfortunately they don’t inform the user of the limitations of their software until they’ve invested considerable time and effort in developing marketing assets.

You end up tied into that software, realising it can never fulfil your requirements.

Check out of members area for the best tools for entrepreneurs and skills courses to help you.

Image Creation

image creation skills

The ability to rapidly produce images in all sizes and formats and not have to wait for or pay a third party is essential for entrepreneurs.

As consumers we have become more and more visually oriented and focussed.

Our messages must be conveyed visually. Just think of your Netflix dashboard or how social media platforms have evolved.

You don’t need to be a graphic designer with all the templates that are available in many good tools.

Entrepreneurs often need to quickly produce things like:

logos, You Tube thumbnails, social media images across all platforms, remove the backgrounds from photos and edit images.

They don’t want to learn complex tools like photoshop that you have to pay for.

If that’s you, hop into our members area to reveal the best free image editing tool for entrepreneurs.

Video Creation

Video Creation Skills

The rise in our consumption of online video is staggering.

Video is the most compelling type of media because it’s only one small step away from being face to face with someone.

Video results in sales and is therefore a crucial skill in any entrepreneurs arsenal.

Depending on the type of video you wish to produce and the extent of the editing power you need, there are different tools that will be best suited to your personal needs.

Do you want to just do face to camera videos from your mobile?

or do you want to produce educational videos where you can record your computer screen for online courses?

Do you want simple social media style videos?

Or do you want granular control and full video editing suite features used by professionals (with a learning curve to go with it).

If you want the best bang for your buck and a rapid tailored solution to your needs, get in touch and we’ll tell you exactly what you need.

Article Creation

blogging skills

The type of content that performs best online is educational in nature.

The key components to a great educational article online are:

A logical structure with headings, sub-headings and navigational hyper links (so you can jump to different areas both visually and using links),

visual learning aids like images and graphs,

a variety of content mediums (including video and audio files for example), and

links out to supportive materials and to extend the conversation.

Educational content is often referred to as blogging.

Many people incorrectly assume that a blog is a random bunch of ramblings of the website owner. It might be on many sites but…

Savvy entrepreneurs only write to educate their audience.

They have specific goals in mind, usually focussed on one specific keyword with the aim of their blog post (article) featuring highly in Google.

This is so it can bring free organic traffic month in and month out.

free resources for entrepreneurs

There are many aspects to creating an educational article or blog post which has the ability to gain wide exposure.

The specific skills relating to it are contained within the discipline of SEO.

However, producing educational articles for your website visitors also serves another purpose.

Dedicating so much time to free resources shows that you care about your clients and the results they achieve.

It delivers value to your audience, builds trust, shows authority and highlights the leaders in an industry who are in it fot the long term.

Marketing Skills

marketing skills for entrepreneurs

The line between marketing skills and sales skills are often blurred in an entrepreneur’s mind.

This is because it is often banded together in small business practice, due to the business owner carrying out the majority of roles.

It is quite ironic that the term ‘sales and marketing’ is so widely used in that order when the marketing always comes before the sale.

Marketing is the process of turning unknown prospects into leads (a potential customer who is aware of your business).

The sale is what makes them become a customer.

You can be a great salesperson, but without sound marketing skills, nobody will know your business exists.

Many would argue that marketing skills should take precedence over sales skills in the order of skill development for entrepreneurs.

There are some key components to marketing which are necessary for an entrepreneur’s success.

As they say, you’re not a real entrepreneur until you earn money in your sleep.

In the process of wearing so many hats and playing so many roles, the bulk of marketing assets should be available to any prospect 24 hours a day. They should also present a consistent brand image.

Here are the best ways to do that:

Brand Authority

branding skills

Building brand authority is ever present within your marketing efforts.

Large brands dedicate a lot of resources to this activity and find it very difficult to put a value on it and tangibly quantify their results.

As an entrepreneur you may not have the luxury of such esoteric endeavours.

You might not have the cash on hand to replicate those wider community based engagements either.

Therefore here are four quick ways you can build brand authority quickly and efficiently:

Associate yourself with other established and authoritative brands

-by association, people view your brand in the same light

Gain exposure in the press (online press is the quickest)

Write extensively on your topic (and get other authoritative websites to link to you).

You can do this by writing a book on your subject.

( I can help you get published in under 2 hours)

You can also check out my done for you services press related services.

Social Proof

Social proof is critical to your marketing. Without social proof (reviews, case studies, testimonials) people don’t buy.

Instead of you convincing your customers, you let other customers do it.

You need case studies, testimonials and proof that your product works.

If you are launching your business and don’t have any sales yet, nobody wants to be part of your test.

Give your product away for free in order to gain reviews and testimonials.

Once you have those and people can see others enjoying the benefits of your product or service, that’s when fomo kicks in.

The power of social proof influences your lead’s decision to buy.

They don’t want to miss out on a hot new product with buzz, or their competition having an edge over them.

Humans are herd animals. They don’t want to get left behind.

This is why businesses like trust pilot can charge so much for their services to entrepreneurs.

The difference social proof makes to sales volume is huge.

From day one, your business should focussed on gaining reviews and the best place for small business to show their reviews is Google My Business.

If you need help getting started with it, there’s a free rapid course in our members area that will help you get verified with Google within 6 minutes.

Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation Skills

With so many roles to fulfil, an entrepreneur has to learn how to automate the attraction of new potential customers.

They also need to automate the conversion of those potential customers into paying clients.

When entrepreneurs don’t automate these important skills for entrepreneurs they experience one of two outcomes.

Either the business isn’t growing as fast as it could, or they continually need to employ an ever expanding sales and marketing team at a significant cost.

Alternatively, they can automate these roles and save on salaries and the unpredictability of employing people.

Sms marketing gets very high engagement rates but is suited to single offer blasts.

You can learn which the cheapest sms provider, with a pay as you go model is from within our members area.

The long form intricate campaign functionality of true automation (that you get with email marketing in comparison) is not appropriate in sms format.

The marketing medium that gives the best return on investment for any entrepreneur is…

Email Marketing

email marketing skills

According to, for every £1 you spend on email marketing, you get a £38 return. That’s when you’ve got it set up correctly of course.

Email marketing is also referred to as an autoresponder.

Every entrepreneur needs an autoresponder because it allows you to engage with new enquiries and sell while you sleep.

I share the one I use to automate my business in my members area.

It’s free until you hit 500 contacts and doesn’t limit the level of automation you can achieve on a free plan like ever other provider.

It will pay for itself before you spend any money on it.

The customer service is the best I’ve ever encountered.

Email marketing is an imperative tool for all entrepreneurs. The skill comes in when you run your entire client product launches, client on boarding processes, customer service, gather reviews and sales via your email marketing software.

I can help you set it up on autopilot.

You can literally generate income for your business at will with email marketing skills.

You can learn about how to do that in the advanced course in the members area.

You can also use good email marketing platforms as your client relationship management tool. You can keep all your contacts and data on clients in one place.

You can even allow clients to update their own accounts so you don’t need to pay an admin team to do it.

Personal Entrepreneur Skills

personal development

No account of skills for entrepreneurs would be complete without personal skills being considered.

We’ve covered the essential practical and digital skills for entrepreneurs.

Now we move into the realm of an entrepreneurs mindset.

It’s equally as important as the the physical skills so has its own separate personal development category on my website.

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