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Shopping cart conversion funnels are one of the most effective ways to turn website visitors into paying customers.

A well-designed funnel with a conversion optimised cart will convince your website visitor to buy your product or service, and can easily be the entire difference between a sale and a lost opportunity. 

In this article, we’ll take a look at why shopping cart conversion funnels work so well, and how you can design one for your own website quickly and simply

What is a conversion funnel?

Funnels are a series of pages that lead your website visitor through a process that ends with them buying your product or service.

We’ll take a look at why shopping cart conversion funnels work so well, why they’re more effective than other online marketing activities, and how you can create one for your own website quickly and easily.

Your web traffic is the most cost-effective and efficient way to generate sales by presenting visitors with exactly what they want.

Highly targeted and conversion focussed landing pages are the best way to make sales fast.

What should a conversion focussed funnel page include?

A conversion-focused landing or funnel page is one that matches the end objective of your sales funnel.

It captures as many of your prospects as possible.

A well-designed shopping cart page should tell the prospect why and how they will benefit from your offer.

It should contain dozens of testimonials about your product. You should also ask a prospect to buy multiple times down the page design and offer money-back guarantees prominently to reduce buyer risk. 

Are conversion focussed shopping cart funnels effective?

Cookies, popups and distractions of normal website pages often distract a user and can take visitors away from your website.

Effective Conversion Funnels give your customer a pleasant web experience and then facilitate them to complete the task of buying your product from your online store.

The point of sale is the perfect time to offer an upsell. The visitor is already in buying mode and they are more likely to buy again.

Approximately 20% of purchasers on average, will accept a premium upsell at the point of sale if it is presented to them. 

This is where an automated shopping cart pays for itself and is crucial in any serious small business owner’s software arsenal. 

Conversion focussed shopping carts remove labour, reduce business costs and replace those unwanted overheads.

A good shopping cart effectively pays for itself by removing the need for sales staff and wages. 

What makes a good shopping cart

Your shopping cart must be conversion focussed from end to end.

The software would have crisp modern design and not look “old school digital marketer” which can often come across as spammy and reduce user confidence. 

Trust signals, secure SSL certificates and payment encryption should be inherent in your shopping cart design.


Paypal integration, although more expensive in comparison to using ‘Stripe’ for example, should also be offered and displayed as a payment option prominently to increase buyer confidence.  

Above all, the shopping cart you use for your online business should be simple so that many members of your team can use it easily to create more products and increase your revenue effortlessly.

You should continually work on improving the conversion rate of your shopping cart and sales funnel pages in order to grow your business in the fastest and most efficient way. 

How Much Does A Shopping Cart Cost?

Not all shopping have automated conversion optimisation built-in. Nor do they allow you to rapidly create upsells, downsells, order bumps and bundle products. The one below does, and if you don’t know what they are yet, for more information on this type of thing, you can check this article out.

The cart providers that do offer these (and you need both conversion optimisation and upsell automation) tend to be quite expensive because they enable you to multiply your financial targets and sell more products on autopilot without increasing labour, ad spend or effort.

The most popular providers are companies like clickfunnels and kajabi but their software starts at $99 dollars per month and hits $299 quite quickly as you grow.

There are many other well-advertised providers like this who all charge monthly and the prices are very high because they are very powerful tools.

However, here at Anthony, empowering entrepreneurs is very important to us.

We recommend little-known deals on top business tools and incredible emerging software so you can skip the high retail fees and go straight to the developers.

So if you’re looking for an automated conversion focussed shopping cart that is as powerful as the ones thousands of entrepreneurs already normally pay hundreds of dollars per month for, but…

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You can use it as a one-page website builder or integrate it with a wider website in one click.

For the best free website provider, check out this training

It works with stripe which is also free and has the lowest transaction rates available, typically 70% cheaper than paypal for example.

But with all the extra revenue you will make instantly and effortlessly, these will become irrelevant anyway.

It’s just nice to know that your business is running as efficiently as possible

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