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Having built multiple websites since 2009 and having seen them grow and rank at the top of the Google search engine organically, bringing in thousands of leads for free (instead of paying for Google ads or just being in the local map pack), Anthony has learned a thing or two about how the algorithm works.

In his extensive online seo courses detailing the ins and outs of both on page and off-page seo, Anthony makes it clear that SEO typically takes around 1 year of consistent work to see results but provides step by steps actions to take. You just copy on screen on video. It’s simple but it takes a lot of work. If you don’t commit to 6 months of work, you might as well not bother.

That’s why any worthwhile SEO services start from £500 per month. Anything less and it’s simply not worth it. More often than not, it’s not that a small business can’t afford it, but that they can’t find a trustworthy agency that actually does the work they say they will.

Most of the seo industry preys on a lack of education of small business owners so Anthony Tedd .com removes this issue by empowering and educating small business owners.

The following service is not an alternative to solid keyword research, on page optimisation and off page optimisation. It is only an additional service that will speed up your results.

It is a proprietory service, available nowhere else, that appeases a critical part of the Google algorithm and will only be done with responsible website owners who have all the other key seo practices in place. If you don’t, you need to learn about it and implement seo on your website using this course

This service allows small businesses to compete with big brands, because the algorithym tends to favour big brands.

I’ll let you in on the internet’s biggest myth. Google is not a search engine. It is an ad platform. The Google search engine is just a lead magnet to bring prospects to their advertisers. And who spends the most money? The big brands.

And Google wants to give good, reliable results to its searchers, to protect it’s market share, so it tends to stick with the security of the big brands because it is less risky.

But there is a way to tip things in your favour. The method can’t be published online but Anthony Tedd .com uses manual methods to tip the scales in your favour when it comes to speeding up your seo efforts. We feed the algorithm with very specific searches at a very specific volume, with click-throughs and manual actions on your website that tell Google you are worth ranking. This only works long term if you have a good website so we may recommend some changes before we agree to a campaign with you.

The setup fee for this service is £299 which includes analysing your current seo efforts and highlighting the right keywords to target for our campaign. If you want to tell us and don’t need our input, it’s just £99 set up. The price per month is just £97 and we will then prove the results we get for your business in terms of rapidly improving your rankings and forcing Google to take notice of your business. Results are 100% guaranteed. You only need to commit to 3 months and if we can’t prove progress, you can have the rest of the year for free until we see it.

Once successful, we will repeat the process for various other keywords as the opportunities present themselves using the most advanced and accurate website monitoring tools on the market.

Contact us about SEO Boost now. Results are 100% guaranteed. There is nothing to lose and only marketplace domination to be gained.

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