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Do you know how much of your life you personally spend typing?

You'd be amazed at the number of words you type every day and how many thousands over a month, particularly if you work on a computer.

For every word you type, it's another word to check over and proof read.

That's all time slipping by when you could be getting on with life or achieving more in the same amount of time. 

Grammar and spelling are obviously critical to your credibility because people tend to judge others on their written communication, particularly on a professional level.

But what about knowing whether what you are writing is coming across as too funny, or too serious for the situation at hand?

This resource can keep you focussed on writing rather than checking (with lots of extra in depth functionality for professional writers). If you're a professional who writes, then that includes you.

Even an important email to someone you don't know, in any professional capacity can often take longer to write because you know how important first impressions are. 

Often that first impression is a digital one these days.

Prevent the need to spend an hour writing an important email whilst worrying if you've made errors or that it has coming across the wrong way. Life is too short.

Prepare to be amazed when you see how many thousands of words you write every month, and how your vocabulary compares to everyone else's.

You might discover you're a great writer accidentally and decide to write a book. 

You're about to get a few hours of your life back every month to allow you to do things like that.

If you're like Anthony, it will be more like a week.

Anthony consistently writes the equivalent of a new book every two months so he knows the value of using great tools to make life a little bit easier and hopes it helps you too...

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How To Write More In Less Time- Quick Cheat

See How Anthony Writes The Equivalent Of  A Book Once Every Few Months Without Pulling His Hair Out

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