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Set up the fundamentals of your website for a limitless future.

Start to build an incredible website for your business.

See how you could start building websites for other businesses.

Less advanced courses sell for hundreds of pounds. 

If you follow the steps in the start a website course and get your mega bonus, Anthony may unlock this course for you and tell you which lessons in particular are most appropriate for your business.





Course Structure

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Create Legally Required Pages

Certain pages and certain information on those pages is required to comply with international and domestic law and to be able to advertise with Google. All this is covered in this lesson

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Notes before installing additional plug-ins

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Additional Plug Ins

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Create Site Profile, Introduction To Images and Alt Tags

In This Lesson;

Create Author profile,

Learn Where To Start Looking For Free Images For Your New Website,

How To Save Images The Right Way (For Saving Time Later And Seo),

Upload Images To Website,

Understand Image Alt Text

Link To Grammar Checker Tool Click Here

Link To Design Software (full lesson later) but you can download images for free here by creating a free account

Links For Other Free Image Websites Here

And Here 


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Updating Wordpress, Plug-ins and Back Ups

You may have already seen some prompts to update wordpress (the whole system your site sits on)

You may have seen a notification bell to tell you to update individual plug-ins (which work independently of the system)

You may be concerned about doing updates and may have seen a prompt to create back-ups before updating the whole wordpress system. 

Do not worry, we will put the back-ups and wordpress updates on auto-pilot in this lesson.

However, please pause the lesson when the text overlay comes up and pay attention regarding updating individual plug-ins.

It is best practice to once a week, click to update the various plug-ins which have been updated by a developer as they notify you. It's just one click for each

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Create Page Titles

We set up the titles for our pages so we can create a menu. These titles will be based on a theme and we start to understand what makes a user take action on our site. 

The pages we use are designed to cover all the emotional triggers that lead to an individual making a decision and being more inclined to leave their contact details with us. (statistically, 96% of website visitors leave a webpage without taking any action) 

We begin to understand how to differentiate our website automatically. We let people know how we are different, reliable and trustworthy before they even get in touch with us.

They are forming a full opinion and they are further down the buying decision process before you even have any dialogue/ interaction with them. 

Everything we do has our target customer in mind. Google values user experience highly (known as UX) and assesses websites according to this

Additional text is added to the screen at various points for further context or clarification. Feel free to pause the video when that happens. Sometimes one little word being missed on the audio could change your entire understanding of a subject and mislead you going forward so its best to read and listen separately by pausing to read for further clarification. 



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Create Website Main Menu

We'll create the menu for your website and see how to reorder and arrange the menu items for your new pages.

You will see how to create labels and can create pages but not include them in your menu so that they are only accessible by people you give the link to, such as existing customers, with special offers for recommending friends for example

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Global Website Basic Settings

In this lesson we cover:

Content Width

Change text colour, link clours, heading colour and background colour

Discover your own complimentary colours to determine your own brand

Create your own brand colours 

Change fonts and sizes of text for your site

Change your meta title

Create and design a site icon to carry your branding in the tabs your website is open on various browsers

Insert your site logo and different logos for different sized devices

Use brand colours to customise your menu and develop a theme to your pages

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Breadcrumb Settings, Blog Post and Blog Archive Settings

In this lesson we learn about and show/hide;

the website breadcrumb

individual blog post data

blog archive data (the page which houses all our blog posts in a list)

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Finish All Basic Settings

By the end of this lesson you understand all the settings on the platform 

specifically included are sidebar, footer, widgets and footer menu creation

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Image Compression

In this lesson we configure our image compression tool and faster loading options

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Featured Images and Extra Points

We produce the four minimum pages your site will need

Add a featured image to each page

Have the text for those pages written (known as copy, which is using text to get a user to take certain actions rather than just writing for the sake of it) 

Add images throughout your page to break up text 

(Tip- It is best to check how the page looks on a mobile and always ensure there isn't a whole screen of text)

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Side Bar Customisation- Hiding Widgets and Sidebar

We can manipulate which side bar widgets feature on different pages using conditional logic which is important process to understand

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Set Pages Live, Add Mandatory Pages To Menu

In this lesson we set our pages live

We set the legally required pages for our site live

We see where visitors can post comments on our website which helps Google ranking (don't worry- we already set our site to allow us to moderate all comments before choosing to show them live on our site) 

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