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Would You Like To Learn New Subjects Even Faster?

Even if you've got into the habit of reading 10 pages of good book every day and are therefore getting through a book every single month because of that success habit- like Anthony recommends in his "How To Succeed Today Summary"...

We find that lot's of members would like to be able to learn a new subject even faster.

So here is a recommended resource that Anthony uses personally for learning the key points of an entire book in under 20 minutes.

He uses this 'quick cheat' resource to get the key information he needs to learn on new subjects super fast. He also uses it to determine which books are worth his time reading fully in the first place. 

There's nothing worse than spending a week reading a book only to find it's a waste of your time and money.

Anthony has shared this resource because he uses it personally and it offers a free book every week to members even with a free account.

Anthony revealed this quick cheat based on a request from one of his own new members.

The first book he recommended to that particular member was the "4 Hour Work Week" by Tim Ferriss.

That book taught Anthony the value achieving of time freedom.

It could be a good book for you to check out too below. 

It took Anthony 2 weeks whilst travelling around Borneo to read the whole book and a further 3 years to implement the teachings from within it. He went from a 7 day working week in his business to a 4 hour (maximum) working week in that business. 

You can learn it all in under 20 minutes right now with this quick cheat

Another great book is the 'Power of Habit' by Charles Duhigg which might help you implement some of the key habits Anthony shares in his summary to success. 

There are lots of non fiction titles to help you to achieve your goals faster. There are no fiction titles because this resource is all about getting results faster. Enjoy...

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Quick Cheat- Read More In Less Time

Glean All The Key Points From Top Non-Fiction Books In Less Than 20 Minutes

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