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Do you ever use facebook ads or Google ads or You tube ads?

Do you use re targeting campaigns?

Even if you don’t yet, if you ever do, without this rapid implementation course:

You’re missing out on around 96% of sales and leads spending many times more money than you need to to attract customers if not.

On an average website, 96% of all website visitors leave having not converted (become a lead or made a purchase).

If you’re paying for advertising or traffic, without re targeting set up on your site, you’re literally throwing 96% of your spend down the drain.

Even if you only use seo for your traffic, you’re still letting most of your potential customers forget about you. 

We know most purchases are made after around 7 exposures to a brand.

Imagine having the ability to pop up in front of those lost visitors from your site all over the internet (in the online ads you see on all the top websites, on You Tube and on Facebook).

Your business can look like it’s got the advertising budget of Rolex but most people don’t know it’s actually the cheapest way to do paid marketing.

All those Pay Per Click courses you buy only tell you to ‘ask your web developer’ to set up your pixel/ re marketing tags and don’t tell how critical this is to your ad performance and wallet.

They don’t care that you’re wasting 96% of your daily budget.

Well now you don’t need to find a developer and can just do it yourself for a fraction of the cost, hassle and time. 

You can actually make full use of the pay per click courses you buy and instantly make your money go many times farther. 

You’ll pay for this course in very little time and increase your advertising results by thousands of percent with good re targeting campaigns.

Facebook and Google will now compile a list of all the visitors to your site so you can create highly targeted campaigns just for lost website visitors. You’ll maximise the effect and minimise the cost of any paid marketing you do with the Facebook and Google giants from now on.

This is how to make paid marketing the cheapest it can possibly be.

Copy click by click, how to create, and install the Facebook Pixel and page event monitoring and the Google re marketting tags for your Google ads accounts and You tube accounts.

Additional bonus- advanced You Tube Settings to save you time and customise your You tube account.

Course Structure

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Create and Add Facebook Pixel

We create our powerful facebook pixel and place it on our site. We will also create a custom audience of all visitors to our site that automatically updates. Facebook will then keep the data of all the people who have visited any page on your website, so that you can create more personalised marketing messages to send to them, which is highly targetted, converts better and is therefore much cheaper for you in the long run

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Create Page View Events In Facebook

Here is how we spend less money on paid advertising. 

We automatically monitor the actions that visitors take on your website such as;

Automatically removing customers/ leads from your custom 'all visitors' audience in order to save money on your advertising and keep all your messages super personal and providing the best return on investment

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Advanced You Tube Settings and Link To Google Ads and Analytics

We start by opening a Google Ads account from our GMB listing so we can link all our Google owned tools and marketing channels to increase exposure and efficiency in terms of time and cost through re targeting our website visitors across Google Ads, Google Display Network and You Tube. 

We only open a Google ads account just to get a Google ads 'Id' which we link to a You Tube account so we are collecting data on people who search for your business early on and find your You Tube Channel. A You Tube channel always features prominently and quickly in the search results (because You Tube is owned by Google.) And this way, no interest in our business is wasted and the visitor can be targetted later.

We set advanced settings like keywords and content settings so we don't have to manually consider and risk missing them each time we upload our content. 

We set up our account to automatically adding our branding to all our content for a more professional presence and so people can't pass it off as their own


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Re Targeting Audience in You Tube

The default interface in Google Ads is 'smart mode' which is smart for Google, but not your wallet so we switch to 'expert mode' where we can control a lot more and get very specific. 

We then approve our You Tube link and create a You Tube viewers list where we can view the parameters that are available to use for different advertising campaigns for people who have seen particular videos previously. 

Whilst we don't need all these parameters yet and we stick with some default options, it's good to know what's available so I'll show the options briefly even though we won't change them. 

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Google Ads- All Website Visitors Re-Targeting Audience

Here we capture the data on all website visitors so that we have the ability to create a Google Ads campaign to re-engage every visitor that has visited our site up to a 6 month period

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Google Analytics All Website Visitors List Creation

Create a list of all website visitors so you can re market to them

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Google Ads Re Targeting

Here we add our Google ads re marketing to our website. 

We've now got audience data populating the golden triangle of re marketing being Google, You Tube and Facebook and we've got the potential to run ads in the cheapest way, by following up with people that have shown an interest in our business already. 

No website visitor is getting away and you're attracting more clients to your business on auto-pilot


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