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On Page Seo

10 Lessons

About This Course

Everything you need to do to optimise every individual webpage of your site

You need to build your entire site is a very specific way to maximise free traffic potential from Google

Execute specific technical tasks that will make your website appear favourably in search results

Learn advanced technical actions (and how to automate them) which will place your website in the top 1% globally for on page search exposure

Understand how to create content that will outrank your competitors.

Watch me produce website pages and blog posts from start to finish click by click.

Learn what it takes people a minimum of a year to learn full time in a day. 

Courses covering this subject typically cost 1000USD upwards if they even cover all the necessary points.

Spend far less and even split this cost over the on page (which you need to understand first) and the off page course (which comes after). 

Sack your seo agency and save hundreds of pounds every single month

Course Structure

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Install Analytics, Search Console and Google Site Map

Understanding How People Navigate Your Website and How Long They Spend On A Particular Page Is Critical To Long Term Success. As is Allowing Google To Crawl Your Site Effectively. We Set Up The Foundation For Both Of These Things In This Lesson

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Site Structure











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Keyword Research

In this lesson we learn;

How to choose your website category keywords

How to choose your keywords related to those categories and not waste your time trying to rank for keywords which don't get traffic

We reveal the optimum monthly search volume combined with keyword difficulty you should target in order to rank a new website 

We discuss the importance of user intent in keywords and the words people use when they are ready to buy

We discuss how this lesson sets up and leads into our content plan and how our whole digital approach creates a market-leading website and generates free traffic from Google




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Content Plan And Competitor Analysis For Each Webpage

Here you'll learn exactly how to outrank your competitor's articles along with which content to focus on and how to find good titles, all in under 15 minutes

Repeat this for each page of your educational content to dominate your industry in the most efficient way 

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On Page Essentials

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Telling Google Your Blog Post is Your Best Content

Highlight your blog post as a key piece of your website and tell Google to pay closer attention to it

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Automated Social Posting of Blog Posts-Free

Here is a free method of automated re-posting of your articles to social media on 2 platforms. 

There is a better, paid option discussed elsewhere but if you're just starting out, this option is absolutely fine to begin

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