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About This Course

Learn the things that no one wants to teach you for less than 1000 usd or wants to charge you hundreds for, every single month

(and they probably are not doing everything they should be) which you’ll soon find out

Finally learn what you’ve been spending your seo budget on

Analyse what your seo company have been (or haven’t been doing for you).

See exactly what you need to do, step by step to rank your pages in Google yourself 

Set up your own seo agency based on the information and techniques shown in this course. 



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Course Structure

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Off Page SEO

Here we learn about all the critical steps for our long-term organic online growth of our business. 




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Outreach and Back Link Introduction

Here's a template for reaching out to organisations that you've linked out to in order to start gaining backlinks and drive shares and comments

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Media Coverage and Press Releases

Here is a template to use for writing press releases. An initial press release is important when you launch your business for distributing brand mentions around the internet. A press release can also be useful when you have significant milestones and engage in newsworthy endeavors throughout your organisation's journey. Press releases are essential to obtain exposure online and in the media and are equally good for obtaining associations with trusted media outlets which are great for brand and trust signals in general. 

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Get Alerted Whenever You Are Mentioned Online

Now that you are creating blog posts and articles of value and automatically posting them to social media on a regular basis, indefinitely, more and more people are going to see and hopefully mention your business online (and link to and share those articles). 

Wouldn't it be great if we could see who was saying what about our business online on a daily basis and be notified about it?

You can set an alert specifically for your industry and your keywords which will alert you to opportunities to build natural, relevant links, which we're coming on to and are very important

Here's how we set that up in under a minute...

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Create First Backlink

Here you'll see how to gain a valuable backlink. Note that you must use a business account. Don't forget to always add a website link where ever you see the opportunity online

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