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About This Course

Every business needs an auto responder to automatically follow up with clients and a crm to securely store client data and speak to them quickly and easily on mass (whilst making it feel personal).

Mailchimp is both of these things in one (and has extra functionality that is always growing). 

It's also the world's most popular one (and you can have it for free foever as long as your business stays under 2000 contacts).

To open a new tab in another window and create your free Mailchimp account

click here

Then come back and start this course

What will this course give you?

Within the next hour...

You will be able to automatically follow up with enquirers on your website

You'll be able to email every one (thousands) of your contacts within 5 minutes to allow you to drum up business on demand whenever you need to.

You'll utilise features that are not widely used even by paying Mailchimp customers to...

Increase your email deliverability rates

Increase email engagement rates

Your account will also be optimised and ready to make use of the most advanced automation features if you ever choose to upgrade which is ridiculously affordable and tiered so it will pay for itself. 


After the Mailchimp set up, this course shows you exactly how Mailchimp integrates with your website. 

If you don't yet have a Wordpress site, you should, and you can get started for free with my starter course but your existing platform will have an integration with Mailchimp if it's any good at all and it will be very simple to integrate once you've completed this course. 




Course Structure

Premium Course

Before You Start

Premium Course

Client Data and Automated Response Set up

Here we begin the journey into automation.

Never want to employ receptionists? No problem 

Want to automatically follow up with new enquiries even when you're on holiday? No problem

Want to send timely messages year after year at a particular time of year to generate business on tap? No problem

Want to automatically store every lead you get automatically so you can generate business for free at any point in the future? No problem

Want to keep track of all the things your clients mention about other works so you can follow up at the right time?

Want to do that all from your mobile quickly and simply

This is the lesson to get you started and sets the foundation for your future

I needed to check I could show you all these things to get you started for free and I wanted a way for you to be able to do it at the minimum cost going forward as you grow with all the new automated lead generation.

There are other systems that you can do this with but they cost way more money and immediately cost from the start. The pricing here starts free and is scalable as you use it so it pays for itself at every point.

The agency I spoke with to check all the functionality was free before spending hours building this out for you from my paid account was recommended by the software provider

They charge £95 per hour. That's how valuable this skill is. 

The value of your business is in your database

And the fortune is in the follow up.

Automatically follow up with leads when you're busy doing other things. It usually takes someone 7 touch points to make a decision to do business. When you can do that on autopilot you're able to focus on pulling new clients in or doing other things you love rather than being a slave to the telephone or email inbox (or paying someone to be)

We'll set your domain up so you avoid spam filters and junk folders

This is a heavy going, complex lesson but it is worth a fortune so it will be worth the concentration  



Premium Course

Download the mailchimp app

On completion, go to your app store and download the Mailchimp app.

It has great functionality and it will enable you to take notes of and store client information when you interact face to face with people and run your business from your mobile when you need to.

Turn every interaction into the chance to create campaigns that generate business simply and easily in the future. 

Once you're ready to stop manually taking clients through your sales process after the initial auto response and want to create in depth, long term evergreen campaigns that take your clients through their customer journey on auto-pilot, be sure to get the advanced Mailchimp course


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