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Email Automation

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About This Course

The value of a business is contained within their list.

 Email marketing gives you the ability to create sales on demand.

The more emails you send, the money you make.

When you do it on autopilot, with repeat email sequences, you begin to make money whilst you sleep.

 Email marketing provides the highest form of return of any marketing medium at a rate of 38 to 1.

Every £1 spent returns £38 on average.

Any business which doesn't nurture leads, build relationships and make offers in an automated fashion is growing slower than it could.

The only is also doing more hours of repeat tasks than they need.

This course is must for every business owner.

The information contained inside will increase the rate of return even more by maximising open rates and deliverability of your marketing messages and communications.

Start automatically growing you business on autopilot and selling to previous customers with zero effort or time input.

Selling to existing clients is multiple times more efficient and cheaper than finding and selling to knew customers.

Stop losing out on money now.

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