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Advanced Website Build

13 Lessons

About This Course

Get the most advanced, conversion focussed website functionality on the planet.

Build an incredible site in the fastest way possible.

Always stay ahead of the web design curve and latest most effective marketing skills and tactics.

Get off to a super fast, super high quality start with your new powerful website.

Unlock this advanced course once you've completed the 'start a website' course and activated your mega bonus


If you already have an established Wordpress site then just...

Send the required information outlined in the final lesson of the 'start a website' course to set up a free expert consultation (worth £500).

Course Structure

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Product Set Up

I'll guide you through click by click

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New Header, Logo and Menu Set Up

Our advanced designs begins

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Build your footer and play around with colours and gradients which are a lightweight way to add unique and attractive branding to your site

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Connect Mailchimp

A quick connection to mailchimp for seemless integration for an awesome user experience and data capture

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Global Information Set Up

We set your social handles and contact info so we don't have to type it over and over as we build content 

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Home Page Opener

Here we create an eye-catching and enticing 'above the fold' display to let our visitor know they are in the right place so that they don't 'bounce' from our page like 96% of website visitors on average. 

We create a headline (known as a hook), tell our story of how we can help our visitor (in this case a video) and finish with a call to action (offer).

We learn about the importance of colour in our call to action buttons 

We also write an opening paragraph to create desire in our reader, keeping them on the page and wanting to learn more.

Usually a webpage will run as hook (headline), Story (in this case a video) and offer (call to action) which can all be seen above the fold on our home page. 

It's a perfectly optimised home page 

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Hiding Related Videos On You Tube Hosted Video

If you're in a rush to get a site out and you already have videos hosted on You Tube, or have made one that you want to get up fast, here's a quick tip to help with your conversions and to make your videos look a bit more professional prior to doing any in-depth learning on You Tube settings

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Menu Dropdown Trouble Shoot

If you opted for white menu text, you might think that your menu drop down when using a hamburger setting is missing. To rectify this, there simply needs to be a contrast between the background and the text.

You can either change the text colour or the menu background colour as shown in this video

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Add Template Over Existing Page

You can place a stock template, or a new one you've created over any existing pages you created in the practice area.

If you already have a video you wish to use, there's a quick way to add it in for free using You Tube which is shown here to get you moving, but more in-depth video training is taught elsewhere


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Global Social Element

An element you'll use on all your pages, so set it up as a global element so you save time

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Optimise Light Box Settings For Conversions

Here we check how long an average user spends on each page and display our 'pop up' light box to try to capture the lead at the point just before they would typically leave.

We use the same basic form but change the headline and the button text (call to action text) to suit the content that is on the page and the keywords for that page

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Create An Exit Intent Lightbox

A great tool to increase conversions which can be changed subtly through the headline and the button text to make it super targetted to your user depending on the page they are on

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Bonus Linking With Table Of Contents

Help users and add internal links for an extra tick from Google

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