Start A Website

Create a website that will ensure your business potential doesn't get limited and you can finally rank highly on Google and get free traffic.

Use the platform that powers 40% of the entire internet, that many web developers use and charge thousands of pounds for.

Oh and it's yours for free, forever.

You just buy your domain name which you're guided through ( a practice £1 domain recommended) and get the worlds best hosting, all of  which I'll show you how to do click by click inside this course.



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Website Fundamentals

Set up the fundamentals of your website for a limitless future.

Start to build an incredible website for your business.

See how you could start building websites for other businesses.

Less advanced courses sell for hundreds of pounds. 

If you follow the steps in the start a website course and get your mega bonus, Anthony may unlock this course for you and tell you which lessons in particular are most appropriate for your business.





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Advanced Website Build

Get the most advanced, conversion focussed website functionality on the planet.

Build an incredible site in the fastest way possible.

Always stay ahead of the web design curve and latest most effective marketing skills and tactics.

Get off to a super fast, super high quality start with your new powerful website.

Unlock this advanced course once you've completed the 'start a website' course and activated your mega bonus


If you already have an established Wordpress site then just...

Send the required information outlined in the final lesson of the 'start a website' course to set up a free expert consultation (worth £500).

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Website Speed Increase

An increase in loading speed on your website directly and proportionately impacts on your user experience, page abandonment and Google rank factors. 

Your visitor numbers will increase and decrease with page speed. Stop throwing traffic away. 

With an advanced set up that in built platforms can't offer and most hosting providers charge additionally for, we'll make your site as fast as it can possibly be. 

You can see how Anthony's website is faster than apple's within this rapid course. 

This rapid implementation course can be obtained for free by members who have completed the create a website course and activated their bonus. 


Paid Ads Set Up

Do you ever use facebook ads or Google ads or You tube ads?

Do you use re targeting campaigns?

Even if you don't yet, if you ever do, without this rapid implementation course:

You're missing out on around 96% of sales and leads spending many times more money than you need to to attract customers if not.

On an average website, 96% of all website visitors leave having not converted (become a lead or made a purchase).

If you're paying for advertising or traffic, without re targeting set up on your site, you're literally throwing 96% of your spend down the drain.

Even if you only use seo for your traffic, you're still letting most of your potential customers forget about you. 

We know most purchases are made after around 7 exposures to a brand.

Imagine having the ability to pop up in front of those lost visitors from your site all over the internet (in the online ads you see on all the top websites, on You Tube and on Facebook).

Your business can look like it's got the advertising budget of Rolex but most people don't know it's actually the cheapest way to do paid marketing.

All those Pay Per Click courses you buy only tell you to 'ask your web developer' to set up your pixel/ re marketing tags and don't tell how critical this is to your ad performance and wallet.

They don't care that you're wasting 96% of your daily budget.

Well now you don't need to find a developer and can just do it yourself for a fraction of the cost, hassle and time. 

You can actually make full use of the pay per click courses you buy and instantly make your money go many times farther. 

You'll pay for this course in very little time and increase your advertising results by thousands of percent with good re targeting campaigns.

Facebook and Google will now compile a list of all the visitors to your site so you can create highly targeted campaigns just for lost website visitors. You'll maximise the effect and minimise the cost of any paid marketing you do with the Facebook and Google giants from now on.

This is how to make paid marketing the cheapest it can possibly be.

Copy click by click, how to create, and install the Facebook Pixel and page event monitoring and the Google re marketting tags for your Google ads accounts and You tube accounts.

Additional bonus- advanced You Tube Settings to save you time and customise your You tube account.



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On Page Seo

Everything you need to do to optimise every individual webpage of your site

You need to build your entire site is a very specific way to maximise free traffic potential from Google

Execute specific technical tasks that will make your website appear favourably in search results

Learn advanced technical actions (and how to automate them) which will place your website in the top 1% globally for on page search exposure

Understand how to create content that will outrank your competitors.

Watch me produce website pages and blog posts from start to finish click by click.

Learn what it takes people a minimum of a year to learn full time in a day. 

Courses covering this subject typically cost 1000USD upwards if they even cover all the necessary points.

Spend far less and even split this cost over the on page (which you need to understand first) and the off page course (which comes after). 

Sack your seo agency and save hundreds of pounds every single month


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Off Page Seo

Learn the things that no one wants to teach you for less than 1000 usd or wants to charge you hundreds for, every single month for

(and they probably are not doing everything they should be) which you'll soon find out

Finally learn what you've been spending your seo budget on

Analyse what your seo company have been (or haven't been doing for you).

See exactly what you need to do, step by step to rank your pages in Google yourself 

Set up your own seo agency based on the information and techniques shown in this course. 



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Image Editing and Design

Entrepreneurs need to get stuff done.

You don't want to be waiting around on freelancers or agencies or paying for expensive software and tools that don't do everything an entrepreneur needs in one place. 

Use the most time saving, versatile and free to use software for rapid image creation and alteration available. 

Get templates for high converting:

You tube thumbnails

Social media images in the right sizes (for all platforms)

Website content images quickly

No more 'your image does not meet the requirements' or

'it's not the correct format'

Click here to just get started on your own for free.

You can figure it out on your own or you can get Anthony's rapid mini course if you want to compress a week worth of learning into an hour and...

Learn some ways to get around the paid, pay monthly features of the design software inside this low cost, rapid course. 



Mailchimp Set Up Course

Every business needs an auto responder to automatically follow up with clients and a crm to securely store client data and speak to them quickly and easily on mass (whilst making it feel personal).

Mailchimp is both of these things in one (and has extra functionality that is always growing). 

It's also the world's most popular one (and you can have it for free foever as long as your business stays under 2000 contacts).

To open a new tab in another window and create your free Mailchimp account

click here

Then come back and start this course

What will this course give you?

Within the next hour...

You will be able to automatically follow up with enquirers on your website

You'll be able to email every one (thousands) of your contacts within 5 minutes to allow you to drum up business on demand whenever you need to.

You'll utilise features that are not widely used even by paying Mailchimp customers to...

Increase your email deliverability rates

Increase email engagement rates

Your account will also be optimised and ready to make use of the most advanced automation features if you ever choose to upgrade which is ridiculously affordable and tiered so it will pay for itself. 


After the Mailchimp set up, this course shows you exactly how Mailchimp integrates with your website. 

If you don't yet have a Wordpress site, you should, and you can get started for free with my starter course but your existing platform will have an integration with Mailchimp if it's any good at all and it will be very simple to integrate once you've completed this course. 




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How To Make An E-Book Course

Want to publish an e book or a paper-back book quickly and simply?

All you need is:

Your Text (using Microsoft Word for example)

and this course!

Learn it all and become a published author within the next hour.

Design your ebook cover quickly and easily and even produce your own artwork and print ready file for paper back publishing instead of paying hundreds of pounds. This course pays for itself and puts £100s of pounds back in your pocket and keeps you in control of your margins on your book sales.

Amazon is awesome for e books and also offers print on demand paper back options.

If you don't want to publish your paper back on Amazon exclusively and want more worldwide publishing flexibility, good for you. 

You can go it alone as Anthony also reveals the printing service he uses himself for his physical books.

Literally in the next 57 minutes:

You could be selling your e book and paper back book on Amazon- the worlds biggest marketplace.

You're literally missing out on sales by the hour

Act quickly for the added bonus of insider information from a 5 star rated, best selling author on how to maximise your chances of becoming a best selling author as well. 



Advanced Website Security

Advanced Website Security

Has your web developer done all they can to protect your business?

Essential for every business owner with a wordpress website

Enhance the security of your website multiple times over in less than an hour


Google my business

Get your business on Google's radar in the next 6 minutes. 

Rapid set up

Get your Google verification done and wait for Google's response

Upload your products quickly and simply

Get started on getting featured for local searches in the map pack

Learn the minimum frequency you should be interacting with Google My Business to assist in your exposure to free local traffic

The Long Term Benefits of SEO and Working on your own Website

Not all websites are created equally and it's hard to spot the difference...

It's also difficult to cut through the marketing of big brands that want your business to be a slave to theirs and...

To step out of the crowd and become the leader in your market.

You'll be glad when you finally do because...

Instead of paying someone to do a half-baked job and being stuck paying them forever,

You can do the work once and get paid forever.

Imagine not needing to spend on Google ads and Facebook ads or with advertising companies or web companies.

Here's some very off the cuff evidence of some old websites which Anthony owns that still live on Google organically and generate hundreds of new enquiries for his businesses.

Please excuse the off the cuff nature of this explanation (and the 5 year old+  examples here). 

Because this is not a pre-planned lesson, if it's confusing at all, just ask us questions via our contact form or check out the pages that go into more depth about the specific terms that are mentioned within it.

Imagine what you could if you didn't need to spend on advertising and could take the lion's share of all Google searches with the very latest cutting edge tech and expert help.

It could be life changing for you and your business.







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If You Need To Write For Work Or Pleasure, Or Even Just Send An Important Email, Proof Reading Your Work Is Always A Time-Consuming Process. It's Also Just Annoying And Waste Of Your Creative Energy. But Making Mistakes Can Affect Your Credibility. So If You're A Super Busy Person Who Values Their Time, You Can Now Use This Free Resource To Save Time Proofreading Or Save Your Money On Hiring A Proof Reader. 

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