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Do you believe in the fairy Godmother?

Me neither.

But one of my first wishes for 2024 would be to reduce my PPC spend.

Can you imagine what 20% extra ad budget to spend every month on your business could do for you?

It's basically a 20% bigger business, with 20% more revenue, instantly. 

And you can do it today. 

Sounding like fairytale nonsense?

Well I'm no prince charming, but...

You're actually going to be the Cinderella in this little story and you shall be going to the ball indeed. 

You're seriously going to love this and you might well even do a little dance to celebrate.

Reducing your pay per click costs in simple, quick and hands off way is about to become a reality.

The only people who wont love this are...

  • Your Google ads management agency 
  • Your local ppc expert
  • Your favourite adwords guru or
  • Your super human sales funnel idol that forces your business to rely very heavily on paid traffic.

They don't like this at all because...

they start to look a little bit sheepish when you mention it to them. 

Because they either didn't know it exists (which is most common) or it shows they just didn't care enough about your business to have told you. 

I'll let you decide which scenario is worse.

But not caring about small businesses is against our religion here at Anthony Tedd .com

We empower entrepreneurs with the type of skills and knowledge for business owners that saves you money and makes you achieve more on autopilot.

And today, once again, we aren't talking about chump change when it comes to making savings in your business.

So how much do you spend on Google ads?

£10 a day, £20 a day?

A lot more?

A below average user spends £20 a day on Google ads. That's £600 per month that you're on the hook for, right.

(A typical small business in the UK with a £1-£3 CPC would normally be spending £500-£1000 per month). Average users sit at around $1000 USD per month according to ppc industry insights)

And by that maths, if you dabble in Google ads and do spend £20 per day, did you know that you're be flushing £120 per month down the toilet?

Seriously. 20% of every single ad campaign 

that you've ever switched on in Google ads 

was in the pooper before you even chose your keywords

Honestly, it was.  

You just never knew, because no one told you. 

But what if I told you that it wasn't just wasted. It was stolen. And if you're anything like me, you've been stolen from for years?

And without what I'm about to reveal, you'd unknowingly continue to throw 20% of your advertising budget down the toilet for the rest of your business career. 

So please listen closely.

I'm Anthony Tedd, UK's most inspiring business owner finalist, Forbes featured entrepreneur and leader of the small business revolution, where we make big changes to small business. 

So why has nobody has brought this to the attention of small business owners before?

Well the reasons are slightly technical and the consequences are rather legal but the solution is fortunately, quite simple. 

We're talking about what's known as clickfraud. 

How does it happen?

Some is by accident. Mobile ad formats place ads in places where people click the most. This results in accidental clicks (which can be detected and prevented with the right software, but obviously this doesn't benefit the ad platforms and they want you to know).

Some is by your competitors. If your budget is £10 a day, or £300 per month, with an average of £2 a click, your rival can demolish your daily ads in under 5 minutes, even if they are 'harmlessly' snooping on you at lunchtime. You lose new customers every day.

Some is those damn cold callers. They don't care where they click or that you're paying for their laziness.

But more of it is bots. (there's more technical info about that on this page which you can below as well).

Why Don't The Platforms Stop This?

Imagine you were the CEO of a publicly traded company.

Stopping click fraud would cut your revenue by roughly 20% instantly.

What would happen to your share price and therefore your job overnight? 

Big ad platforms will never choose to cut their revenue by such huge amounts.

Should You Blame Them? 

Would you offer $3,000,000,000 billion a year back?

The average small business ad account spends $10,000 dollars a year on PPC.

Wouldn't they ask questions about the thousands of $$$$s they've spent with you in the past?

It would be the worlds biggest ever law suit.

Which is why click fraud isn't illegal.

It's only deemed immoral.

Should You Blame The Government? 

The tax on the $15,000,000,000 billion dollar a year ppc industry a year isn't chump change to the treasury- Just sayin'.

They are not going to jump up and support you anytime soon.

So can you can see why they don't want you knowing this stuff? 

It's complicated isn't it. 

But we make business success simple at The Small Business Revolution

The Solution

Click fraud is being stopped 1 Google ad account at a time. And yours can be next. 

Even if you only spend £20 per day on ads, the fast, simple solution would typically create an extra £120 in ad revenue for you every month, starting today, guaranteed. 

And the solution only costs a fraction of what it saves you each month when you know where to look. 

It's free money and it's one of the best investments you'll ever make as an entrepreneur.

It's essential for serious entrepreneurs and a no brainer for regular PPC users.

Learn more about the solution, how little it costs, how much more it saves you and how it's guaranteed here

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