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20% of every PPC budget is wasted everyday and no one is incentivised to stop it...

Beat the


How Does It Happen?

Some is by Accident...

Mobile ad formats place ads in places where people click the most. This results in accidental clicks (which we detect and prevent).

No Finger Shaming!

Some is Human Nature...

Competitors Drain Your Budget

If your budget is £10 a day, or £300 per month, with an average of £2 a click, your rival can demolish your daily ads in under 5 minutes. Even if they are 'harmlessly' snooping at lunchtime, you lose new customers every day.

Dirty Tactics

Lazy Marketers Click Your Ads

Cold callers don't care where they click or that you're paying for their laziness.

Pesky Marketers

But More Advanced Issues Are Mainly To Blame...

Bots Are Everywhere

Bots inject malware onto a computer that repeatedly clicks on your ads in the background..

Bad Bots

Click Farms

Click farms use workers in poor countries to click on ads all day using techniques that appear as if they’re coming from different users.

Click Farms are Big Business

Display Ad Bandits

Display Network 'Publishers' load their pages with tiny 1×1 iframes or stack ads on top of one another to increase their earnings from the Google ad sense platform (they get paid per impression but nobody even sees your ad)


Why Don't The Platforms Stop This?

Imagine you were the CEO of a publicly traded company.

Stopping click fraud would cut your revenue by roughly 20% instantly.

What would happen to your share price and therefore your job overnight? 

Big ad platforms will never choose to cut their revenue by such huge amounts.

Should You Blame Them? 

Would you offer $3,000,000,000 billion a year back?

The average small business ad account spends $10,000 dollars a year on PPC.

Wouldn't they ask questions about the thousands of $$$$s they've spent with you in the past?

It would be the worlds biggest ever law suit.

Which is why click fraud isn't illegal.

It's only deemed immoral.

Should You Blame The Government? 

The tax on the $15,000,000,000 billion dollar a year ppc industry a year isn't chump change to the treasury- Just sayin'.

They are not going to jump up and support you anytime soon.

You can see why they don't want you knowing this stuff? 

So we need to talk about how YOU can...

Stop Losing Money.

We stop click fraud 1 ad account at a time 

Even if you only spend £20 per day on ads, we would typically create typically create an extra £120 in ad revenue for you every month! 

And our service only costs a fraction of that each month. 

It's free money and it's one of the best investments you'll ever make

It's essential for serious entrepreneurs and a no brainer for regular PPC users

Claw Back 20% of Your Ad Spend Forever!

Our service pays for itself.

 And we'll prove it to you, every month...

Hi I'm Anthony,

We'll send you a full report every month to show you exactly how many extra free clicks you got from our service.

The more you spend with Google, the more free clicks you'll get. 

There's no contract and you can cancel anytime.

If you are not happy with the savings and free business opportunities created by using this service, you can get a full refund, no questions asked.

We want to see your business thrive and to be a big part of your continued success.  

This works extremely well, but you won't know that yet so please do check out my iron clad guarantee below

We don't want to tie you in to things that don't work for you.

30 Days Money Back Guarantee

Once you see your first report we are very confident that you'll be wondering why this service isn't more expensive but in any month, you can cancel and get a full refund for that month just by emailing us. We'll process your refund straight away

30 Days


Emma S


I just wish I knew about this sooner

"I haven't had to lift a finger and I can easily see the extra spend being created in my account. It's amazing and i wish started sooner. I can't believe how much money I've been wasting every year until now"

Reviews of the Service

This just works. Very simple and straight forward. It's like getting the VAT back on your ad spend

Phil Taylor


I now get more business for the same money. Thank you

Gill Landy


Everyone should be doing this. It has been the simplest and most cost effective way of increasing my client numbers. 

Aaron Mills

Personal Trainer

Reviews of the Company

What Are Your Other Options? 

Want to know who our competitors are?

Well you can count the number of providers of the type of service we offer on 1 hand.

Most Google ads experts don't even know what we do exists.

So we want to let you know who our competitors are so you can;

Start saving money today if you've got any ads running currently, or at least have something in place before you press go on your next ad.

Hopefully you'll feel in a good position to make an informed decision.

So here are the best 2 alternative companies that provide essentially exactly the same service as us.

First, the Market Leaders...

They were first to market, so are the biggest company with the most reviews.

Naturally they have the biggest overheads so they are the most expensive.

They are good.

And you can check out their website by clicking here

But there are cheaper options out there.

For context, the lowest priced provider who were the fastest growing and arguably best choice for a long period of time cut the market leaders price by 30%

Not an insignificant amount of money.

They are a solid lower cost alternative and you can check out their website by clicking here

But because of our commitment to providing the best no brainer solutions and support for small businesses available anywhere on the planet,

we have been providing, essentially the exact same service at a massive 43% lower cost. 

Why Are We The Cheapest In The Market? 

Because we can be.

This is just one of many awesome services for small business that we provide.

And because this isn't all that we do...

We can charge less for each of our services.

You win instantly and we win over the long term as you take more awesome services from us. 

Helping small businesses around the globe in a big way, is quite literally our core mission. 

Our Pricing Options

Google Ads Budget Extender


30 Day Rolling Agreement

See £49 one off set up fee details below

Please note that there is a one off £49 set up fee with any of these services. We will link your ad account to our software using Googles oAuth process and we will need to access the back end of your website to install some tracking code. We will do this all for you or help you with it live if you prefer for security. See the FAQ section for more detail. Whilst you can cancel and get a full refund on the main service, once this set up fee work is done, the fee is non refundable. (We have to do the same work again to remove it if you cancel but this will be at no cost to you). 

What Are You Waiting For? 

There's absolutely NO RISK with our 30-day Money Back Guarantee.


Can i see the Maths for a Typical User?

A £10 a day ad campaign is roughly £300 a month right?

Quite a low usage example for someone who is dipping their toe into paid ads.

Many more people spend around £450 a month , which is just £15 a day. 

But regardless of what you spend, just £200 with Google extends your budget by £40 and therefore makes our service pay for itself. 

But it wouldn't just be paying for itself even at that point.

Lets assume for that lowly £200 ad spend, your average cost per click is £2 (it's actually $2-$4 statistically).

We would have already rescued you around 20 clicks. Bonus.

So this service becomes much better than free. 

Let's say that conservatively, we only stop 10 fraudulent clicks this entire month instead of the average 20. 

And let's say that on average, only one of those 10 rescued clicks becomes a customer. 

This is 10 free clicks we're giving you remember.

Well how much money does one customer usually spend with you over the life of your business? 

That's pure profit from a customer you never would have got. 

They wouldn't have known you exist. 

The opportunity cost of not using our service is huge. 

People tend to spend a minimum of around £450 a month. 

So if we don't show you 10 blocked clicks per £450 monthly spend, you don't pay. 

If you spend more, you make more. These are absolute worst case figures. 

How Does The Guarantee Work?

If you don't feel that this service is delivering you a significant return on your ad spend and creating more opportunities in your business from the extra clicks, just email us on and we'll refund you for the entire month

How Do I Get Set Up?

We will need one off access to the back end of your website to set up your account. We can do this live on a call with you (or we can show you what you to do with a shared screen if you prefer it for security and peace of mind). We will record it for you regardless for your peace of mind to use as evidence if you feel we have harmed your system in any way.  If you prefer to trust us with your log ins, you can always watch us live and change them straight after. We will also need to link your PPC account to our platform. We will connect using Googles oAuth Process. Our platform is a registered Google partner. 

Anthony Tedd Business Mentor

Let Us Save You Money Today

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