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What People Are Saying?

testimonial Lucy

“My journal really helps me stay focussed”

"Before using it I had a lot of trouble prioritising but now I'm achieving more in a week than I used to in a month. I love the videos too, they keep me motivated and positive everyday. I'm finding that I'm generally feeling more relaxed and confident about things."

- Floral Boutique Owner
customer testimonial

“Really Impressed"

“Nice and simple and really helping me..."

- Online Entrepreneur
journal user

“Far superior to others"

“I've tried other journals and not got along with them. They required too much time taken out of the day and contained too much self help fluff and filler. This is unlike any other. It makes everything as simple as possible to stay on track with all the boxes we need to tick as busy people."

- Director at Leading Book Retailer

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Personal Success System Journal

Personal Success Made Simple


Anthony Tedd Reading Personal Success Journal

Hey there, I'm Anthony and I know that feeling of having too many tasks to fit in a day all too well.

I spin a few plates just like you probably do too I imagine?

When did you last feel that nice sense of total satisfaction at dinner time when you managed to tick everything off your to-do-list?

Those days are quite rare aren't they?  

There's usually no time left at the end of them to move forward with your bigger goals. 

So... at best, if we're honest with ourselves, we're simply treading water on those days.

Now don't get me wrong, occasionally you do get the odd day when everything does just work.

You manage to get around to working on that important thing that you know will change everything for you (if only you just did it regularly!)

(Remember that New Year's Goal you set your yourself that you know you deserve?!).

Yeh, that one!

Well imagine today is one of those killer days. You've crushed everything.

Everything you've touched has turned to gold.  

So you're finally taking a step forward on your big goal.

You've stopped treading water for a few hours.

You're more productive than an Amazon warehouse.

And it feels epic!

You go to bed with a smile on your face and can't wait to wake up in the morning and smash it out the park again.

7am comes round and you quickly check your email on your phone.

 You see 'THAT' person's name. 

What do 'THEY' want?

It's never anything positive with 'THEM' is it?

You don't want to open it but it's always something urgent.

 It's got the potential to flare up, but it's only smouldering right now so you jump on it...

You start firing off emails to dampen the flames before it gets out of hand.

You'll come back to that goal shortly you say...

But then 9am hits and 'THAT' phone call comes in. 

It's a full on fire that you've got to fight.

This time it's more serious.

It's a puts you 3 steps back...

You're now worse off than when you started.

It makes you question why you even bother doesn't it?

You ask yourself, why can't I just be happy with a nice normal 9 'til 5?

Why am I pushing for more?

We're all aware of the failure statistics - all that overwhelm, stress and even despair of not achieving the goals you set for yourself, eventually becomes too much for most anyway. 

We know that most people are forced to give up on their goals aren't they?


The dreams they had for themselves when they were young (that we all have) end up falling by the way side too.

It's year after year of frustration for people with nothing significantly changing in their lives.

It takes its toll. 

People get worn down.

We've all seen them. They're nice normal people just like you and me, but they've given up.

It happened gradually. They got worn down so much that they either forgot they ever had any dreams in the first place or pretend they didn't have any to begin with. 

I'll let you decide which is more tragic

Either way, the outcome is the same and it's horrible.

Because it's hard and almost impossible to admit to yourself, (never-mind other people as well) when you fail at achieving your goals.

And that failure happens every day. 

Because not many people achieve their dreams do they?

So few in fact, that we call them the 1%.

But what's more tragic is that those people that do achieve their dreams, those 1% that we look up to, are not special in any way shape or form.

You wouldn't think so though...

Everything you're shown in the media leads you to believe that anyone in the "Elusive and Exclusive 1%" is basically a superhuman.

 And the rest of us are mere mortals. We couldn't possibly do what they do could we?!

I also believed you had to be super human to get any decent results and achieve your goals and dreams. 

I tried so many different things to achieve even my early, very modest goals by the way. 

My first financial target was to achieve £12,000 in a year, just to cover my bills when I was out of a job at the start of the 2008 recession. 

I didn't even know what a recession was. I wasn't born when the previous one happened.

 I struggled for years, starting out with no money, no support and no clue.

Rather than bore you with the whole "woe-is-me story", which I'm sure you've heard before, it's actually detailed in a best selling book. 

Apparently it's quite inspiring- just read the 5 Star reviews on Amazon, Goodreads etc. 

I only realised my back story was quite unusual after the book was released.

I mentioned it to one of the guys I play football with. His name is Jack and he's an excellent centre midfielder . 

He ordered it and started to read the book on a Thursday, but when I saw him on the Friday afternoon for kick off, he told me that he found my start in life and the events that unfolded to be so tragic that he hadn't yet got to the chapter entitled...

 "The Secrets of Success" (which is the main point of the book).

Not much of a sales pitch from me is it?

Luckily, many others will tell you it is worth checking out for the secrets to success because they are literally life changing. 

It is a best seller and there are many 5 star reviews  on Amazon and Goodreads , so don't just go off Jacks initial experience! 

(Hi Jack mate, did you ever finish the book by the way?)

I'm not here to sell you the book you'll be pleased (and probably surprised) to hear...

In fact, I could arrange a free copy for you if you'd like?

It'll be my gift for taking the time and interest with me today.

I'll come back to that shortly but to cut a long story short...

Basically I was pretty desperate to get myself out of my (as Jack describes, apparently "tragic") situation.

So much so, that whenever I scraped some money together, I'd spend it on self improvement resources.

Firstly on self improvement books.

Then on CD audio courses.

Then eventually on specialist coaches for hundreds of pounds a month...

 and then when they became a thing...

 I went on to buy online courses for sometimes thousands of pounds ££££s. 

None of it worked in a comprehensive way. Life always got in the way.

It was one step forward, 3 steps back, (the all too familiar feeling) but through trial and error, and time, something quite remarkable eventually happened. 

Despite what the media says, overnight successes don't exist. There's no such thing. What happened to me was gradual and took over a decade. 

But as I write this, I still can't quite believe what resulted... 

I'll stick to the highlights, but please remember...

as good as all this may sound, I'm no super hero. 

You can absolutely replicate the kinds of things I'm about to disclose.

 And don't let anyone tell you that you can't because there's a pretty good chance I started out in a worse place than you did. 

And now there's a proven system to do it all rather than trial and error.  

No spending thousands of pounds ££££s and wasting years of your life.

I'm not talking how to change your life overnight. That doesn't exist remember.

There's no such thing as an overnight success. 

But it will give you a steady and sure way to get the results you want finally. 


And you can actually do it in just 5 minutes each morning and night. 

Sounds pretty unbelievable doesn't it...Tell me about it!


I still can't believe what I'm about to copy and paste from some heavy hitting global media outlets... 


I've been interviewed by Forbes and many other online publications.

But Forbes is the big one and the one I'm most proud of.

At speaking engagements I'm introduced as...

an award winning business owner...


UK's "Most Inspiring Business Owner" Finalist...

and Best Selling author in my field.

How To Succeed Today Video Book

I've even delivered keynote presentations for UK Government Institutions

but really all I do is...

I help ambitious professional people just like you, to achieve your goals 

How do I it?

A few ways, so there's something for everyone.

Like with my daily video mentoring service for example.

It gives you the the knowledge and wisdom of over 50 of the best leading books in self improvement, goal setting, motivation, productivity (getting stuff done) in just one minute a day.

It keeps you motivated and inspired when life gets tough and you inevitably stumble in your goal achievement. It happens. 

Nobody owns success. You rent it everyday. 

I can give you free access to my daily video mentoring as well by the way.


Because in addition to the free best selling book containing all the secrets to success, the daily video mentoring service is there to ensure you don't forget the lessons the book teaches.

You get it free when you buy the book.

But you're not even buying the book are you?

 So why am I giving you the book for free as well and helping you everyday via video for free?

Am I crazy?

Well it's a logical consideration. Some people do think I am crazy for doing what I've done and the mission I started.  

But I'm just very fortunate and very grateful to be in a position to help people and share some little known truths about personal success that really make a difference to people's lives. 

Like this one... 

Have you ever heard that 'Knowledge is Power'?

Well I have learned that knowledge isn't power in the internet age.

Sure people are happily selling you 'expert' information all over the internet for big money, (and I've bought a lot of the best stuff) but it simply isn't helping people. 

We've actually got too much information. 

What busy ambitious people really need is results.

And results only come from action.

Knowledge in itself is not power anymore 

(but nobody tells you that do they- they just want you to buy more knowledge from them)

The truth is...

Acting on knowledge is power in a modern world.

So I only focus on helping people get results and taking action that moves them swiftly and simply towards their goals and dreams.


And it doesn't require will power. It just uses a system. 

A system that was developed over a decade and is already already helping lots of other people just like you.

It's a proven system to consistently achieve success in all you do. 

Work, relationships, health, wealth, goals, motivation, leadership.

It ensures you take action. So it ensures you get results.

It's based on scientific research of personal productivity and psychological study. 

It's unique and unavailable anywhere else.

It is also based on all the leading literature from the last century of self improvement and personal development.

There's are simple, subtle structure based on all the resources I spent thousands on over the years. 


It's the

 Personal Success Journal™ 

and it works.


It comes with a 100% money back guarantee if you don't see results within 30 days

personal success system journal

There's nothing to lose and everything to gain.

It's a step by step personal success guide that only needs 5 minutes of your morning and evening.


It's the cheapest way I can share the secrets to success and some additional never before revealed success truths with you.

They are different to what you are told everywhere else.

They will allow you to achieve more in less time guaranteed. 

or you just get a refund and keep your valuable bonuses.

To ensure I stick to my mission of transforming peoples lives and hit my goal of helping at least one more person today...

There's a couple of bonuses...

 as mentioned, I'd like to give you the best selling book that contains the secrets to success (plus my full story, mission and why I do what I do)... 

plus the daily video mentoring service so I can ensure you keep progressing personally for as long as you need it.

They are both free today when you grab my Personal Success Journal today.

I also help people transition into becoming entrepreneurs if you are interested in doing that at any point. 

There are actually lot of skills I teach, but it all starts with the personal success system. 

You can use it in everything you do. 

You can't rely on willpower any longer. You just need a system...

"You don't rise to your goals. You fall to the level of your systems"

James Clear- Atomic Habits

You Need a Personal System like the Top 1% of High Achievers


What Does Thoughts, Words, Action Mean?

It means things are going to change for you.

Life changing results can't be explained in one page.

There are mini activities to do amongst things.

There's well over 300 pages to keep you achieving your goals for an entire year.

Things won't ever be the same when you have this personal success journal. 

If you can't attribute changes to your lifestyle from trying this for 30 days, you can have your money back.

It's premium quality.

British manufactured- printing and binding in the UK.

A soft touch leather print cover.

Simple, elegant, timeless style. 

and keep your bonuses if you change your mind...

Bonus 1   

small business success book

Bonus 2  

Succeed Today Business Mentoring

30 Days

Money Back Guarantee

If, for any reason, you don't like this amazing journal, you can get a full refund anytime within 30 days after your purchase. 

My journal really helps me stay focused. Before using it I had a lot of trouble prioritising but now I'm achieving more in a week than I used to in a month. I love the videos too, they keep me motivated and positive everyday. I'm finding that I'm generally feeling more relaxed and confident about things..


Really impressed so far. Nice and simple and really helping me with my personal and business goals.


Buy the Journal Now

and get an exclusive 50% discount on the limited edition matching professionals pen.

UK shipping is £4.95 just so you know. The journal is chunky!

The Overview

Finally gain the inspiration, motivation, accountability, discipline, and resilience you need to achieve all your goals.

 In under 10 minutes a day.
Created by the author of the #1 Amazon Bestseller 'How To Succeed Today'

Great Britain's  'Most Inspiring Business Owner' finalist.
An all-round companion guide and journal for monitoring and maximising your personal and professional goals.

 Includes physiological and psychological wellness and wellbeing.

The simplest and most efficient daily system for goal setting and achievement available.
From novice goal setters to high-level achievers, the simplicity and inspirational nature of this unique system for success will keep you performing at your best for longer every day.
Covers every working day of the year with daily motivational maxims and quotes plus regular reviews.
Unique and exclusive, rapid, powerful techniques designed to never let your aspirations or goals slip through your fingers again.

3 resources in 1 - an inspiring book, activity checker and daily journal.
Succeed by default and discover the discipline you never knew you had.
Never be without this trusted companion or miss your opportunity to start implementing the awesome success hacks revealed exclusively inside.
Create your own collection of journals detailing your personal achievements along with unique daily wisdom and experience to pass on to your family.
Grab an updated version every year and watch your future transform, one day at time.

Quick, simple and inexpensive.

A must have personal success companion

Your productivity and personal results will never be the same again.

Don't Miss out on this Life Changing Resource Today

The quickest, simplest and most permanent way to finally achieve the results you deserve and be the high achiever you know you can be.


100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Secure Payment

What People Are Saying About Their Journal

testimonial Lucy

“My journal really helps me stay focussed”

"Before using it I had a lot of trouble prioritising but now I'm achieving more in a week than I used to in a month. I love the videos too, they keep me motivated and positive everyday. I'm finding that I'm generally feeling more relaxed and confident about things."

- Floral Boutique Owner
customer testimonial

“Really Impressed"

“Nice and simple and really helping me..."

- Online Entrepreneur
journal user

“Far superior to others"

“I've tried other journals and not got along with them. They required too much time taken out of the day and contained too much self help fluff and filler. This is unlike any other. It makes everything as simple as possible to stay on track with all the boxes we need to tick as busy business people."

- Director at Leading Book Retailer
Anthony Tedd

Creator of The Personal Success Journal

About Anthony

Helping others achieve time and financial freedom is central to Anthony's personal mission.

He transforms the lifestyles of other professionals in many different ways. 

His daily mentoring videos are a great free way to compliment your journal.

Your journal will pay for itself many times over


100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Secure Payment

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee. If you don't get improvements in your results after 30 days using the journal, just let us know and we'll send you a prompt refund.

You can keep any bonuses you receive with your order as well.

Anthony Tedd Logo

Frequently Asked Questions

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What if i'm not happy?

Who is it best for?

Do I have to pay return shipping if i'm not not happy?

P.S.: It doesn't matter how much you're learning. If you are not putting it into action every day, you'll never get any sustained results. 

Every day you don't act, it gets disproportionally harder to achieve the same objective.

Success is attracted to speed.

The most successful people make quick decisions. 

There's no risk, nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Get the best personal success journal now...


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