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For Entrepreneurs Only…

Does This Sound Familiar?

The day-to-day reality for small business owners commonly includes…

Never-ending To-Do lists

Constant Distractions

Limited time to enjoy profits

A gradual de-prioritisation of family time and personal health

And sadly, this only increases for most entrepreneurs as their business grows.

Anthony Tedd .com

Hi, I’m Anthony Tedd and I know those feelings all too well as a fellow entrepreneur.

Fortunately, you can finally say goodbye to them.

Forever… Because

I help small business owners transform their businesses and lifestyles in the simplest and fastest of ways possible.

Do You Use A Proven Sucess System?

Like. the top 1% of entrepreneurs on the planet?

It’s well documented in leading business publications like Forbes that most small businesses follow a similar journey.

Daniel Priestley, Forbes Contributor, and Best-Selling Author says…

Forbes Magazine

“The entrepreneurial journey is more predictable than people think… business owners swing between stress and boredom, often feeling lost and unable to see a way to break the cycle.”

As entrepreneurs, we all like to think we’re super unique.

Only 10% of the population start a business after all. 

We tend to feel that nobody understands the variety of challenges we’re facing on a daily basis. 

I felt the same way.

I simply had no idea that I was on the exact same journey as lots of other entrepreneurs.

Until I read the best-selling business book of all time…

It tells you everything you shouldn’t do in business.

And it turned out that I did most of it! 

I was Destined for Failure Like 90% of Entrepreneurs

I ticked all the boxes for business failure cannon fodder.

Fell into business by accident (during a recession)

No experience, no money, no connections and no clue

Nobody I knew well owned a business, so I couldn’t ask anyone for any advice.

I’ll be fine I thought…

It was only going to be a short-term solution to the lack of jobs available at the start of the 2008 crash.

I only needed to ride it out for 12 months whilst I found a new job but no one knew that the financial crash would turn into the worst recession in 70 years.

It lasted way longer than anyone thought.

We kept thinking it will end soon, (a bit like the coronavirus pandemic).

So, unfortunately, I didn’t read any key business books in the early years.

And I moved back home with my mom.

My goal for that first year was just 12,000 pounds to keep “the wolves from the door” as they say.

I hit that small goal, and the next goal became 50,000 per annum.

Then it became 100,000 pounds per annum.

Then it became…

Well, you can find out how far I went and how quickly it happened for me in a best-selling book…

I can give you access for free as I need to keep this brief because this is about you…

To Cut A Long Story Short…

Fast forward and in place of that clueless newbie emerged…

Best Selling Author in small business and entrepreneurship

Multi-award-winning business owner

small business award
UK most inspiring business owner finalist

and Forbes featured business coach

How does this happen for some and not all Entrepreneurs?

For me, it was good old-fashioned trial error and challenges.

But it doesn’t need to be that way for you.

Along the way, I learned that our business needs systems in order to succeed.

And more importantly behind every business, the entrepreneur building, it needs a system in their busy life or it will all get on top of them.

Every Day an Entrepreneur Juggles



customer service,







Plus lots of extra stuff not included in that list that you might easily add for your business.

How Sustainable is All That?

It’s not sustainable at all and it makes it really easy to forget why you started your business in the first place.

Remember that balanced family lifestyle you promised yourself you’d deliver?

And the one that you promised your partner and your family?

Fewer working hours,

more holidays,

no weekends or evenings.

When is that lifestyle change going to happen?

The weight of the world is on an entrepreneur’s shoulders…

staff suppliers, customers, health, wealth, family, hobbies, recessions, pandemics.

It’s a really tough balancing act.

So we can’t blame business owners for quitting.

We know that most people ultimately will. They will join the failure statistics.

small business survival rates

But please allow me to speak openly with you as an entrepreneur because we don’t have time for BS.

(We need results in the shortest amount of time).

Why Do So Many Entrepreneurs Fail?

When we cut through the excuses we hear from everyone except the most successful entrepreneurs…

The real reason businesses fail is one thing. It’s…

Owner Burnout

So how do we stop you from burning out and ending up like 90% of entrepreneurs?

The answer is simple.

A Simple Quick and Effective System

Social Profile Pic

A system you can put in action within five minutes in the morning and five minutes last thing at night.

The type of system you build a four-hour workweek on…

Something unavailable anywhere else.

Get A Proven System

One that is built on the knowledge of hundreds of leading business texts distilled and bound into simple daily tasks.

It’s a personal success system in its simplest form.

Summary Of The Journal

It’s designed for the busiest most ambitious entrepreneurs.

Know the most critical tasks you must do every day.

know for sure when your next goal is going to be hit.

Never feel overwhelmed again.

Obtain a system that allows you to wake up with a spring in your step and go to sleep with a calm rested mind every day.

Put your success on autopilot.

Build successful habits effortlessly.

Discover the deep psychological reasons that you are really building your business.

Forge your unshakable will.

Sustain the resilience attitude and character that are needed to succeed as an entrepreneur.

Goal Setting

It is a premium quality British manufacturing printed and bound in the UK.

A soft-touch leather effect print cover.

Suitable for vegans.

Simple, elegant, timeless style.

There are well over 300 pages to keep you achieving your goals for an entire year.

You can create your own collection for each year of your life to pass on to your family.

Grab yours by clicking here now

100% Money Back Guarantee

Journal Guarantee

Things won’t ever be the same when you have this journal for entrepreneurs.

If you can’t attribute changes in your business and lifestyle from trying this for 30 days, you can have your money back.

What’s Unique About This Journal

Finally gain the inspiration motivation, accountability, discipline and resilience you need to achieve all your goals in under 10 minutes a day.

Created by the author of the number one Amazon bestseller in the small business and entrepreneurship category.

Great Britain’s National Entrepreneur Awards most inspiring business owner finalist.

This journal is an all-round companion guide for monitoring maximising your personal and professional goals.

It includes physiological and psychological wellness and wellbeing for entrepreneurs.

It’s the simplest, most efficient daily system for goal setting and achievement available.

For novice goal setters to high-level achievers.

The simplicity and inspirational nature of this unique system for success will keep you performing at your best for longer every day.

It covers every working day of the year with daily motivational maxims and quotes plus regular reviews.

Unique and exclusive, rapid, powerful techniques designed to never let your aspirations or goals slip through your fingers again.

It’s three resources in one- An inspiring book, daily activity monitor and daily journal.

Succeed by default and discover the discipline you never knew you had.

Never be without this trusted companion or miss your opportunity to start implementing the awesome success hacks revealed exclusively inside.

Create your own collection of journals detailing your personal achievements along with unique daily wisdom and experience to pass on to your family.

Grab an updated version every year and watch your future transform one day at a time. quick, simple and inexpensive.

A must-have for every entrepreneur.

Your productivity and personal results will never be the same again.

The quickest, simplest, and most permanent way to finally achieve the results you deserve.

Become the entrepreneur you know you can be finally.

Female entrepreneur holding journal
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100% Guarantee

If for any reason you don’t like this amazing journal, you can get a full refund anytime within 30 days after your purchase.

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