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Personal Development

Problems with the Personal Development Industry

Personal development has rapidly grown into a multi-billion dollar industry. Approximately 50 Billion USD per annum according to leading market research.

It has also grown proportionately in complexity at the same time.

Ambitious consumers have gravitated towards increasingly complex solutions in order to satiate their desire to achieve more in less time.

In turn, the industry has happily obliged with more complex solutions commanding higher prices.

This has facilitated the rapid growth which shows no signs of stopping.

Personal Development Industry Growth statistics

But what does this complexity mean for ambitious people attempting to transform their lifestyles quickly and simply?

Personal Development Courses are Expensive

You’ll find no shortage of people who have invested $1000 USD upwards on personal development courses only to find things don’t change for them.

There are increasingly more esoteric, intangible, and unquantifiable approaches to personal development becoming very prevalent in western culture.

This is not an efficient or sustainable approach for busy individuals.

Ambitious people need results.

Personal Development Results

You need to keep 3 key areas in your mind.

Your goals, your productivity and your results.

Anything else is entertainment, procrastination and a distraction.

Within those 3 key areas you’ll need to be conscious of maintaining your health, wealth and relationships (which includes leadership).


Personal Development Goals

In order for a goal to be attained, it needs a plan with action steps.

A goal without a plan is a dream.

It won’t become real.

A goal needs to be crystal clear and broken down into the tiniest of steps to make it is as simple and as easy as possible.

Achieving Goals

Focus on each tiny step instead of the big goal.

Set daily activities to ensure you hit your overall goal.

Don’t let anything get in the way of that daily activity.

Do it before the rest of the world is awake if you have to.

The personal development process can be simplified into 10 minutes a day using proven systems like this…

Goal Setting for personal development
Journal For Entrepreneurs

You can alternatively produce your own success system using this free training on the personal success system with free downloads.


Personal Development Quote

We all know what we should be doing every day, yet we don’t do it.

It’s not a question of knowledge. It’s a question of action.

Action is the real measure of a person’s intelligence.

Learning how to be productive and not get distracted is crucial to your personal development.

Stopping distractions and procrastination is much easier when you have a plan laid out.

Without planning where you want to get to, you’ll quickly end up being part of someone else’s plan.

Whatever you’re doing in life, someone is trying to get you to do something for them.

Personal Development Productivity tips

Watch this, read that, reply to me, answer my call, do you have a minute?

Your customers, your staff, your family and friends will all pull at you at any time of the day.

Your answer to their uninvited or untimely solicitation on your valuable time should be wholly dependent on your schedule.

Put your ‘outgoing communications’ in a 45-minute window on your daily schedule. Reply to all those queries in that time slot only.

Personal development hack- Time Chunking

Time chunking all your similar tasks is crucial to success.

Multi-tasking is a myth and what is actually occurring in your brain is a process of task switching- see this study by NASA.

Nasa has proven it decreases your results hugely.

Notifications on all your devices including laptops, tablets, phones are designed to pull your attention away from the task you’re on.

Your attention is very valuable. You’re part of their plan. Turn off all notifications on your devices now.

Your attention and time are crucial to your results. Be more strict with your time than you are with money.

Personal Development Tools

Personal Development Tools

Anthony Tedd.com is home to a powerful, free personal development tool.

It focuses on delivering you sustainable long-term results and delivers them in a manageable way.

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If your health, wealth, and relationships are not optimal, your business won’t be.

A business is a reflection of the entrepreneur.

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