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Do you know someone who owns a business?

Have you ever asked them how it’s going?

Did they ever mention a problem they were having at the time?

Or should I say, when are they ever not complaining about their business?

Imagine sending them a link to a product that could instantly solve their issue.

How good would that make you feel?

And imagine if, in exchange for sending them that link and them buying a product that will help them, you automatically got anywhere between £40 and £139 just for sending them the link as a thank you from me.

That’s what you call a win-win.

And they’ll never even know that you got paid for helping them unless you tell them.

But here’s where it gets really juicy.

£40 per link isn’t too shabby so let’s not forget that but check this out…

When you send someone a link to one of my courses, 20% of people who buy one course from me, actually end up buying all my courses almost instantly from my insane back end upsell which enables my affiliates (that’s what you’ll be) to earn more, faster. The special offer helps business owners even more for less with a no-brainer of a deal for them.

And even though I’ve done all the legwork work, because you recommended me to them, I’m going to give you the additional 20% of that too.

So I’ll turn that £40 commission into £139 instantly. That happens 20% of the time on average.

So now, what about 80% of the time when people don’t buy the special offer. Well, you’ve still got your £40 remember which isn’t too shabby for sending a link and helping a mate…

But now imagine if I encouraged all the people who didn’t take that special offer to get some coaching with me.

They’ll pay a fixed amount each month for that and there are different levels of spend and some of it is front-loaded so it’s another quick cash injection for you.

But the technicalities of their payment plans you don’t have to worry about because the software that tracks your referrals and income is state of the art. It costs hundreds of pounds in itself and ensures you get paid what you’re owed.

The more important thing is the regular, repeat income from coaching clients and site members.

What if every month I worked with that person you referred on that coaching product for example, helping solve all their business problems, I gave you 20% of everything they spend with me directly into your bank account for as long as they are customers of mine?

Wouldn’t that be crazy?

That’s an ongoing 20% commission into your bank account for doing nothing.

It’s like royalty payments for a rock star.

There’s nothing to lose and everything to gain.

You’ll never earn money in such a scalable, simple way and you’ll be doing an awesome service to the people you recommend me to.

Sign up quickly and easily for the products that you think will be best for the people you know.

I encourage you to sign up for them all so you don’t miss any opportunities in any conversation.

As I release new products I’ll let you know automatically so you can keep earning more money, more simply, faster.

I look forward to sharing 20% of the revenue of your new business referrals with you forever.

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  1. Business Skill Mastery Programme
  2. Secrets to Success Programme
  3. Private Coaching
  4. PPC Budget Protector Service
  5. Facebook Ads Course
  6. Webinar Course
  7. On-Page SEO Course
  8. Off-Page SEO Course
  9. Publish Book Course

8.Email Automation Course

9. Copy Writing Course

10. Paid Ads Set Up Course

11. Image Creation Course

12. Google Ads Course

13. Ultimate Business Course

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