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Are Google My Business Reviews Worth It?

97% of people read reviews prior to an online purchase. 

Amazon changed our behaviour and made reviews essential, making social proof almost mandatory for certain types of products before we make a purchase.

Not all reviews are created equal. Some reviews that touch on specific buyer psychology will be more impactful in moving a browser who’s not yet ready to buy, (because they need more information), further along, the buying cycle towards making a purchase. 

Reviews alone often help with overcoming the typical repeat sales objections that you receive. But because you (biased as part of the business) are not the one countering an objection, it doesn’t come across as sales-craft and produces an extra sale all on its own.

How Many of My Google Business Reviews Do I Need?

10 recent reviews will generally mean that a prospective buyer will seek no further confirmation and go ahead and make the purchase. 

10 good Google Business reviews basically equate to trust. 

They need to be via an independent and reputable platform, however. 

You can’t just write them on your website as testimonials because people know these can be fabricated.  

You should however replicate online reviews on your website as testimonials. A photo with the name and location of the reviewer is the most powerful and brings it to life.

Once you’ve got your magical 10, you should then (depending on what your competitors are doing) have at least 4 for every year you have been in business. That would be the minimum for a service-based business but you really can’t have too many. 

How do I get Google My Business reviews effortlessly?

Most businesses don’t have enough reviews because they are too busy finding new customers and serving them to focus on customer review collection. But what if it took no ongoing effort? We don’t just want to get a lot of reviews, we want to get them on autopilot so we maximise our review numbers and get consistent new reviews without spending any time on it. 

Send Your Google My Business Review Link Automatically

Use a free piece of software. It’s the one that I use personally and I’ve tried all the biggest ones on the market. 

I can also show you to do this on video, plus automate a lot more of your business processes to grow your business on autopilot.

You copy me click by click on video in my email automation course. The things I’ll show you will prevent you from needing admin staff so the course will pay for itself within a week and go on to save you hundreds of thousands of pounds. I know plenty of businesses that do exactly what I do with dozens of staff, where I have automation in place instead.

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Never Have To Ask For Google My Business Reviews Again

If you want to collect Google Business Reviews without copying me on screen, then the text-based instructions are further down this page. 

If you do want to see exactly how I get my google business reviews on autopilot, the software we’d be using on-screen is the simplest on the market.

I’ll be helping you of course, but if you get stuck, you can always reach out to the excellent support team, who have telephone support, unlike most of their competitors.

I can also give you the downloads of the time-proven templates I use to get the most reviews using automated follow-up emails at specific times within my resources section. 

Get Google My Business Reviews on Autopilot for Free Now

You can copy Anthony Click by Click on video and Get the Email Templates by Joining now.

You’ll be finished in under 20 minutes.

Alternatively, you can do it yourself following these instructions…

Free Google Review Automation Software

Create a free account using this software- Click Here

Create a new campaign (campaigns are different to broadcasts).

Call it ‘automated reviews’

Leave the trigger as ‘upon subscribe’.

Subscribe just means the point in time when the person’s email was added. 

That can be done via your website or you can add an email manually (using a mobile app which we’ll download later).

Add a time delay before the first message goes out. Fit that delay with your service delivery times.

For example, if you post a product out the same day, set the time delay for 3 days after subscribe giving the post time to arrive, (day 1), the customer opening it and using it day 2-3 and whilst they are still excited about the purchase and it’s fresh in their mind, you make the review request.

Google My Business Reviews for Manual Service Businesses

Or if you do manual service, rather than send a product, you won’t need any time delay because you’ll typically only subscribe someone after you’ve completed the work.

Similarly, if you already have a list of served customers who you want to blast all at the same time to get a review from, you can upload a whole list to ‘subscribe’ them so you don’t need a delay. 

Click to add the first email to the sequence

You have to think along the lines of giving people a compelling and irresistible reason to do anything in life…

Email 1…(copy and paste template inside the course)

Subject line ‘Bonus for (first name personalisation) – the software does this automatically under the personalisation dropdown.

Personalise the Review Collection Process

People are always more responsive when you use their names. It’s an ego stroke. You should also set your ‘from name’ as a personal name too as people are more responsive to individuals than company personas. People buy people. Small businesses make the mistake of trying to look big. Big companies try to make things more personal. Personal relationships are your competitive advantage as a small business.

Copy and paste my template download (available in members area)…

Hi (first name personalisation)

I know you’re most likely super busy so I’ll be quick and hope to make this message worth your time. 

As a small business, your feedback is critical to our success and I’m not just saying that.

 Every day, I hope everything is working as I intend it to but I often don’t know for sure. Knowing for sure is so important because if we get things wrong, I can put it right quickly for you.

So if you could quickly click to score us and share 3 things, it will either mean we can learn how to be better or if we get things right, your review help us grow and mean we can deliver more value to you and others. 

So because your feedback today will lead to better things for you and other customers old and new, if you’d be so kind as to click a number rating and share 3 sentences about your experience, I’d like to show my appreciation by giving you…

Give Your Customers an Irrisitable Reason to Review You

(insert low-cost thing to you and high-value thing to the client. You can use this as an offer for them to do business again)

(examples inside course)

Plus the star rating method and how to set up the automation for the various star ratings.

Get the Chance to change your customer’s experience before a less than perfect review

Copy the star rating system from the course video and add the automation when they click each star rating

tag when click link ‘positive review’ and ‘negative review’

Now create new campaign call it ‘negative review’

 Set trigger as tag ‘negative review’ with a 15-minute delay first message

Hi (First name personalisation)

I just wanted to personally say thank you for bringing your experience to my attention and I sincerely apologise for it being less than perfect so far. I take your feedback very seriously and will do everything I can to address these issues. I’ll get working on making things right this end and will be in touch as needed. If there’s anything else I can do in the meantime please let me know by return email. 

Speak soon

(This gives you time to see the email and decide how to act). Change it as you want/ update customers as you want.

Add an email if required for bonus delivery/ information.

Repeat a new campaign for ‘positive review’ tag automation.

Full copy click by click for the positive review automation shown inside the course.

Get Google My Business Reviews on the Go

Download the mobile app. Now you can type the email address of every new subscriber and you’re systematically generating new reviews for free.

You wouldn’t even need to type any emails in if you link your account to your website of course. It’s simple to automate the whole customer journey from new enquiries through to sale and follow-up. 

Congratulations on automating your review collection today

If you haven’t implemented your new automation fully by the time you’ve got to here, don’t waste any more time.

It could already be done by clicking along with me on video and copy and pasting the templates. Just watch the video in the members’ area now.

Your mind will be blown by what you can do. It’s not just about My Google Business reviews automation.  You can do the work once and get paid over and over in your business for lots of things. Check out my email automation course or my coaching products to essentially get your life back or reduce your requirements for staff. You might even prepare to go into semi-retirement decades sooner than you thought possible.

You’ll find so much more in the member’s area that is super fast to implement as well.

Plus you’ll get secret bonuses and support from me via email

I look forward to seeing what you want to achieve next. 

Reach out if you want help with where to go next.

There isn’t much my courses or coaching don’t cover. 

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