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How valuable is email marketing to small business owners


On average, how much more 





 do you think it takes you to get a new customer to buy your service or product

when compared to getting an existing customer to do the same?

 Do you think it is...

 Twice as hard?

 Takes Three times longer?

 Costs Four times as much money?

 Hell No. 

 It actually takes 5 x more of all of them.

You heard that right, 5 x more time, effort and money,

 just to get one new customer. 

 Crazy right. 

 And what's even crazier is...

  You can actually get every new customer you acquire from here in

with zero ongoing effort and zero extra cost on your part...

to spend more money with you on autopilot, forever more.

Sounds too good to be true right?

But it isn't. 

 You can double your expected revenue for the next year overnight.

 Honestly, whatever your product or service is, this is completely doable to have in place within 24 hours.

And it is entirely free for up to 500 customers and it's then an insignificant cost as your business grows.

 All you do is pop any customer email address into an app on your phone, and away it goes. 

 You could even put all your old customers into it, all in one go and see what happens

(but only do it if you can handle all the new work).

 All you do is create a free account with this email marketing tool.

Now you can probably figure it all out on your own for your business because...

all the business tools we recommend at are very simple to use, but...

 I can help you out a bit more, entirely for free if you'd like.

Are you ready?...

Just become a member at Anthony today and you'll have access to a whole resource area where I can unlock...

a free training course, where you can copy the entire set up click by click in under 30 minutes.

And if you check out the email I send to you once you're a member, and...

you happen to tell me what type of business you have, or just send me a link to your website/ social page, then...

I might just...

 Give you some personal tips on how to set up a recurring revenue offering in your business using this tool. 

 And when you've got that set up, most businesses can stop needing to find new customers after 1 year of trading. 

 (and for many, it's within just weeks, depending on their type of business and how big they want to grow)

 Imagine never having to pay to advertise for new business again?

It's completely possible with just this tool...

Or join Anthony today and I'll walk you through the account set up, for free, step by step and show you how to create your first automation. 

That's how business owners work less and earn more with the Small Business Revolution here at Anthony 

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