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How to use WordPress as a Website Builder

how to use wordpress as a website builder

WordPress is the most popular website publishing tool on the planet. It is also one of the simplest.

Millions of people use WordPress to create their websites and this includes many top brands. From small businesses to large corporations, WordPress is their first choice.

But please note that there is a difference between (the paid version) and (the open source free version). is the platform that most of the internet is built upon, not

Around half of the websites on the entire internet are built on it.

Most of the web developers in the world know how to use wordpress, so having it as the platform for your business website means that costs for labour on your website are kept low, and you can even just do all of the work yourself.

WordPress also has one of the most active and helpful communities in the world and because of its masive popularity, pretty much everything is built to integrate with wordpress.

Whilst you can build your entire site for free, you will still need to pay your ‘internet lease’ (so to speak) to the big boy internet in the form of what’s called ‘hosting’. 

Hosting is explained in more detail in our free website builder course inside our members area along with other associated website-related costs. 

website course free
Learn more about this free wordpress website builder course

The best hosting services have dedicated wordpress packages available included in their prices. At Anthony we live and breathe small business and we only ever recommend one service in any category of business essential. That’s because we only recommend what we buy ourselves and what we’re currently using. We constantly update our recommended small business solutions as better deals naturally come out over time to keep our members constantly ahead of their competition. 

Our recommended host is detailed here but in our free wordpress website builder tutorial, we will show you on video the precise package, options, and settings you should use to get the best value for money and an optimised wordpress website for your business.  

WordPress Website Builder Tutorial

We will show you step-by-step on video, how to build a wordpress website and save thousands of pounds in developer fees. We will cover the basics of creating a website with WordPress, from registering a domain name to installing the WordPress software to adding content to your website.

If you want to check whether your ideal domain has been taken yet click here

Do I need a Page Builder for WordPress?

You will hear many people talk about page builders in wordpress.

WordPress has its own version of a page builder called ‘gutenberg’. It keeps getting better and better and introducing more drag and drop and beginner-friendly no-code functionality.

You can absolutely design a website without a third party page builder in wordpress, using only gutenberg.

The reason a lot of people use third-party paid page builders, the most well-known (due to the YouTube marketers) being elementor, beaver and divi to name a few, is because they allow faster, more design focused website building without the need to code.

They also offer extensive tutorials and support in one place because you are paying for them. They are ideal for new website owners with no coding skills who are in a hurry to get their website live and for whom cutting edge design is important.

The problem is that most wordpress website page builders upsell you for additional fucntionality like does. (but not

In terms of value for money and speed of building a site, the best third-party page builder is not actually really very well known. It only has around 20,000 users at time of last checking but it’s an up-and-comer and a real market disruptor which is what we like here at Anthony

It has far more functionality than all the other wordpress page builders and the support is far superior. It has lots of conversion focussed functionalty that you pay a fortune for elsewhere or simply can’t get (which is the stuff that pulls in customers for your business which is what really counts).

It’s also the easiest to use and has full video training for every single aspect of the software. You really can’t go wrong with it.

You can get the best value for money WordPress page builder here

But better than that, in our free website builder course for new members of Anthony, we’ll show you how to set everything up from start to finish so you can build your new website the right way, for free, in the fastest possible way.

Click here to learn more about the course or jump straight in for free…

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What about WordPress Page Builder Seo?

Few page builders will guide you on seo within your wordpress page builder. Page builders and SEO are two separate things. When building your website with SEO in mind, you are talking about on-page optimisation. A lot of information and exactly how to do the basics of on-page optimisation are shown on video, step by step in our free courses for entrepreneurs here at Anthony

Just join now to start learning more about SEO.

You can also buy one of our advanced business skills courses and learn more about SEO in one day than most learn in a lifetime.

What’s the Best WordPress Page Builder Plugin

All page builders for wordpress are plug-ins. You add plug ins within your wordpress admin area. We show you on video exactly how to do that too. Just start your free website builder course now and we’ll show you click by click

website course free
Learn more about this free wordpress website builder course

We look forward to seeing you build your new wordpress site.

Once you’re a member, we can help guide you along the way.

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We also offer website building services using the exact services detailed above so feel free to get in touch to request an entire site build if you want a done for you service.

We can take you from start-up to automation quickly and include all your branding or rebranding including logo design, core marketing messages, pricing strategies and even automated email marketing setup. On-page SEO is also included of course. This set up could likely mean the difference between success and failure in your business. Prices start at £1999 and a typical project is £4999. A high converting shopping cart with no ongoing fees (integrated with stripe, paypal and apple pay) is just a one-off additional £500. Automated upsells and downsells can be configured quickly and easily in the future by the website owner on new product releases and launches. We will train you how to make minor adjustments to your entire website yourself or be your on hand developer at reduced rates to ensure your digital business success.

Contact us to discuss your web development project today.

We recommend you are already a member of Anthony Tedd .com so you can begin to understand what it takes to run a leading business in the fastest and simplest way, entirely for free.

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