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How To Succeed Today. A Simple Summary

#1 Best Seller in the Small Business and Entrepreneurship Category. (Screenshot Thursday 12th March 2020)

Authored by Anthony Tedd "How To Succeed Today: A Simple Summary" is a 5 star rated, practical overview of the day to day disciplines required to gain consistent success in any field. 

It is available to buy on Amazon for just £6.99 plus shipping or download for 5 USD. 

The summary also provides a deeper insight into the author's humble beginnings and personal and professional influences.

These range from military leadership training and qualifications, to a role as a British police officer, through to the global media acknowledged, award-winning and successful entrepreneur that he is today.

Decades of insight are packed into a few pages in a unique style, in order to impart the principles that have served him so well on the reader. 

 In at times, a vulnerable and heart touching fashion, readers can also come to understand the motivating factors that resulted in the author's ambitious personal mission. 

The "Succeed Today" project has resulted in the author helping many ambitious professionals and entrepreneurially spirited individuals around the globe via the author's Personal and Business Success Mentoring Service.

It is an impressive undertaking and there are more unexpected surprises along the way in the book.

The "How To Succeed Today" summary is possibly the simplest curation of practical daily steps to personal success available.

The simple, concise and punchy style is refreshing.

May Book Review How To Succeed Today Free Book

The book is deliberately aimed at anyone who just wants to know how to get better results faster without lots of trumped-up self-help techniques. 

Anthony Tedd believes in simplicity, efficiency and getting things done. Whilst he is a business person that is passionate about helping others build small businesses that work for them (not the other way around like 90% of cases), the book has also proven especially valuable for;

  • Professionals
  • Parents
  • Young Adults
  • Leaders of any organisation
  • Business Owners
Buy How To Succeed Today

The book delivers on its' promises. The blurb reads…

Do You Want To Succeed At Work And Be Highly Valued In Your Industry?

If you are not a business owner, then you most likely work for one. Learn exactly what is looked for in an employee to make yourself un-sackable whilst also operating in a way that saves you hours of work every week.

Anthony has already achieved the 4 hour work week in his first business and many of the principles to doing that are contained within his summary. Anthony is passionate about helping others build time freedom. He states…

“Isn’t it interesting how we all aspire to middle-class values and luxury, when in reality, if we get there, we end up paying the most tax and working the most hours?…I suspect there’s something else at play- the need to keep the working and middle classes trading their time for money, so others don’t have too.”

How To Succeed Book Review from Amazon customer

(It's not hard to see where the ideology behind the "The Small Business Revolution" comes from.)

Is How To Succeed Today The Same As Other Personal Development Books?

Is it all…”Look at me”, “I’m different”, I’m special, “An Overnight Success”…

No it’s not. The author states that all those claims are Utter Bull$h*t in his own words.

Anthony has curated a lot of the literature in the area of personal development and distilled it down into a micro summary. The book will save you reading in excess of 20 leading books on personal productivity.

Own A Business Or Want To Start A Business Someday?

A successful mindset for business should be obtained before a business idea is even conceived.

Most businesses fail simply because the founder lacks the required mindset to succeed over the long term.

The owner becomes a slave to their business and the author hopes that (inside)…"can give you more time and energy to enjoy things and help you get wherever you are going to next, more quickly".

You Can Buy How To Succeed Today On Amazon Now

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But members of the author's website can get a special version for free

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Other Books That Will Help You To Succeed

Anthony has created a list of books that you can read in a specific order to help speed up your success if your are looking to start a business at any point in the future. These are just some of the books that helped transform his life and create award winning businesses. He wished he had read the books in a particular however, to speed up his results, which is why he created this article called 8 Practical Books To Succeed In Business

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