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How to Stay Motivated

How To Stay Motivated

Finally learn how to stay motivated and keep focussed on your goals. Unlock all of your potential with a proven method from an award winning and inspirational mentor entirely for free. 

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If you're looking to get motivated, stay motivated or are in search of inspiration, you are finally in the right place. 

You are going to finally learn a way to life hack your motivation levels and actually influence your results. 

First Things First...

The Things People Misunderstand About Motivation

“if you struggle with staying motivated, there is nothing wrong with you”

If you think you naturally 'lack will power',  you've been misled and it's likely resulting in negative self talk.

Sadly most people never realise the negative impact of many typical and all too common misconceptions about motivation.

Not you, however, all the misconceptions that may have been holding you back are about to be addressed.

You're about to understand them finally and you'll also have a way to go about transforming your results by the end of this brief article. 

If you're already considering whether you lack the motivation to read this article in full,

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Tough Motivation Suck It Up

You can do it.

In fact, if you're still reading at this point it means you haven't had your attention span hijacked and shortened by online media and are way above the average online reader in terms of time on page and that's a really good sign for your long term results.

It's also important to realise the only person you really need to prove that you truly have the desire to get better results to is yourself, and you are doing that right now.  

You are literally making today the day you take full personal responsibility for completing something that you start and you are refusing to let life get in the way of that goal.

Whilst goal setting is not the focus of this article (click the orange link for the dedicated article on that) or watch the live training webinar on goal setting here, it is closely linked to motivation because well planned out goal activity makes maintaining motivation easier. 

Goals should be made up of tiny steps and if one of your goals is to finally learn the simplest and most efficient way of how to stay motivated for the long term, reading the rest of this article is one of those important steps.

There are lots of videos available to support this article but right now, don't take a quick fix. We'll get to that. 

Free Mentoring

Resist the immediate gratification, as that is a big issue with sustaining long term motivation, which you are about to learn.

Transforming your future won't involve short cuts. Make right now one of those times when you refuse to let something get in the way of what you really want. 

Efficiency and simplicity can make your personal journey faster and less risky, so if you want to skip the part about WHY you feel that you lack motivation at times and just want to get a proven way of staying motivated and see for yourself how it works as you go, then join me for free right now and unlock a treasure chest of free resources.

You can learn all the secrets that you never knew about yourself for free, that lots of 'guru's' like to charge lots of money for. 

But Anthony provides lots of free resources and exists to make things a simple as possible and remove all the fluff and filler for you.

The resources help you act on knowledge, as opposed to purely give you knowledge, which gives significantly more value and contributes to much better results. 

These are the only types of resources you will find at Anthony but I need to break some bad news to you- I'm sorry but by the end of this article, you are not going to be magically #motivated for life. 

However, you will have something far more valuable.

You see, all the positive words in the world today that I can give you (and there are a lot as I've written a book on the subject) will be washed off by the time you wake up tomorrow.  

Motivation is Recommended Daily

The trick that we're looking for here is to stay motivated and there is no magic pill for that. We all know that when we skip just one shower, we start to stink.

We need no other example than that of the man idolised by millions, including myself, pictured below.

Although he is known worldwide as a master of mental focus and motivation in arguably one of the most mentally demanding sports, it still literally took him years to re-find his motivation when he lost it.

Everyone had written him off and said he wouldn't be able to return. 

tiger woods motivation

He is in fact a rare example. Just think of every other superstar that's fallen from grace and never returned. 

They had the whole motivation thing 'locked down' didn't they. They are a superstar, a different breed to you and me- You could never be anything like that could you? Wrong again...

One day they were highly motivated to the point that they seem like machines. The next, their entire performance and fortune is gone. We ascribe terms like 'super-human' to these types of professionals all the time but we see time and time again that they are in fact not. 

They are human just like the rest of us and acknowledging this helps us understand that it is ok for our own motivation levels to drain from time to time. In fact, it is an inevitable and completely naturally occurrence. 

So let's turn the tide on motivation once and for all...

motivation is like bathing

"You can't keep hold of motivation. It's like water. It will drain away". 

And further to that, your hands might be clean for a while but as we already know now, they will get dirty again before the day is out. 

It certainly isn't easy to stay motivated every day but...

The good news is, there are systems to swerve our natural tendencies and there are ways you can plug in to them for free.

What we will now look at is exactly why we all struggle with motivation and how to beat our natural tendencies.

Perhaps that's why we refer to some people as a 'machine', because their behaviour doesn't seem natural.

elon musk

Elon Musk 'The Machine' Credit:

It's another myth that these 'machines' simply stay motivated all the time from their 'internal will-power'.

That is wrong. Everyone's will power is like a battery and it depletes every day like any other battery. 

Because your will power is like a battery that drains throughout the day, it is best to get working on the results that are most important to you early in the day before your will power begins to drain.

Why do you tend to eat a chocolate bar at night, instead of in the morning? 

It's because your will power is strongest first thing in the morning because sleep re-charges it. 

Your will power can also be likened to building a muscle- you wouldn't go to the gym once and expect a muscle to stay in shape.

Just like with an exercise regime, when you are consistent, you start to build momentum and it gets easier with time. 

However, because momentum is invisible, most people fail to see it.

It's such a shame because it is so powerful but most people are completely blind to it. 

The amazing effect it has, combined with our lack of understanding of it, is why we idolise some people who seem to have the secret. 

But in reality, they just found out how to harness momentum. 

As a great leader said...

nelson mandela motivational quote on goals

It always seems impossible until it is done, so...

How Do You Keep Yourself Motivated?

Building momentum is the key. 

Momentum (which we've established comes from consistency) is what allows you to have an off day but not fall off the wagon completely. 

You simply have to keep some form of daily activity up that will keep positive self talk going on for you. 

For some people it's motivational quotes

For others it's motivational videos

For many people it's affirmations. These are positive statements about one's future self.

I appreciate it sounds a bit 'happy clappy' and 'chest beating chant' ish...

motivational affirmations

Matthew McConaughey in Wolf of Wall Street- video linked contains swearing - not suitable for under 18s

but it is an idea first introduced by the Godfather of personal development Napolean Hill.

The funny thing is, it actually works and we all already do it naturally, but just not as well as many highly successful individuals. 

Have you ever said to yourself when feeling a bit anxious about doing something you've never done before 'You can do this (insert your own name)!?'

Well it's that. You don't know that you can do it from experience, because you've never done it before, but you are convincing a part of your brain that it is possible for you. 

It's basically positive self talk leading to an internal belief. You are talking to your sub conscious and it's very powerful. 

By using positive self talk, you can do more than you would consciously feel capable of otherwise. 

celebrities who use affirmations to stay motivated

How Do You Stay Focussed and Motivated?

A combination of motivational quotes, videos and affirmations is very common. 

I know that sounds a bit complicated and there are not that many hours in the day for busy ambitious people so I designed a service that's free for everyone and incorporates it all in 60 seconds a day.

Free Mentoring

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You can stay motivated at home, work, in your business, as a leader and on your goals.

If you are looking for a way to keep pushing forward after already seeing some relative success, whatever that is for you, that difficult transition and where to look next is also covered. 

The Daily Video Mentoring Service also covers the question that many people who start to see some positive results in their lives, want to know which is more specifically...

How To Stay Motivated Every Day

It's one thing to get motivated but in order to stay motivated, we must form habits to sustain our motivation. 

Habit formation takes on average 66 days according to the European Journal Of Psychology


Having been told me exactly what to do, when to do it and how to do it (by The British Army and West Midlands Police Force) I suddenly found myself needing to be entirely self motivated as I started my first business in 2009. Through necessity, I have continued to learn the best tactics for maintaining personal motivation for well over a decade and achieved noteworthy results...

I have seen and experienced many different methods and learned many different skills and approaches.

Spending thousands of pounds on specialist coaches, to force oneself to finally take their personal development seriously is one way, but there is now another way which is entirely free. 

Many different methods of how to stay motivated have all been broken down into manageable, action driven, videos of just 60 seconds each day.  Learn more about having Anthony as a free personal and business mentor every day. It is just one benefit of being a free forever member of the Anthony Tedd community. 

You can learn more about Anthony's mission here

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