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How To Grow My Instagram Followers

Increase Followers- Quick, Simple and On Autopilot.

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2023 Customer Update

Please note that we no longer endorse this software.

The customer service level and results level dropped below what we consider to be worthy of our members.

(we have to leave the page up due to our Google rankings but please do not use this tool any longer or bother following links on this page).

Everyone wants big numbers on Instagram don’t they?!

And to grow a decent following, most people choose 1 of only 2 things to achieve it.

How to grow instagram followers organically

They either spend their life on social media.

Posting what they had breakfast each day, their daily gym routine, their dog’s and cat’s most stupid behaviour each the day, in order to keep in people’s minds because posts last minutes not hours.

They then actively target their ideal customer by liking and commenting on the content of the people they want to ultimately follow them.

They also follow those same people in an effort to invoke some sort of social reciprocation to get them to match their behaviour and then follow them back.

Then, because they want their follow vs following ratio to be leaning in favour of being the person worthy of being followed, rather than being seen as a follower, they unfollow their target customer a few days later.

Did you follow all those follow or was it unfollows? Did you like all those likes and comment on all those comments?!

Did you do it while you should be eating with your family or chilling on the weekend?

It’s pretty tiring.

And this kind of thing takes over peoples’ lives.

It takes a lot of time and time is money.

And in 90% of cases it’s not earning them any money.

So it’s just a vanity metric.

So the other option people go for once they get too tired of doing that every day for no financial return, is to buy followers.

And buying followers is an attractive option.

[Insert Ugly Face]

Because it’s not only the easier, faster and cheaper option.

It’s actually dirt cheap, super fast and anyone can do it.

And they do.

Just Google it. There are loads of service providers to choose from and it’s only like £100 for 10,000 followers.

The sites actually look pretty good too. They appear credible.

They make you think everyone buys followers

(and the truth is a lot do, even the big household names you know well. I show people how to spot the accounts with fake followers in a little training I have in my members’ area).

But like I said, they’re only vanity metrics.

Even if you manage to buy real follower accounts (most just use bots that get shut down eventually),

they aren’t going to engage with your content, so there’s no way to ever earn anything from the followers.

They won’t even engage with the content you put out to feed the algorithm and give you more reach.

So you’re back to square one.

But I know that some people will do it and I’m a practical educator, so I’ll give you some advice.

If you don’t understand how websites work, I have free courses on it, but until then, be very careful of the payment processors the sites you look at use. You probably won’t see PayPal as an option with them!

They’ll use shopping carts, (or just online forms) where they can get and keep your card details easily.

You didn’t think the people behind these websites would be moral did you?

They are fly-by-night types. They get shut down after a while but they make good money before that happens.

Increase Instagram Followers Naturally

When you buy followers you’re taking risks in lots of ways but you can get 10,000 followers in 24 hours for less than the price of a good night out so I see the appeal to struggling owners.

But my members don’t struggle. So now I’ve got the people who don’t want to take their business seriously sorted, we can now get on with the professional business owners option.

This is the option that barely any small businesses know about.

This is what the big brands use to remove their labour costs and reliance on expensive agencies.

And they’re even meta approved (facebook, instagram, whatsapp).

They use artificial intelligence and sophisticated automation, but don’t get scared.

They are ridiculously simple. The machines do the work.

Neither of the options I mentioned so far (which are the only types that most people know to exist) are well suited to busy entrepreneurs.

Increase Instagram Followers Service

That’s why I’m going to share the very hands-off, time-saving tools I use to grow my Instagram followers effortlessly on autopilot.

I wasn’t sure whether I should to be honest. People often wonder how on earth I do so much and really it’s only these hacks and secrets and amazing tools that anyone can use really.

(of course, you have to sometimes know the right people and get in early with the software before it becomes expensive, which is a benefit of being a member of Anthony Tedd .com)

(or you could spend months researching and trying different tools at a significant cost, as I do).

And they’re just some of the benefits my members experience.

So, real-world results are what I’m about and I’m a realist, so we’re talking about real followers who are interested in what you do.

Your actual ideal customers.

Authentic, real-world growth. 10,000 followers overnight is not realistic.

Increase Engagement On Instagram

1 highly engaged follower is worth 1000 fake followers.

When you like someone’s post on Instagram and follow their account, they are alerted and become aware of you and your account.

Many people will target their ideal customers or all followers of a competitor’s account and like and comment on their posts.

It’s human nature to reciprocate and a percentage of those Instagram users follow you back.

That’s how people build their accounts.

Others buy followers which can seem like a good idea. 

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It’s actually very common.  

A lot of the big accounts have 45% fake (purchased) followers!

Some are bots and some are real but either way they only exist to sit there.

They don’t engage, so they don’t mean anything to the Instagram algorithm.

They are largely just a vanity metric.

It is easy to spot accounts with purchased followers. You can easily compare number of posts to number of followers and what percentage of their following are commenting and liking their posts.

So let’s get back to organic, real growth with people that actually have a chance of spending money with you at some point rather than fake bots or purchased real followers who are zero targeted or engaged followers that will do nothing for your wallet.

So growing your followers normally…

Increase Instagram Followers by Following

You could spend hours a day following big accounts and individually stalking their followers and liking when they post so some of them follow you back.

Or you could do that on AUTOPILOT and use artificial intelligence.

Why use A.I?

Because without A.I you could be wasting half your time following fake profiles.

And more importantly, not all followers are equal.

Some followers like and comment more than others.

They are more ‘engaged’. And engagement (likes and comments) are what the Instagram algorithm feeds on. 

So these are the followers you really want, because you want the algorithm to love you and push your posts further, thereby attracting more followers.

Those more than average chatty and clicky users are also who you want to follow you as they are the ones who will potentially spend money with you because they actually pay attention to what you put out.

So here’s how I use the tool I use so I don’t lift a finger day to day.

How To Get More Followers on Instagram Easily

All you have to do is fill in your competitors’ handles (username) at the start and away the machine learning goes.

It’s a very uncluttered and simple dashboard. (like ridiculously).

Set it up right once and forget it. 

I use the “premium plan” ($99 per month) which is in between the basic (steady growth plan) at $49 and agency level plans which is hundreds $$$ (if you’re managing lots of accounts for clients).

They may use different names for the plans as time goes on, but I use the middle plan.

It will take about 2-3 hours for you to research 40 good accounts to follow on the plan I use.

You get less on the basic plan (currently 10 but it may change). The way I saw it is you get 4 x results for double the price, so value is doubled on premium.

Bear in mind it takes 2 weeks for the machine learning to kick in so nothing will happen for 2 weeks and every time you change a ‘target’ account (the account that your ideal follower follows), it resets and takes another 2 weeks so choose your targets wisely. 

Stick to accounts that are up to 500k followers and check the maths on their engagement. If they’ve got 50k followers but 50 likes and 1 comment on their last post, their followers are fake and you’re wasting a target. 

There’s nothing wrong with an account with 2k followers if the engagement is good. 

Don’t set private accounts as the target as the A.I can’t see their posts.

The software will score the account with a star rating and update this as time goes on so you can swap accounts in and out if an account declines. 

To choose the best accounts to target, just use keywords that someone would search to find your product/ service in the Instagram search bar from your profile and choose the best accounts (with best engagement rates) and add them into the software as a target. 

You can also set hashtags as a target or locations if you are a local based business but they will use up your target numbers (approx 10 or 40 according to your plan remember).

Customer service is excellent if you have any teething problems but it is so automated that once you set your targets you don’t really do anything. 

There are only a couple of inputs you can make. 

Just touch in with the software to check and make minor tweaks if required when you want.

Get your credit card ready. Click below and get started quickly and easily.

You’ll wonder why you ever wasted so much of your life on social media!

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