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How to find your Google review link

How to find your Google review link for your business

Watch the quick and simple video.

You might also want to unlock the free training to get more Google reviews on autopilot, for free, forever

(*free for up to 500 business reviews, so basically forever!)

What is the link for your google reviews?

It’s very important for your business is what it is!

But it’s a bit hidden in your Google business profile (previously called Google my business listing).

Anthony Tedd

If you don’t yet have a google my business listing or Google profile, you’ll need one to get your review link so click here to learn how to set up your Google business profile on video which is partway down that page and I’ll take you through it from that point.

For every one that already has a business that is verfied by Google…

Find your google review link in under 30 seconds on video above.

It’s at 1 minute 54 seconds to 2 minutes 14 seconds but there’s more to it than that for seriously busy business owners.

We’re all busy and know reviews are important (You can learn the stats about reviews here)

But if we’re honest, we don’t ask every customer for a review do we?

It’s often not practical to ask a customer at the right time.

We often forget, or the time isn’t right and the opportunity passes.

Even those that we ask for a review and they say they’ll leave a review, simply ghost our messages.

How to Find Your Google Review Link

It’s pretty annoying, so the typical number of reviews for our business is low.

This is despite us knowing that customers need reviews to feel confident to get in touch in the first place.

Never mind then going on to do business with you.

If someones’ got more reviews than you, they are probably the favourite horse in the race aren’t they?.

So once we’ve got your link today, I’m going to show you how to fully automate the sending of your review link to every customer now and in the future so you can become the most reviewed business in your space with zero ongoing effort.

Do the work once and get paid forever so let’s go.

Watch the video above and get your Google review link.

This is the same video as at the top of the page but it’s here in case you skipped it or YouTube took too long to load

Finally Find Your Google Review Link

You can then paste the link wherever you want to but the novelty might wear off.

So, if you want to never have to do that manually again because business gets in the way and you’re just super busy…

And you want every customer to get the link automatically so you don’t miss an opportunity

(don’t worry, you can easily not send the link too if you have problem customers)

then just head to

Pop in your details and you’ll go straight into my secure and exclusive members area.

You’ll get the free review gathering automation course plus a whole lot more.

Click here to see a selection of what’s free inside the members’ area on video if you’re not quite sure

How to send your Google review link

You can send it manually now you’ve got it from the video above or you can automate the process.

If you’re wondering if it’s worth the 24 minute video tutorial where you copy and paste along on video with me…

I wanted to let you know that I produced the free training for small business owners on this topic after yet another business cold emailed me to sell me yet another pay monthly software.

It did just what I’m showing you for free but cost £30 per month.

£360 a year and it wasn’t even fully automated.

You still had to type the email addresses in manually.

Who has time for that?

You might as well just copy and paste the link the old school way which people forget to do.

Anyway, you can probably tell the small business revolution started to save small business owners, time, money and getting ripped off.

Get the free automation training when you join here plus lots of other free resources that will save you thousands of pounds plus months of work and free labour every year.

Vive la revolution. Join the small business revolution below.

It’s currently free but it won’t be forever

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