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Gordon-Howell Report

Full free access to the 1959 Gordon-Howell Report.

Robert Aaron Gordon and James Edwin Howell’s 1959 report on Higher Education For Business can be viewed directly on this page.

There are also relevant links to modern peer-reviewed academic critiques, directly underneath the 520-page report.

Higher Education for Business

Business History

The Gordon- Howell report underpins much modern higher education business practice. This is evidenced here by Columbia Universities’ business school. This article discusses the impact and relevance of the report on the last Century of American business.

A modern academic critique and synopsis from the Harvard Business Review are available here.

Some wider recommended reading from the Harvard Business School is here.

The arguments presented in the Gordon Howell report are still relevant today and Internationally significant as outlined in the Canadian Journal of Higher Education here

If the full 520 page embed above has failed to show in your browser and you do not know how to troubleshoot it, just send us an email and we’ll be sure to get it to you promptly.

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Have you found the Gordon Howell Report hard to find online?

Most search engine results are retrospective academic articles on the 1959 book report.

If you do find access to the original Columbia University press piece, you typically find that it is not free, like here for example.

The Gordon Howell report is central to debate in many undergraduate business courses in universities around the globe.

Business history should be free to access for all entrepreneurs.

Recommended further reading- The Education of American Businessmen: A Study of University-College Programmes in Business Administration by the Carnegie Foundation.

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