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Goal Setting

Goal Setting

Made Simple

Successful goal setting requires 10 fundamental steps.

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If you don’t want to watch the training and get the free downloads, then you’re about to learn them all in under 10 minutes anyway (if you’re a fast reader).

Either way, these 10 steps for goal setting success will ensure you can finally achieve your goals in the fastest and simplest way.

These 10 goal-setting steps apply to both your personal and professional goals.

There are some free downloads available in our free member’s area to help you out with some steps.

Alternatively, they are already built into a ‘done for you’ daily goal achievement guide which is both simple and beautiful.

It’s your perfect goal-setting template and achievement action plan.

And it’s the perfect companion to the free daily videos members can choose to receive every working day of the year.

These 60 second videos keep you inspired, motivated, and taking action towards your goals every day in a manageable, sustainable way.

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I’m going to teach you the goal-setting and achievement knowledge that this journal is built upon now.

If you don’t have one it’s fine.

By copying these 10 steps you can create your own a quick, simple, and easy to use system that provides a clear path to success.

You’ll be able to keep yourself highly motivated and taking action every day, all in under 10 minutes. I personally do 5 minutes in the morning and 5 minutes at night.

I’m going to explain the steps contained within my daily journal for those who already have them and provide the knowledge it’s built upon and some downloads for those that don’t.

I hope you’re ready to start learning everything you need to know. Your goal setting has to get off to the best possible start and contain specific components to ensure you follow through on achieving the goals you set.

This session will likely highlight why you might have failed to achieve the goals you’ve set in the past.

The good news is, it’s not because you lack the willpower, or the desire to succeed, or that anything is wrong with you.

You’ll realise that you just need…

A Consistent System for Goal Setting

The 10 Goal Setting Steps For Achieving Your Goals Are:

Step 1 Clarity

Step 2 Values

Step 3 Truths

Step 4 Attitude

Step 5 Purpose

Step 6 Motivation

Step 7 Inspiration

Step 8 Accountability

Step 9 Focus

Step 10 Adjustment

By supporting our goals and goal activity with the steps above, we can remove the uncertainty from achieving our goals.

You can eliminate your reliance on willpower and create a system to increase your success rate many times over.

It has long been known that the specificity of our goals is critical to their attainment. It’s the S in the ‘smarter’ principles of smart goal setting that you learn in high school.

Something less well known is the breaking down of any goal into ‘micro-goals’ with daily activity tracking. This is essential for…

Achieving Big Goals

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We do this by working through your goal in reverse and outlining every single step required to get to the finish line. That’s what we mean by goal specifics in a serious goal attainment environment.

There’s a simple download of this goal-setting template you can request from me in the member’s area. Journal owners can print extra copies using this as well.

Now, once we’ve set multiple micro-goals, with their own micro- deadlines on our goal setting worksheet, it’s important that you are confident that the overall goal aligns with your core values.

You need to know you’re going to have the staying power to complete all the tasks you’ve outlined.

Don’t even know what your core values are?

Don’t worry, most people don’t either, and that’s just one of the reasons why most people don’t achieve their goals.

Somewhere between the 15th and 19th of January, every year is where most polls agree that approximately 90% of New Years’ resolutions have already been given up on.

That’s goal-setting failure in under 3 weeks.

It’s likely that the goal was never really in alignment with your core values. Nor were any of the rest of the steps included and you were therefore doomed from the start.

So the second step we do is determine our core values from a list of 100s. We whittle them down to just 3 core values.

We do this within 5 minutes in the first few pages of the Journal or you can get the list from the member’s area.

For the third step, if you’re taking the DIY approach, I’ll ensure we add a free digital version of my first book for you.

The reason for this is because it contains the secrets to success that you’ll need.

I don’t want you to be disadvantaged if you take a DIY approach to setting, monitoring and achieving your goals.

The book was #1 in the small business and entrepreneurship category on Amazon when it launched.

The success secrets within it, whilst not the same as the extended truths revealed in the Journal, are based on similar time-tested fundamentals. They’ll get you way ahead of the competition.

Both my first book and the journal contain some very special and little-known truths about success which you definitely need to know to achieve serious goals.

I give away as much as I can for free, including a daily 60-second video, every working day of the year to support anyone in achieving their goals, because that’s in alignment with my personal mission, based on my core values.

You can learn more about that on the about page of Anthony

You can also learn why I distribute so many free resources globally, where I’ve come from and some of the milestones I’ve personally hit if you’re wondering about my credentials. They are all within that first book.

The book costs 10 Dollars to buy on Amazon but it’s my gift to you today if you want it to help you with step 3 if you don’t have a journal yet.

Some things in life, like my personal success system are too valuable to not attach at least some financial value to, however. Especially when they’re worth far more than the nominal amount being charged.

When it comes to achieving your goals, there needs to be some skin in the game even in order for people to take notice and perform at their best.

You can create your own system based on what I’m sharing today. However, if you’re a very busy person, you might well be tired of learning and not getting the chance to get results.

You might never get time to put into practice all the knowledge you already have.

I’m quite vocal about the fact that knowledge alone is no longer power in a busy world.

Acting on it is, so this Journal is specifically designed to be instantly implementable and practical. It works in less than 10 minutes a day which I recommend is split 5 minutes in the morning and 5 minutes in the evening.

There’s so much crammed into it that it’s known for being a mini-book as it is a practical system and journal.

It’s a 3 in 1 and there’s a money-back guarantee. If you wanted to try one and save yourself the implementation time but are concerned it might not be worth it for you right now, you can just get your money back.

Journal Guarantee

Just the success truths alone will simplify the best of the personal development literature. They are based on well over a decade of market-leading business experience.

Now that I’ve ensured everyone’s got at least some access to the most crucial success secrets and historical truths on goal setting and attainment around, we’ve got step 3 covered.

We now need to work on developing an attitude that is consistent with goal achievement. It can seem counter-intuitive but the attitude which consistently achieves that is one of gratitude.

We find a strong sense of gratitude is in position in most of the significant achievers in the world.

This is because by default, it means they are being conscious and deliberate about where they currently are. This enables them to make better decisions about their future.

Gratitude also actively endears others to you and relationships are everything in this world. They are something that really helps to accelerate your success.

Developing an attitude of gratitude and building it into your system is also beneficial because it forces you to see how far you’ve come.

Not doing this regularly causes a lot of problems for successful people when they’re constantly reaching higher and higher.

A built-in degree of reflection also leads to more self-belief and more confidence. This enables you to continue pushing when times get really hard.

And things do get hard. Playing at your top-level doesn’t last indefinitely.

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A big problem you may have encountered with goal setting is that other people sell you success without ever telling you how hard it’s going to be.

I like to plan for the worst-case scenario so there are no surprises.

It’s not sexy, and it’s not flashy but it works. Ignoring that is another reason why very few people manage to achieve significant goals.

We all have to protect ourselves in those challenging times. Our method of doing that, which is our next step is to define our ‘why’.

Our why is our purpose. It’s the reason we’re here and why we’re doing everything we do.

A well-understood why is what makes some people willing to go against every instinct in their body when everyone else is telling them to quit.

Sure you’ll consider quitting but that sense of purpose makes you dig in. It makes you really fight for what you want, even under the worst of circumstances.

That’s what you need to succeed because the toughest challenges rarely come when it’s convenient.

Our 6th step, which needs to be inbuilt within our system is our ongoing goal-setting motivation. This helps us with developing our unwavering resolve.

This step comes in the form of a sobering slap around the face. It’s a very simple, quick exercise that takes only 5 seconds a month but will drive you on for another 30 days.

I know through experience that the best trainer is the one who tells you it like it is, plainly, simply.

They don’t pull any punches and they prepare you for the eventualities that you can’t even conceive yet.

They can do this because they’ve been in your position, seen it all before, and worked through it.

The practical solution to this step that I use works very well indeed but does come under the category of a blunt, to-the-point approach to goal setting motivation.

It can be seen as a little extreme on its own, especially if you’re new to personal development, but it works really well.

I don’t want anyone to miss out, so if you can’t afford a journal right now, you can get a download of this step from me.

You can make full use of the power of this motivational method that I personally use. It’s in the Journal or you can use it on your wall or add it to your DIY goal system.

The 7th step is to ensure you are surrounded by consistent inspiration on a daily basis.

Follow me on social and I’ll ensure you receive the right inspiration every workday because that’s how often you need it to succeed in your goal-setting plan.

The daily videos for members go even further than that.

Free Mentoring

You can’t skip a day and not expect to fall behind. Success can’t be owned. You only rent it and rent is due every day.

Within the journal, every day there’s a fresh, new, different daily quote on goal setting for you as well.

Everything is specifically for goal achievement, enhanced productivity, and motivation.

These are not just generic goal setting quotes. I’ve handpicked and written them, and they are all deliberately short and punchy.

They are comprised of centuries-old wisdom that has been rewritten for the modern age.

It’s often delivered by super successful leaders or is my own daily advice.

The eighth step is accountability. You need a way to avoid slacking off and trying to bury your head in the sand like most people do when they have a bad day.

A free way for you to build this step in is to get an accountability buddy.

We struggle to tell when we are lying to ourselves and making excuses to justify our lack of action.

This is because of the way our self-talk influences us. However, it’s much harder to say our excuses out loud to someone else because you can hear how ridiculous they often are.

A system of accountability is a large part of a performance coach’s role. The significant benefit comes because you have to show up and stick to your schedule.

A large percentage of success is simply based on showing up consistently.

Be sure to get an accountability buddy if you don’t have a journal. It’s inbuilt in the journal and stares you in the face day in and day out so you can’t self-sabotage.

Our penultimate stop is creating the conditions where you can be entirely undistracted and focussed. You need to be able to get in the zone.

Some people call it a state of flow. It’s where you can rip through your goal attainment activity quickly and almost effortlessly.

Our goals have to be a safeguarded priority and receive our undistracted attention without any interruption.

This means no phone, no email, door closed, head down. This is best done first thing in the morning when the world isn’t trying to fight for your attention.

Where your attention goes, your energy flows. Having a set way to ensure you focus on your goals without distraction every day is crucial to getting results.

Being fully present is critical to gaining the momentum you need to reach above-average goals.

Doing just 90 minutes of highly focussed, undistracted work directly on your goal activity tasks each day can mean that you achieve more in a month than most people do in a year.

This practice is a crucial step and milestone in serious goal achievement.

The final step is ensuring you continually review and adjust your goal activity.

A quick, simple measure and action plan are needed. If something isn’t working, you need to be able to notice it easily and adjust your course quickly.

Progress is always a better goal than perfection.

By being reminded of your progress, you never feel like a failure.

And there you go. You’ve got the keys to the goal-setting kingdom. You can now make a success system for yourself and finally achieve the goals you set.

So Whatcha-gonado-aboutit?

or Grab your own Personal Success Journal here

All of these crucial 10 steps are built into the journal which is a fast, easy, proven system.

If you don’t have the time to put together your own success system, that’s exactly why you need to order a Journal right now.

You can start tearing chunks off your goals with renewed motivation as soon as it hits your doorstep.

Anthony Tedd Reading Personal Success Journal
It does make a bit of a thud because it’s pretty heavy!

Either way, I’d love to hear about the goals you want to achieve and see your name on our member’s list.

I genuinely love helping people and seeing others succeed.

You can reach out to me on Anthony if you’ve got any questions and don’t forget there’s a wide variety of free resources available as a member. Just join here

You can grab courses, books, daily videos, downloads.

I hope you order a journal today so I can help you transform your life in a really quick, simple and effective way.

Some people make success look effortless. It’s never easy but it is simple with the right system in place.

High achieving people use systems more than anyone else. When they know what they want, they make quick decisions, get out of their own way and let the systems do the work.

It’s how all great individuals, teams, and businesses operate. Best wishes for all your endeavors.

I hope to help you again really soon.

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