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Free social media posting tool

Free Social Media Posting Tool

Create Perfect Posts for Every Platform in Seconds

Plus a whole lot more.

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Do you find yourself wasting time updating your social media accounts one by one? With this social media posting tool, you can automate this tedious task and get on with running your business. Connect your accounts and away you go.

Post to your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts

Cross-platform posting is just one feature of dozens that are essential for small business owners. They are all inside this slick, free all in one social media tool. It enables small business owners to get a lot of things done quickly and simply. It will save your business time and money instantly and it’s free.

So what can you do? Apart from the fact that they are constantly adding more features because they are a market leader, when you create a free account now, you will instantly have the ability to create and edit all your brand assets across all your social channels and more.

Social Templates for Every Type of Post

It tells you the size of the images you need for each platform and even gives you thousands of high converting and attractive templates that are best for every platform individually.
You can add all sorts of interactive features to any images you create for use on social media for example. You can create gifs and whole video presentations.

More Than Just A Social Media Tool

You can even create logos and all types of marketing materials.
You can use it as a high-quality stock picture resource to populate your website as well as your social media pages and other media and marketing channels with high quality professional images quickly and easily. Need a youtube thumbnail, get an awesome one in 2 clicks.
You can also upload, edit and change photos that you’ve taken yourself quickly and simply.

Schedule Social Media Posts in Advance

It’s super simple to use and even it’s low cost paid upgrade options are very popular because they save you even more time and to post at scale and schedule your posts so you automate a lot of your social media work. You literally can create a months worth of posts in a couple of hours and set and forget them and allow them to drip every day for months. However you want to use it, there’s an option.

Get the best free social posting tool now

Just click the button to open a free account now have a look around. You’ll be amazed at how much is available and you won’t know how you ever lived without it with all the time you’ll save.

Focussing on achieving more in less time on small business budgets is what we do at Anthony

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