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Avoid These 10 Common (and costly) Mistakes when Employing Staff for your Business

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employment mindset video

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So you're thinking about employing staff in 2024 within your business or perhaps you already have staff and they're causing you issues?

You're in the right place. 

You won’t find this info in a book.

(You’d need to pay quite a lot more for it). 

HR bods don’t like what I’m about to say.

Your staff wouldn’t like it either.  

This is practical advice for small business owners.

Entrepreneurs eyes only stuff.

Discover how an entrepreneur must think about staff in order to succeed

It's knowledge only gained from action and experience in the trenches.

Hundreds of interviews, dozens of hires. 

Some good, some not so good. 

I’ve been sued by staff that tied me up in a 2 year long law suit.

Employees don’t need to do anything except sign one form outside a shopping mall. 

And the ambulance chasing solicitors do it all for them. 

thank you fall gif

I had to lawyer up. Luckily I had the money.

I won. 

But I generally win at most things that are crucial because I just work harder than the other guy/gal. 

Just like you I imagine? If you’ve survived in business for any length of time that is.

And it's often about survival. It's not all champagne and roses.

And working hard rather than smart, when you've not a clear head, takes it toll. 

You have to change eventually. 

You have to adapt and evolve to survive. 

That’s what the small business revolution is all about. 

We don’t want any hard working, honest small business owners to have to go through what I did.

Small business is a steep learning curve. Especially when it comes to employing staff for your business. 

It’s sink or swim and employing staff can be a massive weight around your neck that can very quickly drown you. 

Unless you have a different mindset.

So here are the mindset shifts you have to go through in order to successfully employ staff in your small business. 

10 Essential Mindset Shifts for Managing Staff in a Small Business 


1.You can’t motivate an employee.

2.You can’t control an employee.

 You can’t even manage an employee. 

All motivation for everybody comes from within.

These are principles to live by and to articulate cleverly and subtly in all your interactions with your staff, to protect yourself as a business owner. 

3. You are not their friend. (Your relationship is a work relationship, as friendly and as loving as that may be).

It’s important to serve your employees, give them everything they need and look after them but there’s a line. 

That line is…

They are not your family. They will not be visiting you in a care home once the pay check stops coming. 

Remember, all motivation for everybody comes from within.

An employee must bring all of their abilities, every day,  day in day out in order to achieve specific results. That is the minimum requirement. Ideally they will over achieve the specific results. 

Now although you can’t control an employee, 

4. They must be made aware that you are paying them for their brain, every day.

5. The biggest part of an employees job should be to always ask if there is a better to do what is being done. 

From there, they make suggestions if it’s beyond their control, or they just make the change and update you. 

You must garner a culture of freedom and autonomy to do that remember. You can’t control them. 

You, nor them should ever do anything because ‘that’s how it’s always been done”. 

That's not intelligent, that's not a growth mindset

Remember, they need to bring their brain to work and you need to let them use it. 

6. You can't manage people, you can only provide a framework. 

Forget the various dictionary definitions and business MBA jargon. 

Management means achieving results through harnessing the efforts of others.

Multiplied effort. You’re trying to achieve scale through human effort.

Or they wouldn’t be there.

harsh but true GIF

It's harsh but true


7. Staff need to be involved in all decisions.

You can't make it you against them, which is what is often the case in small businesses.

You essentially get their buy in through the correct use of questions.

We all think we are normal and that our view of the world is correct. This applies to staff as it does anyone, including ourselves. (This is more about you than it is them).

Entrepreneurs have a different view of the world to staff. 

But as leaders, we must go into our staff's world and get the agreements we need from them, from their point of view. 

If there is something you feel you need to impose, ensure you talk it through with them and get them to agree it is in the combined best interests of both them and the business. 

It's no use trying to pretend that your staff care more about the business than themselves.

They don't.  

8.Don’t try to fix people. 

People don't change much so focus on what they have and get the best out of it. 

Your best performers are typically the ones you spend the least time with. 

You can’t dictate how employees turn up to work.

9. You will get more of what you tolerate. 

Take lateness for example- explain that for one person it might not be of consequence but extrapolated out, it causes major financial issues for the business.

It is not tolerated.

Typically when it comes to leading, if you have problems, you need to ask yourself what you need to do differently.

10. Don’t allow any part of your business to rely on one person.

 This is the act of removing dependency. (it’s an ongoing thing)

All staff will leave at some point. 

Don’t have one of anything as a business owner.

"It makes sense to back up your back up"...

Friends Reference - Phoebe secretly had both Joey and Ross as her "unmarried at 40" back-ups

Even if you have the world’s best sales person. 

They might be the worlds most reliable person but what if they have a skiing accident?

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