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If you need help with any of recommended business tools listed below…

There are free ‘copy click by click’ video courses in our member’s area

Our member resources will also help you maximise each tool’s use (something that most users never do).

The extra support will also prevent you from getting 2 tools that do the same thing in the future (and ultimately stop you overspending on your business and save you money).

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(but please note that the crazy free lifetime offer expires soon, so lock it in now- other companies charge approx £100 per month/ £1200 per year for these types of resources).

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Many of the tools below are more powerful than they appear

and could be truly transformational for your business when used in the right way.

Reach out if you need help.

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Here are the links to the best tools for small businesses…

Email Marketing Platform

Website Page Builder

Recording Face to Camera Video on your Mobile– with a built-in voice-activated teleprompter so you never make a mistake

Video Editing ToolProfessional features but Simple

Social Media Scheduler Tool

Image Creation Tool (Same as the social media scheduler- popular tool that does a large variety of tasks)

Check and Buy Domain Names

WordPress Website Hosting The cheapest way to own and build your own website (instead of renting it)

Create Your Own Branded Merchandise for Your Business (with drop-shipping so there’s no stock to buy)

SMS Marketing

Create Automated Webinars for Your Business (This type of software usually costs over £5000 per year)

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