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2 lessons


Book your New Member Initial Support Session.

Get practical advice regarding the best next steps for your business.

Get a Business Tools and software review to start saving money and time today

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4 lessons


Seeing your business in numbers makes making business decisions a lot easier.

It's hard to separate your emotions from your business and very easy to make bad decisions that you think are great at the time.

Professional business owners just let the numbers decide.

If you don't know these numbers for your business, you're throwing money away every day.

When you do know them, you can start to make informed predictions about your business.

Professional business owners know these numbers.

Businesses that fail most often don't.

Answer a lot of questions you have about growing your business by knowing these few numbers.

Start to feel the magical potential of your business when you start using them.

If you don't understand these numbers before you start trading, you are disadvantaging yourself.

If you don't know tham before you start advertising, you won't know when or how much money your advertising is making you or which the best form of advertising is for your business.

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5 lessons


Submit your business to these top online business directories for a tick in the box from Google search bots.

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3 lessons


An essential SEO task and new business (or product/service) launch tactic used by the biggest businesses in the world.

It also carries some side benefits that people are charging £500 + for.

Get the insider information from Anthony

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4 lessons


Collect reviews on autopilot, for free- takes 24 mins to set up.

Copy click by click on video

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1 lessons


Get your business on Google's radar in the next 6 minutes.  Rapid set up Get your Google verification done and wait for Google's response Upload your products quickly and simply Get started on getting featured for local searches in the map pack Learn the minimum frequency you should be interacting with Google My Business to assist in your exposure to free local traffic

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7 lessons


The best things in life are free.

So this is a free course (but it is arguably the most valuable course you'll ever complete).

It turns the key to limitless potential for your business.

This course enables every business owner to have full control over their own website.

No more paying hundreds of pounds for a few minor changes on your site.

And waiting a week for it to get done.

You can literally sack your developer and stop paying for a restrictive and amateur monthly website builder starting today.

If your website was a house for your business, which it is, it's why it has a home page.

We're going to build your ideal website, (think dream home, sprawling mansion of a house).

For Free.

The materials and the labour is going to be free but unfortunately there are some basic unavoidable costs surrounding the building of your dream home.

Once your home is mortgage free, you still need to keep the lights on don't you?

So one unavoidable cost is the domain name. People need to know your home exists (or you can transfer an exisiting name over if you already have one).

Most people think of a domain name as an address but it's not. It's just a name.

So think of your domain name as a plaque or wall plate that you can screw and unscrew on and off any building in the world regardless of the location.

You can move the name from building to building at will.

I'll show you step by step how to buy a domain name cheaply from Go Daddy and set it up on video in a few minutes and you can also do the same with a transfer.

So now we've named your ideal building and printed your plaque, we're going to need a building to put it on.

We can build our dream digital home for free using the system that 50% of the entire internet is built upon.

It's what your developer uses for free but charges you thousands for.

You can sack them by the way. As well as all the other pay monthly software service providers that keep their hands in your pockets.

We're not going to pay keep paying to upgrade like the square space, the wix, the kajabi, the click funnels the 1 and 1 inonis want us to. I've experienced them all.

You're going to skip straight to your dream result and a website model that actual helps entrepreneurs and empowers them rather than constrians them and costs them years of their life and thousands of pounds.

So unlike 90% of the business world, we're not going to pay monthly to rent our building. We're also not going to commit to buying a typical 4 bed house made by some run of the mill developer who doesn't care about us.

We're also not going to confine ourselves to the limited sized plot they give us, squeezing us in next to someone else.

We don't want slow shared internet speeds in the neighbourhood thank you. That's no good for our visitors, our customers. They'll turn away before they hit the front porch (this is known as bounce rate).

And as we grow, how are we going to add the mulitple extensions we'll need.
You'll pay to upgrade if you're 'lucky' or you'll simply get stuck and be forced to move and start again. Over and over again in fact.

Well we're not going to settle for the hoop over the garage door instead of a full basketball court because its all that's on offer or we can afford right now. What if your favourite basketball star wants to swing by and buy something from you. Your rusty old hoop won't impress them. Playing the website property ladder costs time, money and effort. You end spending 10 x as much and it's never ending. It's a game you can't win.

Because its designed that way. That's what the digital website agents want. They want to control us and lock us in for life. And if we leave, they take everything we've built and paid them for away.

They're like the mob. It's not ethical. And they are uncessary middle men who muscled in early and dominated the market. They don't want us to be free and buidling our own house for free. It puts them out a job.

So here's what the digital space looks like for the top businesses.

Imagine finding a pristine, beautiful landscape that no one has ever discovered before. It's the size of the united states and canada combined. It's so vast that you could build on it for 100o years and still have complete states left empty.

And it's so perfect and designed just how you want it that hundreds of thousands of people want to visit to spend money with your business.

So we do it. We watch videos and copy click by click and we do it. It's just clicking buttons, no coding required.

Job done. Perfect home, in a perfect location.

Now all we need is a really good , wide road in to our sprawling home along with the fastest internet connection.

We need to buy those and pay a small amount each year to maintain that heavily trafficked road so all these people can keep getting into us and keep giving us their money.

That's what our hosting company are for (and not all hosts are created equal). I'll show you how to get set up click by click with the same company I use so you're ready to launch rapidly.
Crucially, this will ultimately enable you to have an ultrafast website which is critical for ranking in Google for free and converting the visitors on your site.

Because customers are impatient and the impact of site speed on conversions is scary.

So why am I doing this for free?

I started a small business revolution so check out my mission. All revolutions require sacrifice but there are some other small benefits for me.

It's like a mini taster of how I teach so I hope you'll consider looking at some of my other courses and coaching products as well.

And because I practice what I teach, I only recommend things I use myself and know are the best value for small business owners after decades in business so as a customer I get compensated for some things I recommend because they have referal discounts for example. You can also get money off once your a customer too.

That's how I can do so much for free.

Welcome to the free website freedom builder course.

Free your business today...

bonuses include:
unlimited free email accounts
set your site up for seo straight away
gdpr compliance covered
privacy and legal policy fill in blanks
Google ad compliance covered so you can start using Google ads without any hassle

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5 lessons


Includes the secrets to success.

$10 book Free for members

5 Star Rated

Inspirational short book

Best Seller in Small Business and Entrepreneurship

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1 lessons


Do top quality visual work fast from 1000s of templates for every scenario

Create logos

Create thumbnails

Post to every social platform quickly

Create Videos

Design and Print Business Cards

Print marketing materials

Edit Photos

Plus a whole lot more

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4 lessons


Small businesses need simple and quick video creation equipment and software for the lowest possible price.

Get all the latest, best and lowest cost resources for creating content from your home/ office/ anywhere in the world right now.

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1 lessons


The cheapest and best phone system for any business of any size.

Does your business grow by talking on the phone to customers?

Want to always give a professional first impression?

Transform the impression of your sole trader business into a large corporate entity in the next 60 minutes with a slick automated phone system.

This awesome automated telephone system service was so good it was bought out by a multi national conglomerate but they've left it very underpriced.

It's packed with features that keep your business remote, professional and super slick.

Never miss a call again. (59% of callers never leave a voicemail).

There are a lot of options you can make use of.

You can forward your existing numbers or just use the basic phone line and choose a new vanity phone number for your business or set up additional lines in seconds.

You can use their automated voices on your phoneline or use one of their professionals to record a script you send them or record your own message as an mp3 file and send it to them so your callers always get an amazing first impression.

Email anthony to tell him you've joined and he'll get in touch with a senior account manager at the umbrella company to get in touch with you and give you the vip onboarding treatment.

Get a personalised feel or a corporate feel to your phone line.

A remote worker phone system that can also give you your own remote receptionist when you miss a call (59% of callers don't leave voice messages).

answer your own calls, divert to staff members or use the remote receptionist service

prevent nuisance calls

departmentalise calls

choose hold music

send callers to different team members

record automated responses for certain callers

capture callers detailers 24/7 and never miss a business enquiry again.

Dial out from different local numbers around the globe included in the price.

Use your mobile as your work phone but protect your personal number.

Starts around just £7.50 per month!

There's a lot of power built in to this system.

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1 lessons


Pay as you go

Cheap per message costs

(This is the software that most other sms platforms are based on- and just charge more as a middle man).

Set up a free account inside

Create templates and save time.

Get awesome engagement rates for your marketing messages

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1 lessons


Webinars are the most efficient, automated and powerful way to sell anything, but especially higher ticket items because they prevent the need for back and forth sales conversations.

The software usually costs hundreds of pounds per month with the main players in the market.

Cue a market disruptor small team software maker who fly under the radar and deliver more functionality with more marketing focus to sell more of your product for a fraction of the cost of the bigger, clunkier, more complicated providers.

The price for this awesome product will keep going up as they gain more traction so get in early and get this software in your business's back pocket now.

By following the link inside you'll get a special, exclusive, limited time only discount for a one time pricing rather than hundreds of dollars every single month.

It's crazy!

The basic version on its own is awesome and will deliver huge returns on investment

Because the software is so underpriced currently (for the company to gain more exposure) there are a lot of upgrades/ up sells. There are 6 options in all.

Small business owners should buy the basic version at least now, but i'd strongly recommend the pro upgrade and the automated chat upgrade because...

These three options are the sweet spot and will mean you maximise sales and get the best value for money.

They are the ones I use myself

Watch the video if you don't know much about webinars, but as an entrepreneur...

if you want to scale your business you must find a way to sell your product/ service via an automated webinar or equivalent

Get the best webinar software for your business now with a ridiculous exclusive back door pass

This webinar software is way better and way cheaper than the popular ones.

It is perfect for all businesses, but especially small business owners on a budget.

Used and trusted by over
five thousand business owners to deliver on their webinar needs at fraction of the cost of the big software companies. Get the best, at the lowest cost.

A fully created webinar costs from $5000 typically.

Or you can just copy Anthony setting up an automated webinar in real time ( less than 1 hour) with his automated webinar set up course and also check out his video creation and editing courses (for the simplest, fastest, most efficient way to create and edit video for small business).

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2 lessons


No buying fake followers or using risky low quality bots here. True automation with an Instagram (and facebook) partnered messaging automation app followed up with the leading real A.I targettted follower growth service.

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2 lessons


Never heard of schema mark or structured data? Neither have your competition. So now you can smash them. It's very important for search engines but not a lot of people know that. Allow Google to crawl your website in a way that helps you rank higher and get featured in the 'rich snippets' section, ahead of all the other organic results. Only 31% of websites use schema mark up and of those, most only use it to a basic level. You can get set up in minutes with my click by click tutorial. Use not only the best, but the cheapest tool on the market. Crush your search engine competition quickly and simply and learn and execute a complex, little known skill in no time at all. Wordpress website required. Boost your wordpress website SEO in a few clicks. No coding skills needed. A product that automates the highly technical and under utilised skill of schema mark up and structured data. Your competition are not using this so you will crush them in organic google searches with this new tool and skill set. You'll also future proof your business and voice command searches increase and text based search decreases. This is essential for top search engine rankings and free traffic from Google to your business website

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1 lessons


Get paid to share Anthony's products.

It's as easy as copy and pasting a link.

20% lifetime commission.

You may not know this but Anthony has personally made millions of £'s in sales.

And he's offering you a 20% revenue share in Anthony just for posting links to his products.

Watch the video and see how fast and easy it is to add a serious and smple reveneue stream to your income today

Premium Course

106 lessons


Here's what we're going to do with your business starting today;

Analyse every aspect of your business from the ground up.
Break the business down into steps
Build each step into a seamless system to:

optimise and make your business more efficient to increase your profit margins.

automate many processes in your business to reduce your time, effort and labour costs.

increase your average life time value of each customer.

Increase how much a customer spends with you in each transaction on average.

We're going to make these increases occur automatically.

So in summary- You're going to work less and earn more

You're going to enjoy being in business again.

You're going to develop priceless, expert level transferable skills that will enable you to

scale your business to it's maximum potential
diversify your business interests
conduct set up work once and get paid over and over
own mulitple businesses

Premium Course

24 lessons


The Ultimate Google ads course, will pay for itself on your first campaign which we’ll get up and running today.

Google ads is the fastest way to win new business and…

It’s way simpler than Facebook ads because with Google, your potential client is searching for what you offer there and then so you have to do a lot less to do than with interruption marketing on Facebook.

Because Google ads are so powerful, it can be very expensive for majority of business owners who don’t have expert knowledge on the platform.

However, when you do Google ads like a pro, you can make Google a cash machine. £1 in, £2 out net is our target.

You may have spent lots of money on Google ads in the past and not got good results which is very typical, but the reason your competitors can run ads continually and get a steady stream of clients is that their AdWords campaigns are more optimised than yours are.

Agencies charge hundreds of pounds a month for these things, and that’s just one aspect of the things you’ll learn inside this Ultimate Google ads course.

The Ultimate AdWords course is going to show you the exact skills and techniques to dominate searches for your products and services and drive consistent and profitable traffic to your website on autopilot.

Zero experience is required.

Copy click by click to...

Set up your account from scratch

Choose profitable keywords

Monitor your Conversions

Track sales and form submissions on your website automatically

Constantly improve your ads

Decrease your cost per click

Structure your account for success

Analyse data for profit

Recognise where you’re losing money

Understand buyer psychology

Master Google Ads and dominate the top of Google with your business.

Beginners and advanced Google ads professionals will benefit hugely from this course.

Buy the Ultimate Google ads Course Now

Are you looking for a Google Ads course that shows you EXACTLY how to set up and run profitable Google search ads?

In this course, you’ll be able to watch me in real-time as I show you exactly how I set up and run profitable Google ads.

Instead of just giving you the theory and then leaving it up to you to figure it all out, you can also watch over my shoulder and see how to implement everything I’m teaching.

This is SUPER powerful and quick to put live.

The process I follow throughout the course is the SAME process I use when setting up and creating ads for my own websites, that have generated millions in sales, so you can be confident what you’re learning is used in the real world and does actually work.

What you’ll learn by taking this Google Ads course:

Learn How To Set Up Your First Google Ad From Scratch

Understand What A Keyword Is And The Intent Behind One

Find Out How To Find Hundreds Of Keywords You Can Target For Your Business

Learn What Match Types Are And How They Can Save You Tons Of Money

Learn How To Write Killer Ads That Generate Clicks

Learn About Bidding Strategies and control what you spend

Learn Everything You Need To Know About Quality Score

Become A Master With Ad Extensions

How To Set Up and Track Conversions

How To Optimise Your Ad Campaigns and reduce your costs.

Literally everything you need to be able to create and implement a successful Google Ads campaign is in this course.

There are lots of resources for you to download throughout the course and lots of bonus tips and tricks you can use as well.

You can use Google ads like a cash machine. On average, for every £1 spent on Google AdWords, the average business generates £2 in revenue.

Let’s make sure you're one of those businesses.

Grab this course now.

Premium Course

24 lessons


Would you like to sell more of your product or service?

Would you like to do that automatically?

Would you like to never feel like you're having to sell something to someone again?

Would you like people to make their minds up more quickly about a purchase in their own time, whilst you are busy doing something else?

Would you like to save the time of having the same conversations over and over?

The art of getting someone to buy through the power of words alone has been a closely guarded and very valuable secret since time began.

It's what the best businesses in the world are built on.

In order to replicate them you need to:

say specific things
in a specific way
in a specific order

Copying these things will switch your prospective client from a browser to a buyer as quickly and as effortlessly as possible.

It is the simplest way to increase your sales numbers.

You'll covert more sales automatically

You'll reduce the time needing to be spent handling questions or objections (or remove those altogether if you use all the dozens of steps revealed exclusively inside).

You'll understand buyer psychology and the exact steps your buyer needs to go through every time you want them to buy something whether it's a £20 purchase or a £20,000 purchase.

You won't just understand it however, you'll instantly take them through the steps for your product or service quickly, by filling in the blanks.

You'll always know exactly what to say and when...


You can do it on autopilot by copying and pasting and filling in the blanks on these ultimate sales copy templates.

People charge thousands for these types of templates because they are the secret behind all good websites, sales videos, presentations, salespeople and businesses.

You won't find templates this advanced or in-depth for this price anywhere else.

There is a 100% money-back guarantee to back that claim up.

Ten times the price is a more common price point for insider secrets like this. But that's not how the small business revolution works.

We want you to multiply your sales so that buying all our products is a no brainer for you.

Get this insanely priced business mastery essential while it's still at this price point.

Premium Course

21 lessons


Want to become a Facebook Ads expert? Join top entrepreneurs I have consulted on social media marketing whos conversions I've increased on FB and Insta Ads.

This isn't just focussed on getting an advert out and lowering your advertising spend..

This creates a facebook funnel that runs and optimises on autopilot and takes cold prospects through to hot buyers all on autopilot.

Facebook Marketing is a REQUIRED skill for anyone with a business, product, service, brand, or public figure they need to promote.

Join other successful entrepreneurs who have MASTERED Facebook advertising with this COMPLETE Facebook Marketing Course! 
Three reasons to TAKE THIS COURSE right now! 
1. You get lifetime access to lectures!
2. You can ask me questions and see me respond to every single one of them thoroughly!
3. What you will learn in this course is original, tested, and very detailed!

Learn the Social Media Marketing strategies I implement for my ads daily.

This course will also layout how to optimise your Facebook page and Facebook ads therefore enabling you to reach any type of target market!

Make the most of social media marketing and make it easy... so you can get back to what you do best, running your business!

In this course, you will learn Facebook Marketing from beginner level to advanced! We dive deep into EVERY aspect of Facebook and the Facebook Ads Manager.

Learn how to use and optimise every type of Facebook campaign, Facebook custom audience, Facebook pixel... the things you will learn about Facebook are truly amazing and will instantly help advance your presence online!

You will be able to optimise your Facebook ads for increased conversions and decreased costs.

You will be able to create and make use of EVERY type of Facebook ad.

You will be able to grow your Facebook page likes and post engagement.

You will be able to find new customers that will drive your brand to new heights via online marketing. 

Join this course now to learn how to take your brand, product, service, or public figure to the next level with the power of Facebook Marketing!




What you’ll learn
• Connect with new audiences and lower your ad costs via Facebook Ads!
• Mass post quickly to various social media networks!
• MASTER Facebook Ads Manager!
• Implement the Facebook Pixel and advanced tracking strategies.
• MASTER your sales funnel... awareness, retargeting, and conversion!
• Average 1 pence (£0.01!) per engagement/like/click with my Facebook ad strategies!

• Use the advanced features available in Facebook Business Manager.

• MASTER Facebook Marketing all in one course!

Are there any course requirements or prerequisites?

• Just have a personal profile/account on Facebook.

Who this course is for:
• Small business owners
• Bloggers, Influencers, Public Figures
• Online marketers
• Advertising managers
• Corporations
• ANYONE looking to MASTER Facebook Marketing!
• ANYONE looking to MASTER Facebook Ads!
• ANYONE looking for the most highly targeted and cheapest advertising strategies via Facebook Ads!

Premium Course

7 lessons


The value of a business is contained within their list.
Email marketing gives you the ability to create sales on demand.
The more emails you send, the money you make.
When you do it on autopilot, with repeat email sequences, you begin to make money whilst you sleep.
Email marketing provides the highest form of return of any marketing medium at a rate of 38 to 1. Every £1 spent returns £38 on average. Any business which doesn't nurture leads, build relationships and make offers in an automated fashion is growing slower than it could. This course is must for every business owner. The information contained inside will increase the rate of return even more by maximising open rates and deliverability of your marketing messages and communications. Start automatically growing you business on autopilot and selling to previous customers with zero effort or time input. Selling to existing clients is multiple times more efficient and cheaper than finding and selling to knew customers. Stop losing out on money now.

Premium Course

3 lessons


How long does it take you to sell your product or service?

From the first enquiry through to money in your bank or deposit secured?

An hour if you're very efficient? It's probably a lot longer isn't it?

We know that the best way to sell anything is face to face and one to one, looking someone in the eye.

But there are only so many hours in a day and a travelling salesperson is not scalable unless you recuit a massive sales team.

And you've got to always keep recruiting (which is very expensive) because sales people are great at selling themselves to your competition for a higher salary.

You have to constantly sell more with each new staff member and always meet sales minimums to cover the cost of the sales staff.

Once that system starts it can never stop.

And that's a big problem with most businesses and their biggest overhead (wages)

and who is your best sales person anyway?

It's you isn't it!

You've got all the belief in your business, the expertise, the passion.

But you don't have the time. You're only one person!

Well what if you could clone yourself?

No more wages, no more sales staff.
Never have the same conversation with the same sales objections and customer questions over and over like you're a broken record.

Just turn your business into a literal sales machine.

You can do it for low price products through to high end services.

Today, in a matter of hours, you can start selling on autopilot and infinitely scale your selling ability and your business.

Sell all around the globe to thousands of people at once, with no ongoing fees.

Learn how to set up your own autopilot webinar.

Specicialists charge £5000 minimum to set up a webinar for other businesses.

Learn how to do it yourself.

Literally just copy Anthony click by click and set up your autopilot webinar from start to finish in under an hour.

There are additional purchases required with this course depending on the level of automation you want to achieve.

The costs are roughly £70-£130 and they are refundable within 30 days.

Premium Course

1 lessons


You can use this tool as a stock picture/ image resource to populate your site with high-quality pictures in the first instance but...

You can also upload, edit and change your own photos quickly and simply

You can create brand assets to use across all your media channels quickly, easily and for free

Whilst everything can be achieved for free (with some work arounds as shown in the lesson) -you could upgrade to produce more in less time and take advantage of the lengthy free trial period

Click inside to open a free account and then start the lesson

Premium Course

6 lessons


Spend less time recording and more time doing business.

Use the best tools available for the lowest price.

You don't need a studio for great video.

Get started with your mobile phone and be producing video like a pro from anywhere in the world within 60 minutes

Premium Course

7 lessons


Do you ever use facebook ads or Google ads or You tube ads?

Do you use re targeting campaigns?

Even if you don't yet, if you ever do, without this rapid implementation course:

You're missing out on around 96% of sales and leads spending many times more money than you need to to attract customers if not.

On an average website, 96% of all website visitors leave having not converted (become a lead or made a purchase).

If you're paying for advertising or traffic, without re targeting set up on your site, you're literally throwing 96% of your spend down the drain.

Even if you only use seo for your traffic, you're still letting most of your potential customers forget about you. 

We know most purchases are made after around 7 exposures to a brand.

Imagine having the ability to pop up in front of those lost visitors from your site all over the internet (in the online ads you see on all the top websites, on You Tube and on Facebook).

Your business can look like it's got the advertising budget of Rolex but most people don't know it's actually the cheapest way to do paid marketing.

All those Pay Per Click courses you buy only tell you to 'ask your web developer' to set up your pixel/ re marketing tags and don't tell how critical this is to your ad performance and wallet.

They don't care that you're wasting 96% of your daily budget.

Well now you don't need to find a developer and can just do it yourself for a fraction of the cost, hassle and time. 

You can actually make full use of the pay per click courses you buy and instantly make your money go many times farther. 

You'll pay for this course in very little time and increase your advertising results by thousands of percent with good re targeting campaigns.

Facebook and Google will now compile a list of all the visitors to your site so you can create highly targeted campaigns just for lost website visitors. You'll maximise the effect and minimise the cost of any paid marketing you do with the Facebook and Google giants from now on.

This is how to make paid marketing the cheapest it can possibly be.

Copy click by click, how to create, and install the Facebook Pixel and page event monitoring and the Google re marketting tags for your Google ads accounts and You tube accounts.

Additional bonus- advanced You Tube Settings to save you time and customise your You tube account.


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