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Start Selling On Autopilot with Webinar Course

The webinar course will overcome many of the issues that small businesses face with scaling their sales efforts and getting their personal time back.

How long does it take you to sell your product or service?

From the first enquiry through to money in your bank or deposit secured?

An hour if you’re very efficient?

It’s probably a lot longer isn’t it?

Scale Your Sales with an Automated Webinar

We know that the best way to sell anything is face to face and one to one, looking someone in the eye.

But there are only so many hours in a day and being a travelling salesperson is only scalable when you recruit a massive sales team.

With face to face sales you’ve got to always keep recruiting (which is very expensive).

Also, because sales people are great at selling, they can easily sell themselves to your competition for a higher salary to progress their career. They often switch jobs.

Reduce Your Overheads with a Webinar

You have to constantly sell more every month with each new staff member you add and always meet sales minimums to cover the cost of the sales staff.

Your overheads increase before your sales. Once that system starts it can never stop. You’ve got a cashflow issue.

And that’s a common problem with most businesses. Their biggest overhead is their wages.

Clone Yourself with the Automated Webinar

Who is your best sales person anyway? It’s you isn’t it!

You’ve got all the belief in your business, the expertise, the passion. But you don’t have the time.

You’re only one person! Well what if you could clone yourself? No more wages, no more sales staff.

Never have the same conversation with the same sales objections and customer questions over and over like you’re a broken record.

Sell Virtually Face to Face 24/7

Turn your business into a literal sales machine.

You can do it for low price products through to high end services.

Today, in a matter of hours, you can start selling on autopilot and infinitely scale your selling ability and your business.

Sell all around the globe to thousands of people at once, with no ongoing fees.

Learn how to set up your own autopilot webinar.

No Monthly Fees Webinar Course

Specialists charge £5000 minimum to set up a webinar for other businesses.

There are also high ongoing monthly fees.

But not for you. You can earn how to do it yourself.

Literally just copy Anthony click by click and set up your autopilot webinar from start to finish in under an hour.

All you need is a video of yourself presenting your sales pitch.

What Exactly is in this Webinar Course

There are additional purchases required with this course depending on the level of automation you want to achieve.

The costs are roughly £70-£130 depending on your preferred options and they are refundable within 30 days.

Bear in mind that these are insignificant because the main players in the market charge this much per month.

Anthony will guide you you through the best value for money set up available in the world for you.

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