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SEO Course
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SEO Course for Business Owners

The ultimate SEO course (Search Engine Optimisation) is split into two main areas. This simplifies and helps entrepreneurs when learning SEO skills and implementing them into their business website.

On Page SEO

On Page SEO
Set Your Site Up Perfectly for Long Term Search Success

Watch and copy everything you need to do to optimise every individual webpage of your site.

You need to build your entire site in a very specific way to maximise free traffic potential from Google.

Execute specific technical tasks that will make your website appear favourably in search results.

Learn advanced technical actions (and how to automate them) which will place your website in the top 9% globally for on-page search exposure.

Understand how to create content that will outrank your competitors.

Watch Anthony produce website pages and blog posts from start to finish click by click.

Learn what it takes people a minimum of a year to learn full time in a day. 

Courses covering this subject typically cost 1000USD upwards if they even cover all the necessary points.

Spend far less and even split this cost over the on-page (which you need to understand first) and the off-page course (which comes after). 

Sack your seo agency and save hundreds of pounds every single month.

Crack the fundamentals to getting free traffic from Google in a few hours rather than a few decades.

Less than 9% of the half a billion active websites on the planet get any free traffic from Google.

The rest have to pay for their leads and hope they convert, usually at a rate of less than 20% if they’re good and typically somewhere around 5%.

Catapult your business into the big leagues.

Remove the need to pay multiple thousands of pounds.

Set your site up for success correctly to maximise results.

Learn how to do it yourself and copy along.

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Off Page SEO

Off Page SEO Course
Consistently Increase Free Website Visitors

Cut through all the BS and snake oil in the industry and understand what really needs to be done to get free traffic from Google quickly and simply.

Never need an SEO agency again and improve your site ranking over time.

Get linked to all the best websites simply with DIY lists and templates to do it yourself or learn how to get the monotonous manual work done for you, accurately for the lowest price.

A must-know for all entrepreneurs for the long-term benefit of their business and the saving of tens of thousands in advertising spend over the life of their business.

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