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Book Publishing Course
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Publish your ebook or paperback book quickly and simply.

Follow along click by click.

Produce your artwork and have your book on sale within 1 hour.

All you need is your text on a word processor document.

Want to publish an e-book or a paper-back book quickly and simply?

All you need is your actual text (using Microsoft Word for example) and this course!

Learn it all and become a published author within the next hour.

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Publish Your Book With Amazon

Your e-book and paperback can be on sale on Amazon, selling on autopilot by tomorrow.

Design your ebook cover quickly and easily and even produce your own artwork and print-ready file for paperback publishing instead of paying hundreds of pounds.

This course pays for itself and instantly puts £100s of pounds back in your pocket.

It keeps you in control of your margins on your book sales.

Amazon is awesome for ebooks and also offers print-on-demand paperback options.

If you don’t want to publish your paperback on Amazon exclusively and want more worldwide publishing flexibility, then good for you…

You can go it alone as Anthony also reveals the printing service he uses himself for his physical books.

Rapid Book Publishing Video Course

Literally in the next 57 minutes, you could be selling your e-book and paperback book on Amazon- the world’s biggest marketplace.

You’re literally missing out on sales by the hour

Act quickly for the added bonus of…

Learn how to become a ‘best-selling’ author

Get insider information on how to maximise your chances of becoming a best-seller in your book category.

Learn how to publish your book directly from a 5 star rated, best-selling author. Just copy them click by click…

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