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Professional PPC Advertising

Stop Wasting Money On Paid Ads

Your paid ads set up is likely wasting 96% of your advertising spend.

Do you ever use Facebook ads or Google ads or Youtube ads?

These are known as the golden triangle of pay-per-click advertising (PPC).

If you aren’t, you probably should.

Especially once you’ve learned what I’m about to explain below because you’ll now be able to crush your competition for a fraction of the cost.

If you already do use PPC ads, do you use re-targeting campaigns to automatically follow up?

Don’t feel bad if not, because most businesses don’t use them.

Only the ones that are crushing it online do.

Reduce Your Paid Ads Costs

Many small business owners think that pay-per-click ads are expensive and deliver poor results.

But automated retargeting campaigns transform the cost from pounds per click into pence and dollars into cents per click.

Before you ever do any PPC advertising, there are some advanced settings that need to be set up in your pay-per-click ad accounts and linked to your website.

They can be done anytime but preferably…

Get Paid Ads Set Up Course before your Ads Go Live

Because without them set up in your accounts you need to be aware that…

You’re missing out on around 96% of sales and leads you’re paying for.

You’re spending many times more money than you need to.

Did you know that on an average website, 96% of all website visitors leave having not converted (becoming a lead or making a purchase).

So, if you’re paying for advertising or traffic, without retargeting set up on your site, you’re literally throwing 96% of your spend down the drain.

Even if you only use SEO for your traffic, you’re still allowing most of your potential customers to forget about you. 

Or you could be running a cheap retargeting campaign and multiplying your sales because…

We know most purchases are made after around 7 exposures to a brand.

Increase Conversion Rates On Autopilot

Imagine having the ability to pop up in front of those 96% of lost visitors from your website all over the internet (in the online ads you see on all the top websites, on You Tube and Facebook and in Google search).

Your business can look like it’s got the advertising budget of Rolex. And most people don’t know it’s actually the cheap way to do paid marketing.

All those Facebook ads courses you buy only tell you to ‘ask your web developer’ to set up your pixel or remarketing tags don’t they.

(Except for Anthony’s of course which shows you everything from start to finish click by click)

They don’t tell how critical retargeting is to your ad performance and wallet...

They don’t care that you’re wasting 96% of your daily budget.

Well now you don’t need to find a developer and can just do it yourself for a fraction of the cost, hassle and time. 

You can actually make full use of the pay-per-click courses you buy and instantly make your money go many times further. 

Paid ads Course That Pays For Itself

You’ll pay for this course within very little time and increase your advertising results by thousands of percent with the ability to retarget past users to your website.

Once you’ve completed the paid ads set up course, Facebook and Google will now compile a list of all the visitors to your site so you can create highly targeted campaigns just for lost website visitors and people who engaged with your ads.

You’ll maximise the effect and minimise the cost of any paid marketing you do with the Facebook and Google giants from now on (this includes Instagram and Youtube as they’re owned by Facebook and Google respectively).

This is how to make paid marketing the cheapest it can possibly be.

Copy click by click…

how to create, and install the Facebook Pixel and page event monitoring and the Google remarketing tags for your Google ads accounts and Youtube accounts.

There’s the added bonus of advanced YouTube Settings to save you time and customise your Youtube account to look like a pro.

PPC Set Up Course

Please note that this course does not show you how to advertise on the individual ad platforms.

It is not an advertising platform course. It is a settings course.

We have other expert-level small business courses for exactly how to run awesome ads on various advertising platforms.

This paid ads set up course shows you how to harness the power of facebook and Google’s data collection and automatically create the audiences and compile the data to run cheaper pay per click ads when you use the ad platforms of Facebook (includes Instagram), Google ads and Youtube ads.

If you don’t know how to use the platforms individually yet, then just get one of our courses specifically for the particular platform straight after you’ve completed this course.

Buy Paid Ads Set Up Course Now

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