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Facebook Ads Course
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The Ultimate Facebook Ads Course

Do you run your own Facebook ads?

The Ultimate Facebook Ads Course™ is an essential course for all entrepreneurs and small business owners looking for fast, simple and proven success with Facebook advertising.

Get better results, faster, for less, with world-class courses for small business.

The Facebook Ads course is designed exclusively for small business owners.

Little to no experience of using Facebook ads is required.

The Ultimate Facebook Ads Course™ will take you from beginner through to advanced user in an efficient and manageable way.

Facebook Ads Training Course UK

Common Problems with Facebook Ads

Have you experienced these very common problems with Facebook Ads?

You spent hundreds, if not thousands of pounds on Facebook ads but didn’t even break even?

You got some leads from Facebook Ads but they were too expensive?

Of the expensive leads you got, none of them converted into paying customers?

Problems with facebook ads

Some of your ad campaigns started off promising but every campaign eventually gets too expensive to justify?

The ads manager is too complicated for what you need from it?

It takes too much time to create the ads in the first place to bother with?

Is A Facebook Ads Course Right For Me?

If any of those common experiences ring true for you (or most likely all of them) then you are not alone!

In fact, you’re in an overwhelming majority. I’ve been in the exact same place I’ve been as an entrepreneur.

Facebook ads course creator

But we all know the huge potential and massive value of Facebook ads.

You’ve seen hundreds of people going on about amazing overnight results from Facebook ads.

The speed at which you can generate sales and leads is frightening.

You know you can have new leads and sales within hours.

It makes total sense to have your business running ads.

the power of facebook ads

There’s even a new business in your market, a competitor of yours that is crushing it with Facebook ads.

You see them everywhere, but Facebook ads just don’t seem to work for you and your business.

You watch the competitor grow quickly and you know you’re better than them on every metric.

Price, customer service, quality. So you decide to try again.

You’re a small business owner, you don’t quit after one go.

But you’re busy, so this time you decide to employ the experts.

facebook ad expert

A reputable agency or even a solo expert guru with a mega-proven track record.

You’re prepared to spend the money if they can deliver.

Naturally, they want at least a couple of hundred pounds set up fee.

They then charge you every month for their service, at least a couple of hundred pounds a month minimum.

You’ve got no idea if they’re just going to set your ads and log in once a month for 30 minutes to justify that £200 a month.

Of course, there’s a minimum 3-month commitment to them as well.

Then there’s your minimum monthly ad spend you need to send them as well.

They won’t spend their money. They won’t be taking the risk. They’re spending your money on your behalf.

Monthly ad spend is at bare minimum, a couple of hundred a month more. You’re £1000 in before you start.

facebook ads trap

But it’ll be worth it if you can generate business on tap though won’t it?

The Problem with Advertising Agencies

Unfortunately, you soon realise that they don’t really know your business. They don’t know your target customer. They ask what industry you’re in and make assumptions.

They can recycle some ads that worked for a competitor. They oversimplify things. The message doesn’t really resonate with your target customer.

If you’re lucky you get some leads but they aren’t great.

You’re one of many clients. You are not the big fish corporate client they want with multiple thousand budgets per month.

They outsource your campaign to a virtual assistant in a developing country.

You’re paying £100 an hour for £10 an hour work.

Learn facebook ads

You realise if you want something done right, you’ve got to do it yourself.

You take the few thousand loss on the chin. You work harder, working on a weekend, doing what you do best to cover the loss.

Then you realise you want some more clients fast and decide to give facebook ads another try.

There’s another new business in your industry overtaking you.

You go back into the facebook ads manager. But it’s as if you’ve never done facebook ads before. You feel like you need to…

Learn Facebook Ads From Scratch

They’ve updated the dashboard. It looks like it’s been built for a data analyst rather than a business owner.

It’s really intimidating and has too many metrics. Why is it so overcomplicated?!

simple facebook ads course

You’ve got some real learning to do to make this work. You’ve got to get serious.

You find the world’s best facebook ads marketer, join their mailing list and you download all their free facebook ad resources.

You read all their emails and they really know their stuff.

They’ve managed facebook ads for big companies and spent millions on the platform. It’s impressive.

They share tips on ad creation, copy-writing, the algorithm, audience targeting, campaign budget optimisation, campaign structure, remarketing, scaling.

You learn all the jargon and make some progress using all the tips but it’s hard to connect the dots.

You’re getting nowhere fast.

You realise you can’t make it work with their free stuff alone. It’s too general.

If they would just explain it to you in-depth, you’d be fine. You need a specialist Facebook ads course.

In depth facebook ads course for small business

You go to their website and then realise that their facebook ads course is £999.

That’s a lot of money.

But it must be good if they’re charging that sort of money surely?

The best of anything always costs the most right? “You get what you pay for” as they say.

But it’s still a big commitment. Lots of other people have bought the course, so eventually, you decide to buy the course too.

You buy it on Sunday night and log in immediately.

First impressions are great. There are over 80 lessons.

Every type of strategy conceivable is included. You notice there’s 24 hours straight of video when you add all the lessons together.

That’s 3 days of solid watching, just to watch it, not even start implementing it.

comprehensive facebook ads course

If you can lock yourself in a cupboard from Sunday night until Thursday morning with no distractions, you’ll be ready to start transforming your business by Thursday.

Because of the commitment you’ve made, you cancel all your work until Thursday.

You start watching intently and whilst in the cupboard of no distractions, life goes on without you.

Customers are calling in and new enquirers are being ignored and writing bad reviews. No payments are being taken.

The £1000 course cost becomes £2000 in opportunity cost. But it still doesn’t matter, it’s only cash. You’ll earn it back. Time is more valuable than money for an entrepreneur isn’t it?

You get to the end of the videos and think…

Which of the 15 strategies was the one that I thought would work for me and my business?

entrepreneur confused about facebook ads

You begin to realise that you can’t remember all the strategies clearly and distinctly.

It’s like painting the golden gate bridge. No sooner did you finish, you’ve got to start going over it all over again.

But you don’t have another 3 days right now. You pushed to the max you could. You’ll come back to it you say.

It’s not going anywhere. But a week becomes a month, and a month becomes 6.

You realise as you’re watching it again, for the second day straight that all the ‘top strategies of Facebook Guru’s’ are just that…

They are strategic. It’s not getting the work done for you. It’s not resulting in action. It’s not delivering results.

You realise you’ve paid for knowledge when you needed results. Knowledge without action is not very powerful in a busy world.

buy ultimate facebook ads course now

Facebook Ads Course That Delivers Results

As a busy entrepreneur, in order to get results, you need step by step, on-screen video, over the shoulder ‘copy me’ style instruction with feedback and human support.

If only someone who had been where you are, (a real-life small business owner that understands small business intricately) who could relate facebook ads specifically to your business, and would allow you to copy them and follow along in real-time and provide support channels to make sure you finally got your knowledge implemented existed?!

Wouldn’t that be ideal?

And then you remember a down-to-earth, real-life entrepreneur called Anthony Tedd.

Facebook ads course instructor

He specialises in short, effective, efficient, results-driven and action-based education and support for entrepreneurs and small business owners.

He’s got separate traditional and online businesses. He knows products and services. He knows business to business and business to consumer. He helps a diverse range of entrepreneurs.

He started a revolution so that all business owners could get world-class courses that others charge thousands for a fraction of the price. He does end-to-end comprehensive, but simple and efficient entrepreneurial education. His mission is to empower entrepreneurs.

You finally realise you should just buy his course that will deliver faster results, more simply for 80% less cost.

It’s a no brainer.

Buy Facebook Ads Course Now

Here’s exactly what you’ll learn in the ultimate facebook ads course;

The Ultimate Facebook Ads Course will take you from absolute beginner and never having managed a Facebook Ads account before, to advertising with expertise and confidence using the same techniques as the most effective advertising professionals in the world.

It will also help existing advertisers transform underperforming Facebook Ads campaigns.

Before you read about the specifics of the course content, all you really need to know is this…

You will never view your entire business, or how you sell and market your products or services the same again once you buy the ultimate Facebook ads course. You’ll have an a-ha moment and realise how to increase revenue on demand. That alone is almost priceless.

Here are some of the ways we execute quickly and simply to achieve that end…

  • Set your ideal budget and ensure you don’t overspend
  • Automate your ad tests to get top results
  • Structure your account the right way to maximise conversions and minimise spend
  • Get your settings right from the start
  • Understand audience targeting
  • Maintain full control of your ad spend
  • Simplify managing Facebook Ads
  • Identify the right ad placements and schedules to maximise your ad spend
  • Learn how the facebook algorithm works
  • Create the custom audiences every advanced Facebook advertiser needs to succeed
  • Go deep on demographics, behaviours and interests
  • Develop segmented custom audiences, lookalike audiences, and customer lists
  • Decrease your ad costs by increasing your ad quality
  • Learn ad testing tactics that will dial-in your ad creative
  • Use all the Facebook placements including Instagram to expand your reach
  • Take cold prospects and transition them into a buyer on autopilot.
  • Turn your facebook ads into a cash machine with digital products.

Buy Facebook Ads Course Now

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