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Rapid Course

Evidence for Entrepreneurs of the Power of Working on Your Own Website

Lesson 1

See proof of some of Anthony's old business websites that have been optimised and achieved first page rankings on Google without spending money on advertising.

Please note that these sites had not been worked on for years and that's not recommended!

To keep a website ranking in Google and serving your customers well, you should constantly work on it.

These are just examples of the result of developing your digital skills and some tangible proof of the long term benefits of building your entrepreneurial skills and the potential when you're in control of your businesses website.

The 'map pack' feature shown is highly localised and fixed to a small geographical area for hyper local small businesses. You only need to optimise your Google my business listing for that. 

It is relatively quick to do and doesn't require a powerful website.

Organic listings however require more technical skills which less than 9% of businesses ever obtain (and usually they only do so by paying web development companies many thousands of pounds). 

If you'd like to be in the fraction of percent of entrepreneurs who understand this and have the ability to dominate their marketplace, get stuck into Anthony's courses and watch your business and lifestyle transform.

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