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Lesson 1

Webinars are the most efficient, automated and powerful way to sell anything, but especially higher ticket items because they prevent the need for back and forth sales conversations. 

The software usually costs hundreds of pounds per month with the main players in the market. 

Cue a market disruptor small team software maker who fly under the radar and deliver more functionality with more marketing focus to sell more of your product for a fraction of the cost of the bigger, clunkier, more complicated providers.

The price for this awesome product will keep going up as they gain more traction so get in early and get this software in your business's back pocket now.

By clicking below you'll get a special, exclusive, limited time only discount for a one time pricing rather than hundreds of dollars every single month. 

It's crazy!

The basic version on its own is awesome and will deliver huge returns on investment 

Because the software is so underpriced currently (for the company to gain more exposure) there are a lot of upgrades/ up sells. There are 6 options in all.

Small businesses should buy the basic version at least now, but i'd strongly recommend the pro upgrade and the automated chat upgrade because...

These three options are the sweet spot and will mean you maximise sales and get the best value for money. 

They are the ones I use myself

Watch the video if you don't know much about webinars, but as an entrepreneur...

you must find a way to sell your product/ service via a webinar if you want to instantly scale your business!

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