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company videos that save time and money

3 Short But Essential Videos For Your Company

Discover how 3 short and simple company videos that are less than 5 minutes combined can save you time and money forever…

Company videos that will save you time and money

Video engages people, saves time and builds relationships.

Having the right kinds of videos for your company will allow you to operate at scale, employ fewer people and reduce business costs.

Nothing will help you achieve your company’s business goals faster than powerful company videos in the digital age.

You can use video for a very wide variety of business objectives which are outlined below, but there are 3 key videos that every business needs to get them started.

Business Video Service
More details plus prices below

What types of company videos are there?

1. The brand focussed company teaser video

You can use this on any occasion to display a consistent brand identity and raise brand awareness.

Add it to the start of every company video, presentation (digitial or in person) and pin it to the top of every social media profile page.

For example, it might be as simple as a 7-second corporate-style animated logo clip that includes your brand’s tagline and gives the viewer the reassurance of an established, reliable professional brand.

Or it could be a 30 second, rapid-fire product/ service overview video, involving high tempo music to raise the mood of a viewer and pique their interest (just like a warm-up act at a comedy show but you won’t have to pay them, feed them and share your tour bus toilet with them).

Premium-looking brands can charge premium prices after all.

Here’s an example of a company teaser video…

Here’s an example of a service overview video…

2. The personality focussed, trust-building company video

People buy people and they buy once a relationship is formed.

The business founder would traditionally be the focus of this video and they would likely talk about how the company is making a difference for its clients. It might include the organisation’s core values for example.

1 – 3 minutes would be an ideal length for this kind of video and it would normally feature on your ‘About Us’ page.

Consider this modern pro tip for better results-

When someone outside of your business says how great your company is, it’s far more believable than when someone inside your business is saying it.

The external person is one step removed and is therefore seen as more impartial, even when as the viewer, we know they are being compensated to say it.

Their message naturally resonates better. A third-party opinion or endorsement simply invokes more trust.

This is why many top brands use actors or celebrities to endorse their brands within their company videos.

It’s an added bonus when the impartial person championing your business is credible and an expert or influencer because the message becomes even more powerful.

Here’s an example of a first-person style ‘About Us’ Video…

Next up is…

3. The company explainer video

This is where you say what you do and how you do it in as few words as possible.

Summarise your company’s offering and its’ unique selling point (USP) which simply means how and why you are superior to competitors.

90 seconds is a good time length for this video.

Present your ‘elevator pitch’ that hooks your recipient and intrigues them to take the next step.

This is essentially refining your marketing message to your target audience and it is a valuable task to complete when you start your business but it is often overlooked.

It’s so valuable that big companies spend thousands of pounds on brand experts to do this for them.

It’s definitely worth taking the time to get this right because the quality of your marketing message multiplies the level of interest your business receives from day 1.

You don’t know how many enquiries and sales you’ve missed out on as a result of less than perfect messaging but…

By combining these 3 short but essential company videos in your small business, you will be in a position to efficiently sell to your potential customers, faster and easier than ever before.

Here’s an example of a visual explainer video with an A.I voiceover…

Company Video Summary

These 3 videos will create credibility and authority and build the viewer relationship with your brand to a point where the prospect is willing to hear your solution. They will only listen to you once they accept you are credible and professional because you’ve proven it.

With less than 5 minutes of video, when done right, this all happens without you saying a word or lifting a finger.

But we know that very rarely do we buy anything on our first exposure to it. It typically requires 7 touchpoints.

But with 3 touchpoints in the form of your company videos, you’re almost halfway to a new customer.

So whether you then follow up face to face or sell exclusively online, you need these basic company videos on your website and social media pages to begin to win the trust of your prospects and shorten your sales process.

You don’t want to have to sell your prospects on why you are the right fit for them.

You want to empower them to make the decision themselves before they even reach out.

You’re saving both them and you time and money and that’s a win-win.

And there are 2 options available to you right now to get these powerful videos put into place in your business.

You can purchase the same software I use so you can make your own videos.

I openly share all my insider secrets with my members as part of the small business revolution.

So if you’re a member, just log in, or if not, join today.

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Some of the software and apps we use are paid monthly and some can be purchased as an outright license for a few hundred pounds.

But I understand that you might not need them long-term after you’ve got these powerful videos nailed.

I also understand you also might be super busy and never find the time to learn the skills required, so I do have another option for you but I can’t say how long we’ll do this for.

Other companies charge around £600 for an about-page video but as ever, I always aim to do as much as I can for as little as I can exclusively for small business owners.

So check out the details below and we’ll get these business-critical videos done entirely for you.

You can effectively transform the image of your business within a few days for a fraction of the cost you’ll find elsewhere.

And on top of that, they won’t just be pretty like a typical video agency will make them. They will be conversion focussed, so the viewers you get actually take the steps you want them to take.

They will super individualised and completely bespoke. A lifelong asset for your business that will pay for itself many times over.

How to Get Low Cost Done For You Company Videos

Business Video Creation

How will it work?

Just buy the ideal company video option below.

We’ll get the individual details we need from you on your order confirmation page.

We’ll get started on your video plan and arrange a video conference chat with you for any finer details required and to get your personal input.

What You’ll Get

High-quality, custom company videos in the format of the ones shown on this page.

Who will be my Video Presenter?

If you want a credible small business expert to talk about your business in a very conversion focussed way, Anthony Tedd is the perfect spokesperson for you.

Video Setting

You can choose from any of the rooms you see in our company videos plus dozens more settings are available.

We send the full choices after you order

You could choose a kitchen setting or a garden setting.

A single video setting is included in your order.

What will the presenter wear?

Choose the type of outfit that will suit your video message.

Business casual- shirt with no tie

Business formal – with tie and/or jacket

Smart casual or even sports casual if you’re a personal trainer for example.

What Music will be in My Video?

We own the commercial rights to thousands of songs to suit every mood and occasion. Whether it’s instrumental or a catchy song that suits your brand, we’ll shortlist the best music for your video and allow you to choose. We’ll blend it with any spoken video perfectly so it doesn’t distract from your message. One track is included with each video.

Company Video that's done for you

Trust Building Face to Camera Company Video (3 – 7 Minutes)

Camera Shy or very busy? You can use our face to camera service for just about anything.

High Energy Brochure Video 30-60 Seconds

Company Explainer Video 90 Seconds

Logo Video Up to 10 Seconds with brand design

Finer Details

Price includes videos up to the described maximum length. If you are providing the script for a face to camera piece then time your script by reading it out loud – or our software will prove the length.

Anything over timings will be a nominal additional amount agreed upfront.

Decide on the level of expert input you want based on the pricing tables according to your desired budget.

Please note that this service doesn’t include a sales video. That is a different service. There are 25 key points that need to be addressed in an effective sales video. Testimonials need compiling and faqs need to be researched and presented. A thousand-dollar product requires 90 minutes of uninterrupted video.

Sales videos are the most expensive company videos and require long-form expert copywriting. People typically charge £10,000-£20,000 pounds for sales videos.

You can learn exactly how to create a lengthy sales video for yourself for a fraction of the cost in my ultimate copywriting course or contact us for a bespoke project quote. We won’t take on your project unless the supporting business assets are in place to support its success. A successful sales page video needs a supportive landing page, conversion optimised sales landing page and a follow-up campaign.

FAQ- Why is video hosting important? when you add a video to your site as an mp4 file, it slows it down. Ideally you want it hosted on another site so your site loads faster. If you use YouTube for free hosting, random other videos after yours will show because instead of paying for your hosting, Youtube recovers it’s costs (and makes a lot of money) diverting your watchers attention to something else, usually a paid advertisement. Ads may also show before and during your video. You’ll have to fully format your YouTube account to stop your viewers leaving your site when your video ends. With a professional video service like the one Anthony provides, you can add in-play functionality to your video so you can do what YouTube does but keep viewers focussed on your business instead of theirs and covert your video watchers to buyers.

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